His Wild Cute Wife/C294 Young Master Feast be a Good Boy
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His Wild Cute Wife/C294 Young Master Feast be a Good Boy
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C294 Young Master Feast be a Good Boy

Yan Dingshan looked at Gu Yunting and asked again.

Gu Yunting was right. Yan Dingshan did not go home for two nights straight. He had been staying at the Luo Family for the past two days, accompanying the mother and daughter.

"Oh, I have an appointment with Xiaoyi. I will go out and have a seat." Gu Yunting said with a smile, "How is it? Do you want to go together?"

Yan Dingshan glanced at her, "No, you can go by yourself." After saying that, he walked towards the house.

Gu Yunting looked at his back and also frowned.

She was sure that he had just come back from that vixen's bed and he still had that vixen's scent on him.

Yan Dingshan, how can you do this to me? How could you do something that would let me down?

Gu Yunting's eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Yan Dingshan's back with a pained and sad expression.

"Madam." Lu called her softly.

Gu Yunting came back to her senses. She looked at Lu with a complicated look and bent into the car.

"Lu, give that private detective more money. Let him find out who the old master's woman outside is."

Gu Yunting ordered Lu in front of her. Her eyes were full of anger.

Lu nodded. "Okay, Madam. There is one more thing."


" Miss seemed to have quarreled with Young Madam yesterday. " Lu's tone was a little heavy as he looked worriedly at Gu Yunting in the rearview mirror.

Gu Yunting's brows knitted even more tightly. "This child is really not careful at all! What did she and Yee Jie get angry about?"

"The young miss is still young and can't hide her emotions. It's fine. I will look after her. " Lu said with a pleasant expression.

When he talked about Yan Yi, his expression was always warm, and there was also a trace of love in his eyes.

"Is she still fascinated by Tang Hejue now?" Gu Yunting asked Lu.

Lu nodded. "Miss is too innocent."

"Ah!" Gu Yunting sighed lightly, and said, "I wonder when she will become sensible! Did she ask you to do something for her? "

Lu smiled foolishly and reached out to crawl his hair. "Madam, don't worry. As long as it's something between you and Miss, I will do my best."

"What did she ask you to do?" Gu Yunting asked in a deep voice.

"It's nothing. It's just that if there is a chance, let Kin Chuyang make a fool of herself." Lu looked at Gu Yunting in the rearview mirror and said.

"Kin Chuyang?" Gu Yunting bit the three words, "This child, it seems that she knows very well that Kin Chuyang is in Tang Hejue's heart.

Fine, do as you see fit. It would be best if it could affect Yan Bai. I really underestimated him. His life is really big.

He didn't take his life twenty years ago! This time, he must have come back to settle accounts with me. Since that's the case, don't blame me! "

Lu nodded. "Understood, Madam. Don't worry, I'll do as I see fit. "

"Yes." Gu Yunting nodded. She said, "I have always been at ease when you do things. In front of Yi Yi, there are some things that you must not let her see through. This child just cannot hide things from her face. If she finds out, it will definitely be a bad thing."

Lu nodded again. "Madam, I know. Don't worry, I won't let Miss know."

"Master, why didn't you call me so I could go and pick you up." Ma looked at Yan Dingshan and said anxiously.

Yan Dingshan waved his hand at him, indicating that it was not a big deal.

"Get someone to follow Yunting's car and see where she goes." Yan Dingshan said to Ma quietly.

Ma was slightly stunned and looked at Yan Dingshan with a slightly stunned face. Then, he immediately nodded, "Understood, Master. I'll make a call right away."

Yan Dingshan sat on the sofa with a very bad expression on his face. It could even be said that it was covered in dark clouds.

He had just returned from Luo Xiaoyi's place and Luo Xiaoyi did not have an appointment with Gu Yunting at all.

But Gu Yunting told him that she had made an appointment with Luo Xiaoyi to sit down.

This meant that she had something to hide from her and did not want him to know.

"Master, we have already made the arrangements. At this time, we have already started to follow Madam's car." After Ma finished making the phone call, he said very respectfully to Yan Dingshan.

"Yes." Yan Dingshan nodded. "You tell him later that as long as Madam and Lu go out during this period of time, he will follow them all the way. Do not miss out any traces."

"Got it, master. I will pass down my orders. Old master, have you eaten? I'll ask the kitchen to prepare some food for you."

"No need, I have already eaten." Yan Dingshan waved his hand. "Prepare the car. I need to go out for a while."

"Okay, master." Ma went out to prepare the carriage.


When Kin Chuyang received Gu Yunting's call, she was just about to go have lunch with Yan Bai.

Looking at the flashing phone number on the phone screen, Kin Chuyang looked up at Yan Bai and directly handed the phone to him, indicating for him to take a look himself.

Yan Bai frowned and coldly snorted. He was about to hang up the phone but was taken back by Kin Chuyang a step ahead of time.

"What? You still want to answer?" Yan Bai looked at her.

She smiled and gestured for him to keep quiet. "Don't make a sound. They are already here. We have to be polite."

Yan Bai stared at her unhappily.

She tiptoed and took the initiative to kiss him on the lips. She said with a smile, "Young Master Yan, be good."

Yan Bai unhappily glared at her. He stretched out his long arm and directly pulled her into his embrace.

Kin Chuyang smiled at him and reached out to touch his cheek to comfort him.

Then she pressed her index finger on his lips to stop him from saying anything. Then she picked up the phone, "Hello, Kin Chuyang."

"I am Gu Yunting. I am at the coffee shop on the eighth floor of the National Trade Association. Let's meet."

Gu Yunting spoke in a commanding tone, not in a negotiable tone.

"Mrs. Yan, is there something you need from me? I don't think there is a need for us to meet." Kin Chuyang said with a cool face.

"Why? Are you afraid that I will do something to you?" Gu Yunting sneered coldly, "Don't worry, I will not do anything to you. I just have some things that I want to tell you clearly. I won't delay you for a few minutes. I'll wait for you at the coffee shop."

After saying that, he did not care if Kin Chuyang agreed or not and directly hung up the phone.

"Young Master Yan, looks like I can't accompany you for lunch." Kin Chuyang's hands reached to his neck and smiled at him like a flower and jade. "Why don't I find someone to accompany you in my place?"

Yan Bai flicked her forehead. "Who are you going to find to accompany me? Hmm?"

Kin Chuyang smiled charmingly and mischievously. "How's your true love?"

True love?

Yan Bai furrowed his brows and looked at her with a blank and ignorant expression.

He was sure that the true love she spoke of was definitely not something good.

He curled his lips and raised an evil and threatening smile, "Mrs Yan, come. Tell me, who is my true love? There will be an award if you say it's right."

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