His Wild Cute Wife/C390 What's the Hurry?
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His Wild Cute Wife/C390 What's the Hurry?
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C390 What's the Hurry?

The sound of the horn pulled Kin Chuyang's mind back. She turned her head and saw a face she did not want to see - Yee Zifeng.

"What a coincidence, Miss Kin." Yee Zifeng rolled down the window and used his left hand to block the window. He looked at Kin Chuyang with a meaningful smile.

Kin Chuyang gave a dry smile and said, "Unfortunately, we just met on the street."

"Where are we going? I'll send you off." Yee Zifeng said with a smile.

"No need, it's not on the way. I appreciate your good intentions." Kin Chuyang said without hesitation.

Yee Zifeng sneered, "You didn't say where to go, and you don't know where I'm going either. Why are you so quick to conclude that it's not on the way?"

Kin Chuyang raised her tender and charming smile and said unhurriedly, "No matter where I go, it's not on the way."

Yee Zifeng raised his eyebrows and raised a smile that was like a flower and jade. "How could it be? Didn't Miss Kin want to go to the West District?

Don't you know that I have already taken over the project of cooperation between the West District and Y City?"

Kin Chuyang shook her head and smiled faintly," Then I'm really sorry. I really didn't go to the West District. So, it was indeed not along the way with CEO Yi."

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand to stop the car. A taxi quickly stopped beside her.

Kin Chuyang smiles faintly at Yee Zifeng, "I will not disturb CEO Yi anymore."

After saying that, she got into the car and closed the door.

The taxi left.

Yee Zifeng looked at the taxi that had left, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a deep and bottomless arc, mixed with a trace of strangeness and playfulness.

Kin Chuyang! You, this young master is going to take it!

Yan Bai, just you wait!

The hand holding the steering wheel gently knocked on the steering wheel.

"Miss, where are you going?" The taxi driver asked Kin Chuyang.

"The National Trade Center." Kin Chuyang glanced at the mirror and saw Yee Zifeng's car following behind. She said to the driver.

"Okay." The driver replied.


Yee Jie rented a very ordinary Volkswagen and followed Yan Dingshan's car with Yan Yi.

When the two of them saw Ma's car drive into Yan Bai's villa district, Yan Yi was in disbelief.

How could it be here?

Yan Dingshan came early in the morning to find Yan Bai?

How was that possible?

Then he saw Ma stop halfway and Kin Chuyang get off the car.

Yan Yi could vaguely see that other than Yan Dingshan and Ma, there were other people in the car.

When she saw Kin Chuyang get off the car, the thought that flashed across Yan Yi's mind was: Yan Dingshan and Kin Chuyang?

"What is it? How could it be Kin Chuyang? What does my father mean? What does he want to do?"

Yan Yi looked at the car in front of her in shock and turned her head to ask Yee Jie.

Yee Jie pursed her lips and smiled. She shrugged with a blank face, "How would I know? If I knew, would I need to follow my father with you?

However, Kin Chuyang, that was not surprising either! How capable and capable she was. There were more than one or two men who had been seduced by her.

Didn't your brother forget about her until now? And Tang Hejue. Didn't he also fall in love with her?"

" Bitch! " Yan Yi gritted her teeth and said, "I really want to tear off her skin!"

"What's the hurry?" Yee Jie did not mind and said, "This day will come eventually. However, I feel that our father will not be seduced by her.

However, I think that she must have said something in front of our father. It might have something to do with the company's interests."

"You mean she wants my dad to let Yan Bai return to Yan's? She wants my brother to step down? " Yan Yi looked at Yee Jie angrily and asked.

Yee Jie nodded, "I think it is about right."

"She really wants to!" Yan Yi's eyes were red as she stared at Kin Chuyang who had already gotten off the car.

The car passed by her and Yan Yi wished that she could shoot Kin Chuyang with her eyes.

"Let's not care about her for now. Let's see where Dad is going first." Yee Jie looked at Yan Dingshan's car in front of her and said to Yan Yi.

Yan Yi's resentful eyes were still locked on Kin Chuyang.

Hearing Yee Jie say this, she unwillingly took it back.

"Hospital?" Yan Yi looked at Yan Dingshan's car entering the hospital with a blank expression.

Ma got out of the car and took out his wheelchair from the trunk of the car.

He quietly stood beside Ma.

"Who's that little girl?" Yan Yi asked.

Yan Dingshan bent over and carried Gu Yunping out of the car.

"Mom, be careful." An Jing looked at Gu Yunping with concern.

Gu Yunping was holding Yan Dingshan's neck with her uninjured hand. She smiled warmly at An Jing.

"Mom?" Yan Yi saw Gu Yunping being carried out of the car by Yan Dingshan. She was shocked and shocked, as well as disbelief.

How could it be?

When did her mother get injured?

When she and Yee Jie came out in the morning, she was still fine.

Why was she injured now?

And her hands and feet were all covered with hard plate paste?

"Yan Yi, it doesn't seem to be Mom, right?" Yee Jie looked at Gu Yunping and said in a uncertain tone, "When we came out, wasn't Mom at home? She wasn't hurt!"

Yan Yi nodded but still had a face of doubt, "Then... Why does he look the same as Mom? "

How did Yee Jie know the answer?

Of course, she shook her head blankly.

"Along the way, other than letting Kin Chuyang get out of the car, Dad never stopped his car. He really went from Yan Bai's house to the hospital. So, Dad picked her up from Yan Bai's house. "

Yee Jie looked at Yan Dingshan who was pushing Gu Yunping's wheelchair in front of her and said to Yan Yi.

Yan Yi nodded, "So, this woman is... Ah!"

Yan Yi exclaimed, as if she had thought of something. Even her eyes widened, full of disbelief.

" What's wrong? Do you know who she is?" Yee Jie asked urgently, her eyes full of curiosity.

Yan Yi nodded, "I think I roughly know. But I can't! Didn't they say that she was already dead? Why did she suddenly come back? No, I have to tell my mother. "

As he spoke, he quickly took out his phone and planned to call Gu Yunting.

However, before he could call, he was stopped by Yee Jie.

"Yee Jie, what are you doing?" Yan Yi looked at her with a puzzled expression.

"What did you say to Mom? You told her that Dad had a woman outside and this woman looked exactly the same as her.

Then didn't you make Mom sad? Didn't you notice that during this period of time, Mom and Dad's relationship had been a little stiff? Perhaps it was because of this woman!

If you continue to tell Mom like this, won't it create more trouble for her?"

" Then what do you think we should do? " Yan Yi said with an angry and helpless expression, "Don't tell me you want to see her shamelessly seduce my father like this?

Didn't you see? She's so shameless that she hung herself on my dad! She's already so old, how can she be so shameless!?"

" Yan Yi, who is she? " Yee Jie asked with a serious face.

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