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His Wild Cute Wife/C365 It Was also a Way to Make a Mistake
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C365 It Was also a Way to Make a Mistake

Yee Ziqian slowly came down from the stairs. His eyes were calm and cool as he looked at Ling Wen and said unhurriedly.

In this house, he might be the calmest at this time.

He was the last person to appear. It seemed that he was not surprised that Tang Yiru appeared in their house.

He only cast a cold glance at Tang Yiru, then turned his eyes to Yee Jianguo and Ling Wen husband and wife. With an inconspicuous smile, he said, "Second Uncle and Second Aunt, it was really hard on you guys."

Yee Jianguo's face revealed a dry and hard smile.

On the other hand, Ling Wen's face did not change much. She said to Yee Ziqian with a kind face, "We are a family. It is only right for the elders to care about the younger generation."

"Huh." Yee Ziqian smiled and turned his eyes to Tang Yiru. "Miss Tang, have we reached the stage of discussing marriage?"

Tang Yiru shook her head. There was a trace of embarrassment on her face as she said apologetically to Ling Wen, "Mrs. Yi, I think you missed your child. Easy-to-Minimize and I are just friends."

"Since it is a misunderstanding and also Ziqian's friend, Ziqian will send Miss Tang home." The old lady looked at Yee Ziqian and said in a deep voice.

Then her sharp eyes swept across everyone and said coldly, "Go back to your rooms and cause a ruckus at night. Do you all want me to die early?"

Tang Yiru sat in the front passenger seat and the white Bentley sped along the road.

Yee Ziqian did not say a word. The expression on his face was very complicated and one could not understand the meaning behind it.

"I..." Tang Yiru tilted her head to look at him and said with a slight tremble.

But when she opened her mouth, she did not know what to say to explain her actions.

Even she herself did not know why she was on the same bed as Yee Jianguo.

She and Yee Jianguo had no interaction at all. Who exactly put them on the same bed?

Also, why did she do this?

Tang Yiru really could not think of anything even if she racked her brain.

Previously, that devilish face of a man flashed across her mind.

But it made her feel that it was so unreal.

It was as if she was dreaming. She did not recognize that man at all.

"What does Miss Tang want to say?" Yee Ziqian tilted his head slightly and looked at her expressionlessly. He asked coldly.

His tone was filled with questioning and doubt. He looked at Tang Yiru with a fierce look in his eyes.

It was as if she had spoiled his plans, causing his plan to deviate from its original course.

Tang Yiru did not know why, but her entire body trembled violently. Even her forehead was covered in sweat.

"I don't know why this kind of thing happened. Then what should I do next?"

She carefully looked at Yee Ziqian and asked with a vigilant face and a trace of fear.

Yee Ziqian smiled coldly, "Don't you have an idea, Miss Tang? How could she not know what to do next?"

Tang Yiru was slightly stunned. She widened her eyes and looked at him in disbelief and panic.

What he meant was...

"Since it is already wrong, isn't it a good solution to make a mistake?"

Yee Ziqian looked at her with an indifferent and cold expression. He spoke very casually.

Tang Yiru only felt her heart turn cold bit by bit, "You mean, let me..."

"I did not say that. It was Miss Tang who thought so." Yee Ziqian smiled indifferently and coldly. That smile was so strange and sinister that it did not give anyone the intention of rejecting or considering it.

Tang Yiru had a feeling that she had completely fallen into the deep waterfall.

This man was really too scary, so scary that it made her feel terrified. His actions were completely unexpected.

"This is my Second Uncle's phone number. I hope it can help you." He handed his cell phone in front of her. Yee Jianguo's cell phone number was displayed on it.


Yee Jianguo returned to his room with a tired look on his face, and Ling Wen followed him back to his room.


"Smack! Yee Jianguo was about to explain when Ling Wen, who had held back her anger to a certain extent, directly slapped him.

Yee Jianguo was completely stunned.

Instinctively, he slapped Ling Wen back.

"Ling Wen, are you crazy? Do you know what you are doing?"

Yee Jianguo widened his eyes and cut Ling Wen in anger.

A woman's strength naturally could not compare to a man's.

Ling Wen's slap did not have much strength to Yee Jianguo, but it hurt a man's pride.

However, Yee Jianguo's slap had used 120% of his strength.

When a man's self-esteem was hurt by a woman, his explosive strength could be imagined.

Ling Wen only felt her face burning, and then there was a hint of blood at the corner of her mouth.

Even her ears were buzzing and her eyes were seeing stars.

"Yee Jianguo, are you worthy of me? You actually did such a thing! You are truly worthy of me! "

Ling Wen's eyes were burning with anger as she stared at Yee Jianguo. Her eyes were filled with the desire to kill him.

"How could I let you down!" Yee Jianguo looked at her expressionlessly and said coldly, "Can't you see without your eyes? This matter was clearly planned by Yee Jianbang and his wife!"

"Designed you?" Ling Wen looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. "If you did not have that intention, would they have set you up? Why don't you tell me why you went to the hotel in the middle of the night?"

"How would I know!" Yee Jianguo suppressed his anger. "Yee Jianbang asked me to meet him there. How would I know that it would be like that when I woke up?"

The truth was clearly not like this, but since it was already like this, he might as well pour all the dirty water on Yee Jianbang and his wife.

Anyway, Ling Wen hated Yee Jianbang and Zhou Xiao so much that she gnashed her teeth in anger, so it did not matter a bit more.

Yee Jianbang and his wife's room.

The two of them were also not sleepy and were talking about this matter.

"Hubby, didn't you see it? Your mother is clearly protecting the second room. Ling Wen's explanation was full of loopholes, and she actually believed it."

Zhou Xiao said with a face full of displeasure and unwillingness.

" Okay, okay. Don't think too much about it. It was already like this. The old lady's attitude was already very obvious. You, save the trouble. Stop messing around. "

Yee Jianbang said with a helpless expression.

"That won't do!" Zhou Xiao gritted her teeth and said unwillingly, "I will not let it go just like that!

The matter had already started, so it was impossible to stop just like that. Since the old lady will not be able to do it, then let's change the path. In any case, I definitely won't give up so easily."

" Then what do you want? " Yee Jianbang looked at her with a tired face.

Zhou Xiao smiled with a strange and gloomy smile, "Then I will start with that woman surnamed Tang. I don't believe it! As long as it's something I want to do, there's nothing I can't do!"

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