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C316 Baby Feed Me

He was full of smiles, and his earlier seriousness and worry and fear were all gone, replaced by the usual ruffian and evil aura.

Kin Chuyang knew this Yan Bai, the Yan Bai she was familiar with.

He was also the Yan Bai who made her feel at ease and at ease.

It was not like what happened just now, which made her worry.

Yan Bai's seriousness would never last more than three seconds.

The frivolous Yan Bai was the normal Yan Bai. A serious Yan Bai was abnormal.

He pinched her cheek and said in a spoiling and evil tone, "Don't worry, at least not until now."

"At least?" Kin Chuyang put her hands on her waist and looked like a tough woman. She glared at him angrily, "You mean that it will be possible in the future?"

He put one hand on her waist and the other on his chin. With a mysterious and tsundere look, he slowly said. " Up until now, he had no such intentions. At least Mrs Yan fed me until I was full. I didn't plan to go out and look for food."

Kin Chuyang used both her hands and twisted his waist hard on both sides of his waist. She said fiercely," Yan Bai, let me tell you. If you dare to go out and look for food, I will take your son and run away from home! "

"My son?" Yan Bai repeated these three words, and then his eyes instantly lit up. His gaze shifted from her face to her abdomen. "Baby, you mean you have it?"

"No!" Kin Chuyang did not hesitate to deny it. "This is my attitude, understand?"

However, when she said this, he seemed to be very excited about the matter of his son.

His big palm patted her stomach, "That is not necessarily the case. I am so diligent. Perhaps I have already sprouted."

When he said the word 'germinate', he seemed to be even more excited.

The hand that was caressing her belly could not bear to take it away. He kept rubbing her flat belly, his eyes filled with anticipation and yearning.

Seeing his joyous expression, Kin Chuyang was somewhat reluctant to interrupt him.

She also could not bear to pour cold water on him.

He should like children very much, but would they really germinate?

At the very least, that would only be known on the 12th of next month.

It was only the end of the month.

If her relatives hadn't come on the 12th, then they would have probably germinated.

"How would we know now?" Kin Chuyang's face was slightly red as she said softly, "We would only know on the 12th of next month at least. Do you like your son? "

He retracted his gaze from her lower abdomen and looked at her four eyes. He did not answer but asked instead, "It seems that you like your son more."

"I don't have one!" She denied it.

He smiled. "Then who was the one who said that he took his son and ran away from home?"

Kin Chuyang was slightly stunned. Alright, she said it.

However, she was just casually saying it. She really did not have any other intentions.

She struggled out of her embrace. "I won't tell you anymore. I'm going out to do something."

He laughed happily behind her, as if he was in a good mood.

Kin Chuyang, on the other hand, did not feel dispirited anymore.

She kept thinking about whether she was pregnant or not.

After that, her work efficiency sharply decreased.

Even after he got off work, he still hadn't done his job properly.


Zhou Xiao drove past a coffee shop and then poured the car back.

She rolled down the window and stared unblinkingly at the coffee shop.

There, Yee Ziqian was sitting face to face with a woman.

The two of them chatted and laughed, seemingly having a good chat.

Zhou Xiao recognized that woman. It was Tang Yiru, the one who was with Yee Zifeng now.

Why was she with Yee Ziqian?

Wasn't she with Yee Zifeng?

This woman!

Zhou Xiao gritted her teeth and stared in that direction. Her eyes were burning with anger.

This woman, could it be that she wanted to step on two boats?

Yee Ziqian, are you crazy?

How could she have sex with such a woman?

Do you know that she will kill you?

It was not easy for you to make the old lady see you in a new light and give you such an important project. Do you want to ruin yourself in this woman's hands?!

He took out his phone and dialed a number skillfully.

In the coffee shop, Yee Ziqian's phone rang.

She clearly saw him take out his phone and look down at the caller ID.

Looking at the number that was jumping on the screen, Yee Ziqian did not have any expression on his face.

He smiled lightly at Tang Yiru, "Sorry, I'll take the call."

Tang Yiru smiled and nodded. "Okay."

Yee Ziqian walked to a deserted place and picked up the phone. "Is something the matter?"

His voice was very cold, without a trace of warmth.

"Yee Ziqian, are you crazy?" Zhou Xiao's angry voice came over, "Do you not want your future anymore? You are with that kind of woman?"

Yee Ziqian's brows knitted together, and he turned his eyes to look outside the window.

On the other side of the road, a familiar car was parked.

"Who am I with? It doesn't seem to be your turn to question and intervene, right?" His eyes were filled with ruthlessness as he stared in the direction of the car. His tone was filled with disdain and ridicule.

"She is Yee Zifeng's man. She had sex with Yan Shuo before. Yee Ziqian. You... pfft!"

Before Zhou Xiao could finish speaking, she heard a busy voice beside her ear. It was obvious that he had hung up.

"Hello. Hello, Yee Ziqian!" Zhou Xiao shouted angrily, so angry that her face turned green.

He actually hung up on her.

Madman, what exactly do you want to do?

Don't you know that Tang Yiru, this woman, will kill you?

Even if I have let you down in the past, at least I will never do anything that will harm you.

I even have to continuously help you now.

I will help you obtain the Yee family and the Yee's.

Why are you so ungrateful?!

Zhou Xiao was furious. She also hated Tang Yiru to the core.

Yee Zifeng must have asked her to do this. He wanted her to seduce Ziqian so that he could destroy him and make the old lady not use her anymore.

Tang Yiru, you b * tch. I will not let you harm Ziqian.

Yee Zifeng, since you are so shameless, don't blame me for making the first move.

Zhou Xiao angrily stared in the direction of the coffee shop. She stepped on the accelerator and the car left.

Yee Ziqian watched Zhou Xiao's car leave and a cold smile appeared on his lips. His eyes were filled with malice and coldness.

In the end, he restrained all his expression and once again raised a faint smile and walked towards the position just now.

However, Tang Yiru was not the only one sitting in that seat. There was another person in that seat.

"You are back. Is the call finished?" Tang Yiru saw him come back and asked with a smile.

Yee Ziqian nodded and looked at the woman sitting next to Tang Yiru.

He nodded at her as a greeting and then walked towards his seat.

"Hello, Luo Yushan, Yiru's friend." Luo Yushan got up and stretched out her right hand towards him with a friendly smile.

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