His Wild Cute Wife/C393 You Owe Me Your Life!
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His Wild Cute Wife/C393 You Owe Me Your Life!
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C393 You Owe Me Your Life!

Shen Yuzhao was dumbfounded. He had no idea what had happened.

He felt a burning sensation on his face.

Not to mention Shen Yuzhao, even Yan Bai who came with him was stunned by the loud slap.

Since Shen Yuzhao was young, besides his precious little sister who dared to climb on top of his head, no one had ever dared to do this to him.

Although he was always being exploited by Yan Bai in a very miserable way, it was totally a wish between brothers.

He was willing to work hard for Yan Bai, and he was willing to work for him.

For him, women were always thrown into his arms one after another.

Moreover, they were competing against each other with all their abilities, wanting to win his heart.

They would use all their efforts to climb onto his bed.

However, there had never been a woman who dared to slap him like this.

Even his precious sister, Shen Yuchang, had never left a mark on his face.

This sudden slap not only stunned him, but also made him faint and angry.

In front of him stood a woman with red eyes, messy hair, and blood stains on her face. Her clothes were also covered in blood.

This woman looked somewhat familiar, but Shen Yuzhao did not remember where he had seen her before.


"Return Grandpa's life to me! Return your life to me!"

Shen Yuzhao glared at the woman angrily. Just as he was about to get angry at her, the woman in front of him suddenly charged at him as if she had gone mad.

Both of her hands were pressing against his neck tightly. She was gnashing her teeth in anger and roaring at him.

Her hands were also stained with blood. When she pinched his neck, Shen Yuzhao instantly felt a wet and disgusting feeling.

Then, a thick smell of blood rushed into his nose.

She did not know where she got the strength from. A person who looked so thin and weak actually had such a heavy strength. He pinched Shen Yuzhao's neck and looked like he wanted to strangle him.

Shen Yuzhao instantly felt that he could not breathe. Adding the thick smell of blood, it made him feel even more uncomfortable, as if he wanted to chop this woman who was going crazy towards him.

"Pull it." When Yan Bai saw this, he furrowed his brows and ordered the people around him.

So, someone quickly went to pull her.

However, women seemed to have the belief that they had to strangle Shen Yuzhao to death. Several men could not pull her away no matter what.

Shen Yuzhao felt like he was about to burp.

When Yan Bai saw this, he raised his hand and dropped it. He slashed at the back of the woman's neck without hesitation.

The woman's eyes turned black and her body slanted. The hand that was pinching Shen Yuzhao finally loosened.

"Hu!" Shen Yuzhao finally felt free and could breathe freely.

At this moment, he actually felt that being able to breathe freely was such a wonderful thing.

"F * ck!" After breathing freely, Shen Yuzhao cursed in a low voice. An unknown anger rose from his heart.

He angrily glared at the woman who was knocked out by Yan Bai. One of his hands was on his neck, and the other was pointing at the woman. He said with a face full of confusion and resentment, "Where did this madman come from? He almost took my life!"

He didn't know how this crazy woman could have so much strength, but she almost broke his neck.

If Yan Bai had been a little slower, he would have gone to meet the King of Hell.

"Can't you move faster? I almost burped!"

Shen Yuzhao stared at Yan Bai angrily.

Yan Bai rolled his eyes at him and turned to ask the person in charge of the construction site, "What happened?"

The person in charge sighed helplessly. "Director Yan, you can't blame her for this. The deceased was her grandfather."

Yan Bai and Shen Yuzhao frowned at the same time. Shen Yuzhao even took a look at the woman who was lying on the ground. "What's going on? Why did she fall down?"

He frowned again and rubbed his sore neck with his right hand. He pointed at the woman on the ground and said with disdain, "Help her to the lounge first. Where is the deceased? Where is she?"

"Director Yan, Special Assistant Shen, please follow me." The person in charge said to the two of them, then waved at his men, indicating that they should carry her to the lounge.

"Why didn't you see anyone from the Yee's?" Yan Bai looked around. There really wasn't a single person in charge of the higher ups of the Yee's.

"Director Yan, am I not human?"

Just as Yan Bai finished his words, Yee Zifeng's voice came from behind, "I'm sorry. I encountered a small matter on the way and was delayed for a while."

Yee Zifeng looked at Yan Bai apologetically and said. Then he looked at the person in charge of the construction site and asked in a deep voice, "What happened?"

"CEO Yi, to be honest, we don't know why there is an old man on the construction site."

The person in charge said helplessly, "He is not from our construction team. I have checked the name list. There is no such person."

"If there's no such person, does that mean we don't have to take responsibility?" Yan Bai stared at him coldly. His tone was very unhappy and even showed anger.

"CEO Yi, is this the attitude of your engineering team? The project has just begun, yet you are so careless and irresponsible? How can outsiders not know about the construction site? "

Shen Yuzhao held his neck and looked at Yee Zifeng expressionlessly. He said word by word, "If you can't do what we want, you can tell me earlier. I think we can have a better partner."

"Ha!" Yee Zifeng sneered and looked at Yan Bai with disdain. Then he looked at Shen Yuzhao and said, "Special Assistant Shen, we haven't even started the investigation yet, but you have already said so much. Isn't it a little too early?"

"Then, what does CEO Yi mean? Shouldn't another person die in order to say that they should die?"

Yan Bai's sharp gaze was like a blade as he stared at Yee Zifeng. He spoke slowly but with a sharp tone.

"Don't worry, Director Yan. I will give you an explanation for this." Yee Zifeng said with a firm face.

Yan Bai coldly pursed his lips, "Chief Yi, I am not the only one you have given me an explanation. There are also the family members of the deceased."

Dou Kou slowly opened her eyes. The back of her neck was a little sore and her mind was a little muddled.

Her eyes met the ceiling and in two seconds, everything was reflected in her mind.

Grandfather, Grandfather is dead.

And she saw that man.

If it wasn't for him, Grandpa wouldn't have come out to work at such an old age, but in the end, he was smashed by a falling stump and died on the spot.

Shen Yuzhao, you owe me your life. Return my life to me.

"With a whoosh, Dou Kou sat up and ran out the door.

She looked like she was going to fight Shen Yuzhao to the death.

Her phone rang.

She continued to run forward. As she ran, she took out her cell phone. Without looking at the caller ID, she picked up the call. "Hello."

She didn't know what the other party had said, but with a squeak, she stopped in her tracks, "I'll be right back."

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