His Wild Cute Wife/C277 What Did You Do in the Afternoon?
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His Wild Cute Wife/C277 What Did You Do in the Afternoon?
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C277 What Did You Do in the Afternoon?

Ma's hand holding the steering wheel in front of him stiffened slightly.

Kin Chuyang nodded and said very seriously, "Yes."

"Haha, you are right." Yan Dingshan suddenly smiled softly. There was a trace of relief in his smile.

"It seems that he really cares about you. I don't have any other requests. I just hope that you can do what you just said."

" Of course, I definitely will. " Kin Chuyang nodded, her face full of determination.

Kin Chuyang was sent back to the National Trade Center by Ma. Yan Dingshan had been staying in his private room at the DREAM International.

Until Ma came back.

"Did you send her there?" Yan Dingshan asked Ma.

"Yes." Ma nodded.

Yan Dingshan stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and looked outside with a blank expression. No one knew what he was thinking.

"Did you say anything?" He asked Ma in a deep voice.

Ma shook his head. "No. The Young Madam did not say anything. "

"Yes." Yan Dingshan responded softly and didn't say anything else.

"Master, are we going home or to the company now?" Ma looked at him and asked carefully.

Yan Dingshan frowned and his expression was a little downcast, "No, I'm staying here today."

Ma opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, he did not say anything. He nodded at Yan Dingshan and said, "Okay, master."

"Just say what you want to say. Why do you look like you want to say something but want to say something?" Yan Dingshan turned around and sat down on the sofa. He looked at Ma and said in a deep voice.

"When I sent young madam back just now, I think I saw Lu."

Ma hesitated for a moment and said truthfully.

"Lu?" Yan Dingshan frowned, and a fierce look flashed across his eyes, "Got it. Go home. You can decide what to say. When will you pick me up tomorrow? I will give you a call."

" Okay, master. "

Yan family.

"What did you say? Who? Did you see who got into Dingshan's car? "

Gu Yunting looked at Lu in disbelief, her eyes wide open.

"Kin Chuyang." Lu said it again with certainty.

Gu Yunting clenched her fists tightly, her eyes burning with anger.

"Kin Chuyang!" Gu Yunting gritted her teeth and squeezed out these three words.

Lu did not speak. He stood in front of her without saying anything. His body bowed slightly at a thirty degree angle.

"Yan Dingshan, what exactly are you doing? What do you mean by that?! Why am I getting more and more confused about what you are thinking?"

Gu Yunting paced back and forth, muttering to herself.

Yes, she felt that she was becoming more and more unable to see through Yan Dingshan.

Suddenly, she felt that he seemed to be hiding a lot of things from her.

"You said it was at the National Trade Center?" Gu Yunting turned around and asked Lu.

Lu nodded. "Yes, the National Trade Center. Master entered the National Trade Center and then came down with Kin Chuyang to go to the Grand Empire International. The two of them stayed for a period of time. It was Ma who sent her back to the National Trade Center."

" Kin Chuyang, what do you want to do? Do you want to slow down their father-son relationship? Do you want Yan Bai to return to Yan's? "

Gu Yunting muttered to herself again, trying to guess Kin Chuyang's intention.

In Gu Yunting's opinion, Kin Chuyang had no other intentions other than this.

Yan Dingshan was already quite satisfied with Kin Chuyang. If not for so many things happening all of a sudden, he would have definitely let Yan Shuo marry Kin Chuyang.

Hence, to be more precise, she really had to thank Tang Yiru. It was that rat shit of hers that stirred Kin Chuyang up.

However, she never would have thought that Yee Jie, that woman, was a slut who was not only gold but also jade.

If he married her, not only would he not be of any use, he would also be a eyesore.

Now, the Yee family actually didn't intend to cooperate with the Yan's.

This caused Gu Yunting to pin all of her anger on Yee Jie.

This woman was simply a piece of trash.

"Looks like I have to find a time to meet her." The expression on Gu Yunting's face was cold and terrifying.

Ma parked the car in the garage and entered the house. Gu Yunting was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper.

"Madam." Ma greeted Gu Yunting respectfully.

Gu Yunting put down the newspaper and looked in the direction of the door. "Hey, Ma, where's Dingshan? Why didn't he come back?"

Ma stood up and said to Gu Yunting with a serious face, "Madam, Master said he won't come back today. He wants to stay outside for a day."

"Outside?" Gu Yunting frowned slightly when she heard the word. She looked at Ma gloomily. "Where did he stay outside?"

Ma shook his head. "I'm sorry, Madam. Master didn't say anything. When I came back, Master was at the Sovereign Hao International. "

"Did something happen? Dingshan had never spent the night outside. " Gu Yunting looked at Ma with confusion and worry. "In the past, when he worked, he would always go home late, regardless of how busy he was. Did something happen? "

Ma shook his head with a blank look. "No! Nothing happened."

Gu Yunting's expression suddenly sank. She shouted at Ma with a stern voice, "Ma, you have been in our house for quite some time now. Don't be silly. If it wasn't for something, why wouldn't Dingshan go home?"

Ma looked at Gu Yunting with sincerity and sincerity. "Madam, nothing really happened. Master asked me to come back first. I will wait for his call tomorrow."

Gu Yunting stood up from the sofa and looked at him sharply, "Then send me to the hotel now. I will ask Dingshan myself."

"Madam, this..." Ma looked at her with a troubled look.

"What is this? Go and drive!" Gu Yunting ordered Ma.

Ma had no choice but to follow her orders and drive the car out of the garage.

Yan Bai drove the car while Kin Chuyang sat in the front passenger seat. She turned her head and looked at him seriously.

"Do you have something to say to me? Tell me, I'll listen." Yan Bai looked at her and said generously.

Kin Chuyang smiled at him and said carefully, "I said, you are not allowed to be angry."

Yan Bai touched his chin and took a look at her. "Mrs Yan, what did you do to let me down?

Oh, I remember now. In the afternoon, you went out for almost half the afternoon. Come, tell me, what did you do in those few hours?"

" I went out with Dad and even had a cup of coffee. We chatted for a while. " Kin Chuyang answered truthfully and then looked at him unblinkingly, waiting for his reaction.

He looked at her calmly, but his expression did not change much.

This seemed to have exceeded her expectations.

Her eyes flickered slightly as she looked at him, then she swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

He suddenly smiled. Then, he looked at her with a fake smile and said unhurriedly, "I didn't hear you clearly. Who were you talking about just now? Say it again. "

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