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His Wild Cute Wife/C25 I'm Happy to Cooperate
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C25 I'm Happy to Cooperate


Go home!

Kin Chuyang looked at him with doubt in her eyes, as if she was looking at a super big rogue.

It was not like she was looking at him, but it was completely the same.

He was a super big rogue.

"Yan Bai, can you be a little more shameless, a little more shameless?"

Kin Chuyang looked at him angrily.

He smiled like a rogue and looked at her confidently as if he had no friends. He slowly said, "If this is what you want, I will be happy to cooperate."

Kin Chuyang really wanted to smash the cup in her hand towards his face.

That face looked like it had no blind spots. No matter how one looked at it, it was so annoying. She really wanted to tear off that piece of skin.

"You know that my face is pretty. You don't have to stare at me so intently. If you want to look, there's plenty of time."

He just smiled like a peach blossom as he looked at her, saying words that angered her to the point that she would not pay with her life.

Kin Chuyang chose to ignore him directly. If her heart was not strong enough, she would have been angered to death by him long ago.

However, she would definitely not do as he wished. The more he wanted to anger her, the more she would not be affected. She wanted to see who could laugh over who.

"Director Yan..."

"Yan Bai!" He corrected her with a serious expression.

Her thin and sexy lips curved into a beautiful arc. Her slender fingers lightly tapped on the table twice before she continued, "It's time to get off work."

What she meant was that he was a person who clearly distinguished between public and private.

When he was at work, calling him Director Yan was his job. When he got off work, that was naturally calling his name. That was his duty.

"Young Master Yan, are you sure my dad asked you to come to my house?"

Kin Chuyang looked at him calmly, and her face once again showed that professional smile.

Yan Bai nodded. "I don't mind you calling to confirm with uncle."

"No need!" Kin Chuyang said coldly. Although her tone was cold, the smile on her face did not disappear at all.

She took the bag and phone from the table, passed by him, and walked towards the door.


When the door opened, someone outside almost fell in.

Shen Yuzhao looked at the two people inside with an awkward expression. He climbed down his hair and had a dry smile on his face.

"About that... I want to come in and tell you guys that it's time to get off work. If there's no other job, I'll get off work first."

This was a very awkward and stiff reason.

Not to mention getting off work, it was clearly lying on the door and pretending to be a gecko.

Would a CEO like special assistance do such a thing?

"Haha!" Kin Chuyang smiled at him, embarrassed. "Special Assistant Shen is really responsible."

"No problem, no problem. You too, the same. " Shen Yuzhao said with a dry smile, "Then I'll go first..."

"Wait a minute!" Before he finished the last word "class," Yan Bai interrupted him and looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. That expression was like a thousand year old fox that had become a spirit.

"What?" Shen Yuzhao looked at Yan Bai a little woodenly. His right eye was jumping up and down, and he had a bad feeling about it.

Yan Bai pointed to a pile of documents on his table. He glanced at Shen Yuzhao and said unhurriedly, "Those are the data of the Yan's for the past ten years. Arrange it and give it to me tomorrow morning."


Shen Yuzhao looked at him in disbelief.

The data from the past ten years?

Give it to him tomorrow morning?

What kind of f * cking job is this?

He was sure that this person was definitely doing it on purpose to take revenge on him for lying on the door earlier.

Sure enough, this person was truly too sinister.

"I don't want you to bring all this information here and cause trouble. Just directly work here at my place."

Yan Bai looked at Shen Yuzhao very generously and said. Then he turned his eyes to Kin Chuyang and said, "Still not leaving? Do you want to stay and accompany him? "

"I don't want to..."

"Special Assistant Shen, thank you for your hard work. I won't disturb you anymore. I'll get off work first. "

Before Shen Yuzhao could finish his last word, Kin Chuyang interrupted him.

She looked at him with sympathy, but she could not help him. Then she smiled at him indifferently.

That smile was exactly the same as Yan Bai's smile just now. He was definitely a cunning old fox that had lived for a thousand years.

As expected, birds of a feather flock together.

What kind of person was worthy of what kind of person? It made sense for Yan Bai to take a fancy to her.

Because the two of them were on the same side.


When Tang Yiru's car stopped at the foot of Kin family, she saw a very familiar car in the distance.

It belonged to Yan Shuo.

She frowned slightly. Yan Shuo?

Why was he here?

Did he not give up on Kin Chuyang? What was he trying to do?

Everyone in the company knew about what happened to Su Yan Ke today.

Although she didn't say anything in front of Yan Shuo, who knew what she said behind his back?

The young master of Yan family actually got along well with the famous off-star. This was really a big piece of news.

Furthermore, at noon, Yan Shuo left with Su Yan Ke.

That was because Yan Bai had spoken.

Tang Yiru took a deep breath and tried her best to calm herself down, not letting her emotions show on her face.

"Uncle, Aunt." She took out the key and entered the room. She called for someone, but saw Yan Shuo sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Tang Yiru had always kept the key to the Kin family.

When she moved out, she had given it back to Kin Xuenian. But Kin Xuenian did not take it.

He said that this place would always be her home. She would keep the key and go home whenever she wanted to.

When Yan Shuo saw Tang Yiru, he was slightly stunned. An uneasy expression flashed across his eyes.

"Yiru is here." Wen Ling stuck out half of her body from the kitchen and said to her with a smile.

"Aunt, where is my uncle? He's not back yet?" Tang Yiru walked towards the kitchen and asked Wen Ling.

"He said he would be a little later. He has a friend coming over."

Wen Ling said gently, "Take a seat first. Oh right, your company's leader is also here. Help me greet him first."

The leader was obviously referring to Yan Shuo.

When Tang Yiru heard this tone, she also knew clearly that Wen Ling already knew that Kin Chuyang and Yan Shuo had broken up.

But Kin Chuyang probably did not tell her about her and Yan Shuo.

"Why is Manager Yan here?" Tang Yiru looked at him stiffly and said coldly.

It was impossible for her not to be angry about what happened in the afternoon.

She had always thought that she was his only woman, but she never thought that he actually had a woman outside, and it was off-star.

This was simply too shocking and unbelievable.

Yan Shuo felt very awkward at this moment. In fact, he had come to Kin family because he refused to leave.

He just didn't want to break up with Kin Chuyang. There was a kind of unwillingness in his heart.

Why did Kin Chuyang break up with him just like that?

And she even got together with Yan Bai!

What right did Yan Bai have to have a company and a woman?

These two things originally belonged to him, but now they both belonged to him, Yan Bai.

Just thinking about it made him very unwilling.

"Let me take a look..."

"Ka!" The sound of the door opening could be heard, followed by Kin Xuenian's voice, "Quick, a small banquet, come in."

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