His Wild Cute Wife/C255 Anyway I Have to Buy It so I Have to Prepare It Earlier
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His Wild Cute Wife/C255 Anyway I Have to Buy It so I Have to Prepare It Earlier
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C255 Anyway I Have to Buy It so I Have to Prepare It Earlier

Yan Yi ran out angrily and did not drive.

After a few steps, her feet started to hurt.

The daughter of a rich family was used to it. The road she walked every day was just a little bit. How could she take too many roads?

Besides, she was wearing a ten-centimeter high heels.

The banquet house was a half mountain villa. If she went down the mountain and walked, Yan Yi estimated that it would take her two hours to reach the intersection.

The last time Kin Chuyang only walked half the way, she had walked for half an hour.

Thus, her two legs trembled and bent.

The black sports car stopped beside her. Lu got off the car and said very respectfully to Yan Yi, "Miss, where are you going? I'll send you there. It's not easy to walk on the mountain road. Don't let yourself suffer."

Yan Yi sat in the car angrily and rubbed her feet. "Uncle Lu, you are still good to me."

A silly smile appeared on Lu's face. He looked at Yan Yi with an honest and honest face. "I watched Miss grow up. Madam also cared about Miss."

"Don't mention her to me!" Yan Yi angrily interrupted him, as if she did not want to mention Gu Yunting at all.

"Miss, whatever Madam does is for Miss's good. The moment you ran out, Madam was very worried about you, so she asked me to follow you immediately."

Lu said good things for Gu Yunting, "Madam only has two children, you and Young Master. Everything she does is for your good. Miss, if you say it like this, it will make Madam very sad. "

"How is she doing it for my own good? She is clearly an independent dictatorship!"

Yan Yi said angrily, "If she is doing this for my sake, she will not oppose me going to the library to work.

She clearly knew that I liked Hejue! It's fine if she didn't support me, but she always stopped me and opposed me!

How is this treating me well? What's wrong with Hejue? He was handsome, had a family background, and was capable.

He was the best match for me. Why should she object?"

Lu's eyes slightly fluctuated, as if there was something difficult to say. Even his brows slightly furrowed.

"Miss, the Third Young Master Tang is a good person, but he has someone else in his heart." Lu hesitated for a long time before saying softly, "Madam is afraid of making Miss feel wronged."

"Isn't it that woman Kin Chuyang?" Yan Yi said indifferently, "She is really a hateful and angry woman!

Why is she so good at seducing men? One by one, they were fascinated by her as if they had lost their souls. But so what?

She was now Yan Bai's woman. Would Hejue continue to hold onto her and not let her go?

I am such a good woman by his side. How could he not like me? In any case, I will definitely find a way to make him fall in love with me.

Besides, this is not Hejue's fault. It's all Kin Chuyang's fault. She's too shameless!"

What did she mean by inverting right and wrong? Black and white could not be differentiated. Yan Yi was right now.

She took all the good things on herself, but all the bad things were pushed onto Kin Chuyang.


"Uncle Lu, you will help me."

Lu still wanted to say something, but Yan Yi pitifully winked at him and said with an obedient and flattering face.

Lu grinned and said honestly, "Miss, how do you want me to help you?"

"Hehe." Yan Yi's eyes were green. She looked at Lu with a smile. "Uncle Lu, what you did..."


Yan Bai and Kin Chuyang originally planned to go directly to the Kin family after leaving the airport, but there were too many luggage bags. Moreover, they estimated that Kin Xuenian and Wen Ling should be taking an afternoon nap.

Therefore, the two of them returned to their own villa first.

Kin Chuyang had slept for almost two hours on the plane, so she was very clear-headed and did not feel sleepy at all.

The first thing she did when she returned home was to classify the two big boxes of gifts.

As for Yan Bai, the first thing he did was to go to the study.

For the past ten days, he had never asked about the Yan's.

Now that he had returned, it was time for him to make his move.

Yan Bai stayed in the study for more than three hours. When he came out, it was almost 4: 30.

Kin Chuyang was sitting on the sofa and calling Wen Ling.

Seeing him come out of the study, she said to Wen Ling on the other side of the phone, "Mom, we will be there in a while."

"Okay. Drive carefully on the road. I will go and buy groceries."

"I'm calling Mom." Yan Bai walked towards her and smiled warmly. "Let's go."

"Okay." Kin Chuyang stood up from the sofa. "I'm going to get the gifts. You go and drive first. Oh, right. "

She had just taken two steps when she suddenly thought of something. She turned around and looked at him. Her eyes were a little strange, as if she was inquiring about something.

"Hmm?" Yan Bai looked at her strange look and seemed a little confused. "What is it?"

Kin Chuyang smiled mysteriously at him again. "Don't drive yet. Wait."

After saying that, she strode towards a room on the first floor.

After half a minute, she came out with a box in her hand. She stuffed it into his hand and asked.

"Young Master Yan, can you answer me, why is this thing in our luggage? When did you buy it? When did you put it in? Why don't I know anything about it?"

It was a princess dress. Unfortunately, it was not worn by Kin Chuyang. It was suitable for a two or three-year-old girl.

It was pink, with a hundred crease skirt and a pair of small leather shoes of the same color.

It was cute, but...

When did he buy it? Why didn't she know?

He shrugged innocently and said in a calm and calm tone, " Oh, since I'm going to buy it, I'll prepare it earlier."

Was this the main point she wanted to ask?

It's completely not good!

She didn't ask why he bought it now. She asked when he bought it.

For the past ten days, didn't the two of them get bored of each other every day? Where did he get the time to buy this?

"Why didn't I know when you bought it?"

She still looked at him blankly.

However, he smiled wickedly and lightly tapped the tip of her nose with his finger. "You only found this? Don't tell me you didn't notice anything else? "

Anything else?

Kin Chuyang looked at him with a perplexed expression. She looked at his mischievous expression, which changed from bad to ruffian, and then from ruffian to evil.

Suddenly, her brain jumped as she thought of something.

Yes, when she was packing the boxes earlier, she had tidied up two sets of undergarments.

As for undergarments, she wore them every day.

So, she didn't think too much about it and didn't care. She thought that she put it in conveniently.

After hearing what he said, Kin Chuyang seemed to realize that it was not like that.

Could it be that he put those two undergarments in as well?

"Mhmm!" He nodded with a willful and arrogant expression. "Baby, it's exactly what you think. I put them in."

Then, he raised his eyes again and looked down at her with anticipation and calmness. He continued to speak slowly, "As for why I let it go, you'll know at night."

At night?

Kin Chuyang had a very bad premonition.

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