His Wild Cute Wife/C386 You Wouldn't be Able to Cook Rice with Rice!
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His Wild Cute Wife/C386 You Wouldn't be Able to Cook Rice with Rice!
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C386 You Wouldn't be Able to Cook Rice with Rice!

Yee Jie knocked on Yan Yi's door and pushed it open.

When Yan Yi saw Yee Jie, she raised an unhappy expression.

"Yan Yi." Yee Jie called Yan Yi with a smile as if she was a good friend.

Yan Yi glanced at her coldly, "Sorry, I am very busy right now and have no time to talk to you. If there is nothing else, please leave."

Yee Jie continued to walk in her direction, still smiling elegantly.

"Yee Jie! What are you doing? Don't you understand what I'm saying? How can you be so thick-skinned!" Yan Yi stared at her unhappily.

Yee Jie laughed disdainfully, "Yan Yi, I must have something to talk to you about!"

"What is it? Quickly say it! "Yan Yi said snappily.

"Can't you tell that my mom has been in a bad mood recently?" Yee Jie said with a worried face.

Hearing her say this, Yan Yi really did have such a thing.

But how could she manage it now?

Her own matters had not even been settled yet!

She had been working in the library for more than two months. She had no chance of getting close to Tang Hejue at all.

Last time, there was a good opportunity, but she had missed it.

Oh, no!

To be precise, it had been ruined by that old woman who was neither human nor ghost.

When they came to this matter together, Yan Yi was so angry that she could not find a place to vent her anger.

She never thought that the place Tang Hejue and the others went to would be such a desolate place.

Furthermore, there was also an old woman who looked like a ghost.

Yan Yi swore that she would never go to that place again.

However, ever since that time, she never had the chance to interact with Tang Hejue again.

Although they worked on the same floor, there was no chance at all.

This made Yan Yi very depressed and aggrieved.

She was the dignified young mistress of the Yan family, but he didn't even look at her when she approached him in such a humble manner.

She was really angered to death.

However, she wasn't willing to accept it.

"What do you want to say?" Yan Yi looked at her coldly and said indifferently.

Yee Jie smiled and leaned closer to her ear and said softly, "I know you like Director Tang. You came here to work for him.

But can you care about my mother now? My dad is about to be taken away by other women. Don't tell me you want to see our parents get divorced?"

" What did you say? " Yan Yi widened her eyes and looked at her in disbelief. Her tone could not help but increase a little, "Which woman is so shameless?"

"Shh!" Yee Jie made a shushing gesture towards her and then said softly, "Why are you so loud? Do you want to let Mom and Dad hear it?"

Yan Yi reacted and lowered her voice, "Yee Jie, let me tell you. Don't speak nonsense here! My dad and my mom have a good relationship! Don't try to sow discord here! "

Yee Jie looked at her seriously, "I didn't. These few days, my dad went out early in the morning with a smile, just like a man in love.

Our mom didn't go out with him. Also, did he come back later than you and Lance?"

Yan Yi nodded," That doesn't mean anything. "

"That's why I came to find you!" Yee Jie rolled her eyes. "I know. During this period of time, we had some misunderstandings.

However, we have been friends for so many years. Could it be that a little misunderstanding really makes us enemies for the rest of our lives? Besides, we are still a family now!

Shouldn't a family stand together? You, I'm not talking about you. You said that you wouldn't be able to catch up to Tang Hejue in your next life even if you chased him like this."

" Then tell me, what should I do? " Yan Yi said helplessly and unwillingly.

Yee Jie lightly poked her forehead with her finger, "You say, what kind of person is Tang Yiru? Can you believe it? You are still so close to her?

You are clearly sending it up for her to use. I don't believe you don't know about her relationship with your brother."

" I... "Yan Yi looked at her with an uneasy expression and then lowered her head with a guilty conscience.

"Alright, alright." Yee Jie smiled faintly, "I am not here to tell you about her matter today. Anyway, your brother has nothing to do with her now.

The most important thing now is to figure out which woman my father sent to see every day when he left early and returned late.

We have to deal with that woman. After that, we'll think of a way to help you chase Tang Hejue."

" How can you be so kind? " Yan Yi looked at her doubtfully. "Didn't you say before that he and Tang Yiru are very compatible?"

"Hi!" Yee Jie laughed lightly and said, "That was because I did not agree with Tang Yiru's words. You also took it seriously! My brain is not flooded with water. How can I not help my own people to help a woman that I hate?

Besides, what kind of identity does Tang Yiru have? Is she worthy of Director Tang? That's enough. Don't be angry with me. Don't even think about how friendly our relationship was in the past."

As she spoke, she gently bumped Yan Yi's shoulder with a smile and fawning look.

Yan Yi pursed her lips and smiled, "Then what do you think we should do now?"

Yee Jie leaned on her shoulder and whispered into her ear, "Tomorrow morning..."

Then she saw Yee Jie repeatedly nod her head and a proud smile appeared on her face.

"Okay, we will do as you say. Anyway, tomorrow is the weekend." Yan Yi looked at her and said with satisfaction.

Then she added, "You are a man of your word. You have to think of a way to help me chase Hejue. Oh right, what can you do?"

He looked at her curiously and asked.

Yee Jie curled her lips and smiled. Her smile was very mysterious, but it was mixed with a trace of strangeness, "You. Why don't you know how to turn around? You don't know how to cook cooked rice!"

" You mean... "Yan Yi looked at her in shock.

Yee Jie nodded. "That's what you think. It would be best to let everyone know. It's not like you don't know about our circle. If their parents knew, wouldn't they force them to marry you?"

" Sure, he completely ignores my existence, how can I follow him... That!"

Yan Yi said shyly and lowered her head. Her voice was very soft.

Yee Jie looked at her with disappointment. "You don't know how to think of a way? If he ignores you, then there must be someone that he views with respect, right?"

Yan Yi's eyes flashed and then immediately dimmed, "If he likes Kin Chuyang, then he can't let me go and find Kin Chuyang, right? I don't want to see that slut! "

"Sigh!" Yee Jie sighed helplessly and shook her head, "Yan Yi, why do you have such a stubborn mind?

Who asked you to find Kin Chuyang? She only asked you to use her name to ask Tang Hejue out.

Besides, even if you really went to see Kin Chuyang, so what? Compared to your lifelong happiness, isn't it worth it?"

"Then how should I use her name to ask Hejue out?" Yan Yi looked at Yee Jie blankly.

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