His Wild Cute Wife/C225 A Serious Mind Can Never Last More than Three Seconds!
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His Wild Cute Wife/C225 A Serious Mind Can Never Last More than Three Seconds!
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C225 A Serious Mind Can Never Last More than Three Seconds!

Kin Chuyang stared at him with a face full of shame and anger.

What did he mean by changing mountains and rivers? It was hard to change one's nature. Please look at this man in front of you.

The nature of this man was that he would always have sperm in his brain and would never be able to feed himself.

However, he let out a low chuckle and then said in a serious tone that could not be more serious.

"Baby, why can't I be serious for more than three seconds? Don't you need to get out of bed? Or do you want to stay in bed with me? "


Get up?

If not for that?

Kin Chuyang looked at him in shock and shock. Her eyes were full of disbelief and doubt.

He curled his lips into an evil smile and said slowly, "Of course, if you insist on doing this, of course I am looking forward to it."

"Don't even think about it!" Kin Chuyang did not hesitate to refute and her beautiful eyes stared at him like pearls.

Yan Bai was still smiling, but Xue Ye acted as if nothing had happened. "So, I'm going to get off the bed and get dressed."

Kin Chuyang only felt the corners of her mouth twitching non-stop. How... How could it be like this?

Getting off the bed and putting on clothes, could he also give her such a lecherous and perverted expression?

Yan Bai, what exactly is in your brain?

Why is it that you never play according to common sense!

He stared at ___ with resentment and resentment, "It's just getting up, why are you showing such an expression? And you even said something so unreal!"

She was sure that he was doing it on purpose. He wanted to see her make a fool of herself, and see if she would lose face in front of him.

Bastard, bastard!

Kin Chuyang shot at him with resentment.

He had already taken out their pajamas from the cabinet and handed one of them to her. He said slowly.

"Mrs Yan, what happens next really needs you to be present. Otherwise, I can't finish it by myself. If I don't say so, what should I say? Hmm?"

She took the nightgown from his hand and quickly put it on herself.

Even though the two of them had been honest with each other countless times and had gone on skin blind dates.

However, she was still not used to revealing herself in front of him.

"What's the matter today?" Kin Chuyang asked curiously as she tied the ribbon of her robe.

He casually loosened the ribbon and smiled mysteriously at her. "You will know in a while."

"So mysterious. What did you arrange?" Seeing that he did not reveal his itinerary and arrangement, Kin Chuyang's curiosity was aroused by him.

He walked in front of her and held her cheeks with both hands. Then, his right index finger lightly scratched the tip of her nose and said in a pampering tone. "The arrangement of liking is something that both you and I like to do."

These words, why did this tone always give people the feeling that it was a fictional article?

Kin Chuyang lightly glared at him and turned around to walk towards the bathroom.

Yan Bai's lips curled up into a carefree smile, that was a smile full of expectation and confidence.

When Kin Chuyang came out of the bathroom and washed up, the clothes that she was going to wear today had already been arranged on the bed.

The light blue skirt was even prepared to be worn together with the bra and the maid.

Yan Bai had already changed out of the sleeping gown that he had just put on. The sky blue diagonal striped shirt that he was wearing was the same material as her skirt.


Kin Chuyang was a little stunned. This could not be the clothes that he specially customized for couples, right?

Seeing her come out, Yan Bai pointed at the skirt on the bed and said slowly to him, "Change your clothes. I'm done washing. I'm going out to eat breakfast. After breakfast, we will leave."

"Oh." Kin Chuyang replied.

Other than agreeing, she also did not know what else she could say.

The restaurant was in the presidential suite.

The presidential suite that Yan Bai booked was located at the top floor of the hotel.

There were only two presidential suites on the entire floor.

The facilities inside were all complete. The dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom and exercise room were all set up together. Even the swimming pool was a perfect match.

Of course, one could imagine how much money it would cost!

When the two of them appeared in the restaurant, the chef had already prepared breakfast.

There were all kinds of Chinese and Western cuisine, and it was a dazzling display.

"Mr. Feast, Mrs Yan, please enjoy your meal."

After the waiter prepared to give up, he bowed respectfully to the two of them and then left.

Kin Chuyang sat on the chair and looked at the variety of dishes on the table. It made her dizzy as she saw the messy Chinese and Western breakfast. She was so shocked that her jaw almost dropped.

She looked at him with a blank and frightened expression, "Yan Bai, so much, can you finish it?"

Yan Bai pursed his lips and smiled. He looked very unconcerned and very casually looked at her and said. "Treasure, I didn't let you finish all of it. This was only a choice for you. You can eat whatever you want. Of course, Hubby, you can only choose me. There are no other options. "

As she spoke, she picked up a crystal shrimp dumpling and placed it on her plate.

With a person like him, she didn't have the mood to find another alternative, right?

He simply spoiled her to the heavens. She was certain that she absolutely couldn't find another man who treated her better than him.

Besides, could he agree?

With his dark and cunning personality, she had yet to find a alternative. She reckoned that the alternative would have already been taken care of by him.

"You really are not an ordinary waste!" Kin Chuyang looked at him speechlessly and sighed softly.

He raised his eyebrows and said confidently, "Don't worry. Even if you eat like this every day, you will not be able to defeat your husband. As long as you are willing, you can do whatever you want."

She put her hands on her chin and looked at him seriously and asked, "Young Master Yan, how much money do you have? We are both unemployed now, and you are still able to squander so much. I am really worried about your wallet! "

With his unscrupulous way of spending money, just how much money did he have to make him lose and make him squander!

He shouldn't have any other company, right?

Oh, right!

Kin Chuyang thought of one thing. One time, when she got off work, Shen Yuzhao rushed in to find her, saying that there was something wrong with the company.

Then, he and Shen Yuzhao immediately flew over.

That company was his, right? What kind of scale was it?!

So much so that he didn't even put the Yan's in his eyes.

He laughed recklessly, and his smile was full of drowning love. Then, he said unhurriedly, "Mrs Yan, relax a hundred and twenty hearts. Your waist can't be slimmed down. Your waist is still fine. I can satisfy all your requests at any time!"

After he finished speaking, he raised his eyes at her. His face was full of teasing like a hooligan.


Kin Chuyang rubbed her forehead and looked up at the ceiling speechlessly.

Could he twist her intentions a little more?

She was talking about the waist, not the waist!

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