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His Wild Cute Wife/C39 Newlyweds Don't Live Separately
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C39 Newlyweds Don't Live Separately

After saying that, he hung up the phone without giving Yan Shuo a chance to speak.

Kin Chuyang looked up at him while he looked down at her. At the moment when their eyes met, Kin Chuyang did not know what to say.

It seemed that every time Yan Shuo pestered her, he would always appear in time to relieve her of her sleepiness.

"Thank you." Kin Chuyang took the phone from his hand and said plainly.

He did not leave immediately but still stood where he was and looked at her calmly.

"It's time to get off work. I'll be leaving first."

Kin Chuyang turned off the computer and got up from the chair. She did not look at him but took her bag and planned to leave.

"Dad said..." His voice sounded behind her. It was neither fast nor slow. There was also a hint of meaning in it.

Kin Chuyang turned around and smiled professionally. She looked at him calmly and said indifferently, "Director Yan, please go first."

Although she said that, the expression on her face was also gentle and peaceful, but in her heart, she hated him so much that he gritted his teeth.

Yan Bai gave her a satisfied and charming smile. He looked at her from head to toe and then slowly walked towards the door.

Kin Chuyang gritted her teeth hatefully at his back.

Half an hour later, the two of them arrived at the Kin family.

When Kin Xuenian saw the two marriage certificates, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

At the dining table, Kin Chuyang did not utter a single word. She just lowered her head and ate.

She could not afford to offend him, but she could not hide from him.

"It's getting late. You two should go back too."

Kin Chuyang was still sitting on the sofa watching TV. She only heard Kin Xuenian say that.

"Dad..." Kin Chuyang looked at him in surprise and shock. She could not believe her own ears.

What did her father say? What did he mean?

He wanted her to go back?

And he wanted to go back with Yan Bai?

Kin Xuenian angrily glared at her.

"You have already married Yan Bai. If you don't go back with him, will you still live here? Have you ever seen a couple who just got married and live separately? Why are you so insensible? "

"No, Dad..."

He said, "That's enough. We need to go back with Yan Bai soon."

Kin Chuyang still wanted to say something, but Kin Xuenian interrupted her. He did not give her the chance to explain or argue. He spoke in a commanding tone.

"Dad, it's okay. Chuyang could not get used to it at the moment. Otherwise, she would stay at home for a few days. There's always a need for a process. Take it slow. I'm not in a hurry. "

Yan Bai looked at Kin Xuenian with respect. He said very considerate words. There was a faint smile on his face. It was a kind of pampering smile towards Kin Chuyang.

"Yan Bai, you must not spoil her!"

Kin Xuenian glared at Kin Chuyang again and said in a deep voice to Yan Bai, "It's settled then. Quickly go back. I have already asked your mother to pack your clothes for you and put them in the box."

As he spoke, he pointed at the box at the entrance.

He even helped her pack her clothes?

This meant that he was going to kick her out of the house?

Kin Chuyang widened her eyes and stared at Kin Xuenian without blinking. She simply could not believe that this was the truth.

She turned to Wen Ling and asked for help.

Wen Ling only shrugged her shoulders and smiled at her, indicating that she could not help either.

"Dad, don't bring your clothes."

Yan Bai looked at Kin Xuenian with a smile and said, "I have prepared Chuyang's clothes. Let's leave these at home. We still have to come and stay for a few nights. "

"You have thought it through." He turned to look at Kin Chuyang.

The smile on his face disappeared. He put on a solemn face and said seriously, "Did you hear that? Be good to Yan Bai, don't always cause trouble without reason!"


Kin Chuyang opened her mouth and did not know what to say.

What did he mean by unreasonable?

Was she this kind of person?

Bastard, he actually managed to coax her father to such an extent!

She glared at him angrily and left in a huff.

"Yan Bai, Chuyang has a bad temper. You should bear it a little more."

Seeing his daughter leave in a huff, Kin Xuenian looked at Yan Bai and said earnestly.

Yan Bai pursed his lips and smiled. "Dad, don't worry. I'm not a petty person. I'll treat her well. "

Kin Xuenian smiled in relief and patted him on the shoulder. "Then I'll leave her to you. Go back."

"Then you and Mom should rest early." Yan Bai smiled at Wen Ling respectfully again and then turned around to leave.

"Do you really think this is good for your daughter?"

After Kin Chuyang and Yan Bai left, Wen Ling asked Kin Xuenian with a serious face.

"How many times have you seen him? How deep do you know about him? How could you hand Chuyang over to him so carelessly? Are you so sure that he will give Chuyang happiness?"

This was what Wen Ling was most worried about. It was also something that every mother was worried about.

Kin Chuyang and Yan Shuo had known each other for two years. She knew that he was actually not satisfied with Yan Shuo.

However, as long as it was something his daughter liked, he would not say much.

"Yan Shuo and Chuyang have known each other for a long time, right? Two years. Do you think you understand?"

Kin Xuenian sat beside her and said calmly.

Wen Ling did not speak. She only sighed and shook her head.

"Don't worry. I still believe in my own judgment. Yan Bai is more suitable for Chuyang than Yan Shuo. He can give Chuyang happiness."

Kin Xuenian said with certainty. His eyes were full of confidence.

"A person who is interested in my teaching will naturally be good to my daughter. This is a person's character."

When he said this, his face was full of a proud smile.

Wen Ling unhappily glared at him, "What else do you have in your eyes other than your teaching plans?"

"And you and your daughter." Kin Xuenian answered without hesitation. His face was full of seriousness.

Wen Ling angrily glared at him.


Yan Bai did not live in the Yan family. He had his own villa, and it was very far away from the Yan family. It was the opposite direction.

The car drove into the villa and knew where he was pressing. Kin Chuyang only saw the villa's door slowly move to both sides.

The villa was brightly lit, but it was very quiet. It did not seem to be popular at all. Plus, the villa was very big, which made it seem even more empty.

Kin Chuyang and Yan Shuo had been together for two years. Although they did not go to the Yan family many times, they still had one hand in the past two years.

The mansion of the Yan family was very big, and the decoration was very luxurious. To be precise, it should be luxurious.

However, Yan Bai's villa was different. Although it was big, it was simple and not too extravagant.

With black, white, and gray as the main theme, it basically matched his personality.

Other than these three colors, Kin Chuyang seemed to be unable to find the fourth color.

Oh, the fourth color was on her body.


"The room is on the left side of the second floor, the first room."

Kin Chuyang had just opened her mouth when Yan Bai's voice sounded behind her.

Kin Chuyang looked at him with some doubt. She was stunned for two seconds before she walked towards the stairs.

The first room on the left of the second floor.

Kin Chuyang pushed open the door and entered. Her first reaction was that she had entered the wrong room.

There was a pendant on the bottom.

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