His Wild Cute Wife/C354 Gu Yunting Was Having a Hard Time!
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His Wild Cute Wife/C354 Gu Yunting Was Having a Hard Time!
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C354 Gu Yunting Was Having a Hard Time!

Yan Dingshan walked out of the hospital with a serious expression on his face.

He wanted to call Kin Chuyang again, but when he took out his phone, it rang.

The caller ID showed that it was Yan Yi.

He immediately hung up and did not want to answer.

Yan Yi heard the busy tone and looked at Gu Yunting in confusion, "Mom, my dad hung up and did not answer."

Gu Yunting frowned and there was a trace of displeasure in her eyes.

"It's fine if he doesn't want to pick up, let him be."

"Mom, what happened to you and my dad? Did they have a conflict?" Yan Yi looked at Gu Yunting and asked seriously.

Gu Yunting looked at her calmly and said earnestly, "Yi Yi, you are not young anymore. Don't always act willfully and throw a childish tantrum.

Mom can control you for a moment, but not for your entire life. You, don't always trust others so easily. You need to use your own brain. You need to have eyes, understand?"

Yan Yi looked at her with a perplexed expression." Mom, what's wrong with you? Did something happen? "

Gu Yunting's tone gave her a bad feeling. Also, what time was it? Yan Dingshan also did not come back.

During this period of time, she felt that the relationship between her parents was not normal.

"Mom, does my dad have someone outside?" Yan Yi asked probingly.

"No." Gu Yunting denied and smiled gently at her, "Don't think too much. Just remember what Mom told you."

"Yes." Yan Yi nodded.

In the hospital.

"Chairman Yan?"

Yan Dingshan had just walked to the entrance of the hospital and met Tang Hejue directly opposite him.

Tang Hejue was holding a bouquet of fresh flowers in his hand. It looked like he was here to visit a patient.

When he saw Yan Dingshan, he seemed to be slightly shocked. Then, he respectfully called out to him.

Hearing this, Anshan raised his eyes and looked at Tang Hejue.

"En." He replied indifferently, "I'm here to visit you!"

Tang Hejue nodded, "Yes, Little Aunt is in the hospital."

"Yes," Yan Dingshan nodded lightly again. "Alright, go and do your thing."

After saying that, he walked towards the door.

Just as he walked to the door, he seemed to have thought of something. He stopped and turned around. He called Tang Hejue, who was walking, "Tang family's third son."

Tang Hejue stopped, turned around, and looked at Yan Dingshan with a smile that was refined and refined, "Chairman Yan, what orders do you have?"

Yan Dingshan pursed his lips and smiled faintly. "Nothing. I just want to ask if Yan Yi has caused you trouble at your place."

Tang Hejue smiled faintly. "No trouble. She is not in my department. If there is trouble, I will also trouble Wanlin."

Yan Dingshan looked at him quietly and calmly. There was a deep meaning in his eyes. He curled his lips and smiled softly. "It seems that Yan Yi is really not worthy of your eyes!"

Tang Hejue did not expect Yan Dingshan to be so straightforward. He was a little stiff.

He then smiled at Yan Dingshan and said, "I can't get on Chairman Yan's good side. If Chairman Yan doesn't have any other instructions, I will excuse myself."

He nodded politely at Yan Dingshan as he spoke. The smile on his face was always gentle and gentle, like a gentleman.

A man like this was indeed a woman who would fall in love with him.

To Yan Yi, Tang Hejue was like a man who walked out of a screen. She wanted to have a man in her life.

Yan Dingshan nodded at him. "Alright, go."

Tang Hejue turned around and turned back. "Chairman Yan."

"What else do you want?" Yan Dingshan looked at him.

Tang Hejue looked like he wanted to say something but stopped himself. He asked slowly, "Is Miss Yan better? I felt bad for scaring her last time."

"What?" Yan Dingshan looked at him blankly. Obviously, he did not understand what he said.

"What? Didn't Young Master Yan and Miss Yan tell you?" Tang Hejue looked at him with surprise and surprise.

"What did they say?" Yan Dingshan asked in a deep voice.

Tang Hejue explained apologetically, "It's like this..."

He briefly recounted what happened in the orphanage last time, then said apologetically, "I'm really sorry that Miss Yan got scared.

Although Grandma Anqi's face had some serious burns, she was a very good person. Grandma Anqi called me several times and told me to apologize to Miss Yan.

I have been very busy during this period of time and I did not meet her at the company. Now that I have met Chairman Yan, I can ask him whenever I think of him."

" She's fine. There's nothing important. You're being considerate. " Yan Dingshan said in a deep voice.

Tang Hejue smiled in relief, "That's the best. Then I won't disturb Chairman Yan anymore. I'll go and see Little Aunt."

"En." Yan Dingshan replied.

Tang Hejue turned around and walked towards the inpatient department with a faint smile on his face.

Yan Dingshan carefully recalled Tang Hejue's words, and his expression was deep.

It was only when his phone rang that his drifting thoughts were pulled back.

He thought that the phone call was from Gu Yunting or Yan Yi again, and his expression was a little angry.

Just as he was about to answer the phone and get angry, he realized that it was from Kin Chuyang.

Seeing Kin Chuyang's call, a smile appeared on Yan Dingshan's face. It was a smile filled with joy.

"Hello, Chuyang." He quickly picked up the phone.

"Dad, good day." Kin Chuyang said with a smile.

"Yes, it's also a good holiday for you." Yan Dingshan's smile was slightly bigger, "How is it? Did you spend it at home? How is your mother's health? Is she alright? "

"Thank you for your concern, Dad. Mom is in good health." Then he changed to a slightly apologetic tone and said, "Dad, I'm really sorry. I should have come to see you during the festival.

But Mom is not in good health, so I have to take care of her. I can't come to see you. I quickly gave you a gift, it should be arriving soon. I hope you like it. In two days, when Mom gets better, I'll come and see you again."

" It's okay, it's okay. Your mom's health is more important. " Yan Dingshan said with a smile, "You gave me a present quickly? What is it? "

"Well, I won't tell you. Let's keep you in suspense. You can take a look at it yourself when you receive it." Kin Chuyang said mysteriously.

"Okay, okay!" Yan Dingshan nodded and then asked tentatively, "Did your mother participate in the selection of this gift?"

"Sorry, dad." Kin Chuyang said in a low voice.

Yan Dingshan looked disappointed and said in a low voice, "It's okay, it's okay. What you gave was the same, the same. ”

"Then dad, I won't disturb you during the holidays. I'll go with my mom. "

Kin Chuyang said apologetically.

"Okay, okay. Stay with your mother. What she needs the most right now is your care and company with Yan Bai." Yan Dingshan hung up the phone first.

A sly smile appeared on Kin Chuyang's face, and her eyes sparkled.

Gu Yunting, I'm afraid you won't be able to enjoy this festival well!

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