His Wild Cute Wife/C379 There's a Deep Hatred Between You and Others?
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His Wild Cute Wife/C379 There's a Deep Hatred Between You and Others?
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C379 There's a Deep Hatred Between You and Others?

Kin Chuyang had a rough idea of what was going on from her serious and deep expression.

It would not be a good thing.

"Dr. Rowe, tell me. I am prepared for the worst."

Kin Chuyang took a deep breath and said quietly.

"Do you have a deep grudge with others?" Luo Yushan suddenly asked.

Kin Chuyang frowned and a puzzled expression appeared on her face, "What do you mean?"

"Your constitution is not only cold but there is also musk fragrance in your urine and the amount is not low."

Luo Yushan's eyes stared unblinkingly at Kin Chuyang and continued to speak with a heavy face, "I will tell you with certainty that if you are pregnant now, the child will definitely not be able to protect it."

Kin Chuyang only felt a "bang" sound in her head. She was hit by something and it was very, very heavy.

It was almost as if her head was about to burst open and there was even a feeling of blood splashing on the spot.

However, Luo Yushan had not finished speaking when she heard her continue, "Not only is there musk fragrance, there is also the composition of red flowers. These are all causes of abortion.

How much does the other party hate you? Using two flavors at the same time? Why do I feel like I'm watching a palace drama? Not only do I want you to have an abortion, I also want you to never get pregnant for the rest of your life!"

Kin Chuyang's expression was very ugly. She was simply deathly pale.

All the blood was flowing against the current. Then, it gathered on her forehead, and it felt like it was about to burst out.

All of this was too out of her expectations.

This was simply taking her life!

What kind of deep grudge did she have with them?

Musk and red flower, they even made her eat cold food for a long time.

"Isn't it very unusual for you to come for your holidays this time?" Luo Yushan asked.

Kin Chuyang nodded, "Yes, one day earlier. Her stomach was also very painful, especially yesterday. Even people who were in pain could not stand stably. "

Luo Yushan shook her head helplessly, "With your current cold constitution, it would be strange if your stomach did not hurt. It was impossible for you to get pregnant during this period of time.

At least half a year. Take care of yourself in this half a year. Also, be careful when it comes to eating."

Kin Chuyang nodded," Alright, I got it. Thank you, Dr. Rowe."

Luo Yushan looked at her with a complicated expression. There was a kind of sympathy but did not know what to say.

In the end, it gathered to say that she wanted to say something but stopped herself.

Kin Chuyang smiled at her warmly, "You do not need to say anything. I am already very grateful that you are willing to help me."

"I will prescribe some medicine for you first. This is not something that can be treated just by taking medicine. The most important thing is still your own lifestyle.

Don't even touch cold food, especially crabs. There are even some aquatic products. Eat more warm food, you can eat more ginger.

But you don't need to be anxious. You need to slowly recuperate. Also, don't give yourself any pressure. It's not that I can't get pregnant. I'll temporarily avoid it for the next half a year."

As a doctor, Luo Yushan had told Kin Chuyang a lot.

Although Kin Chuyang's mind was blank, she still listened to Luo Yushan's words.

Luo Yushan watched Kin Chuyang leave the ward with a complicated expression.

She did not go to find Lu Yinshi but came to find her. That was that she did not know that her matter was known by Yan Bai.

Could it be that there was a problem between her and Yan Bai?

It couldn't be?

She had heard that Yan Bai treated her like a treasure in his heart.

How could there be a problem?

Luo Yushan leaned against the back of the chair, her brows slightly knitted, as if she had thought about it carefully.

As Yan Dingshan's daughter, she actually did not have any dislike towards Yan Bai, this brother who had a different father and a different mother. Instead, she rather admired him.

She and Luo Xiaoyi both felt that Yan Bai's mother, Gu Yunping, was the most pitiful woman.

She even felt that she and Yan Bai shared the same illness.

She did not like Gu Yunting, nor did she like her two children, but she approved of Yan Bai from the bottom of her heart.

Should she help him?

She took her phone and dialed a number.


Kin Chuyang walked aimlessly on the road as Luo Yushan's words kept echoing in her mind.

"Not only is there musk fragrance, there is also red flower composition. These are all causes of abortion. How much does the other side hate you?

Using two flavors at the same time? It's not just because I want you to have an abortion, but also because I want you to never get pregnant for the rest of your life!"

She could not figure out how she had offended Gu Yunping and An Jing. The mother and daughter actually wanted to do this to her.

Suddenly, her whole body shivered.

At this moment, she actually felt that the sky was even colder than December.

It was a kind of coldness in her heart.

She admitted that she was good to Gu Yunping from the bottom of her heart.

She wanted to treat her like a biological mother.

However, she did not think that it was only her wishful thinking.

The mother and daughter hated her to the point of gnashing their teeth in anger, right?

Otherwise, how could they do such a thing to her?

She didn't know how to tell Yan Bai, and even more so, she didn't know how to face the mother and daughter when she returned.

All of this happened too suddenly, and she didn't know what to do.

She didn't know where she was now. When she came back to her senses, she found that she was in a park.

In the park, several older people were playing with their grandchildren.

Grandma looked at the small figure walking unsteadily. She followed behind cautiously.

Kin Chuyang's nose was a little sour.

If she was pregnant this time, wouldn't it be that this child had no fate with her?

Should she be glad that she was not pregnant?

A faint pain came from her lower abdomen.

Her hand unconsciously touched her lower abdomen.

She had never thought that she would attract so much hate.

But why?

Even if she racked her brain, she couldn't figure it out.

What do you mean by 'honey in the mouth'? The most poisonous thing in a woman's heart.

At this moment, she completely understood.

If it wasn't because of yesterday's incident, if it wasn't because she heard what Yan Dingshan said to Yan Bai, if it wasn't because she saw Gu Yunping's blaming and questioning gaze.

She wouldn't have wanted to leave, nor would she have gone to Grandma Anqi's place, nor would she have known about her physical condition.

The phone in her bag suddenly rang, pulling back her confused thoughts.

She sorted out her thoughts and took out the phone. It was Yan Bai's phone.

Kin Chuyang's eyes slightly fluctuated. Seeing the words "Dear Lord Hubby" flashing on the phone, her expression became very complicated.

She even had a feeling that she did not want to answer the phone.

She knew that this matter had nothing to do with him, but it also had something to do with him.

She held her phone and looked at the screen in shock.

Suddenly, she missed the days when Gu Yunping and An Jing did not come back.

At that time, their lives were very comfortable and sweet.

She could be unbridled in front of him and even ride on his neck.

But now?

It can't be anymore!

She knew that as long as she was willing, he would definitely have no problem.

However, she was taking into account Gu Yunping's mood as the mother.

Her fingers touched the hanging button.

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