His Wild Cute Wife/C4 You Need Me to Help You?
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His Wild Cute Wife/C4 You Need Me to Help You?
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C4 You Need Me to Help You?

Stay down, do you have to be so sad? It was just going to the bathroom, but he could still meet someone he shouldn't have!

Wasn't this the man who pushed open the bathroom door the one she had sex with after drinking yesterday?

At this moment, he was wearing a well-ironed suit, standing at the door.

His cold aura was like an emperor looking down from above, staring at her without blinking.

Kin Chuyang could not help but shiver. A sense of guilt rose from the bottom of her feet, like a child who had done something bad and was caught red-handed on the spot. In short, this kind of feeling was not good.

The man was like a motionless sculpture, standing tall and straight.

His left hand was still holding the door handle. His deep and sharp eyes were like a cheetah as he looked straight at Kin Chuyang.

His entire body exuded a dangerous aura that said, "Do not approach strangers. Kill anyone who is close to you."

For a moment, Kin Chuyang felt that he had recognized her. However, his "don't get close to strangers" cold expression made her feel that it was not the case.

This kind of feeling was very contradictory, but also very oppressing.

She drank too much. What exactly did she do after that? She did not have any impression of it at all.

So, she naturally did not remember whether he drank too much like she did, or whether he was awake or not. Did he remember her?

She only knew that she had secretly slipped away in the morning, and at that time, he had not woken up yet.

Her heart was still a little weak, but there was also a trace of anger.

She was angry with Yan Shuo and Tang Yiru, that pair of dogs. If it wasn't for them, she could have gone to the bar to borrow alcohol to relieve her worries.

If she didn't go to the bar, then what happened next naturally wouldn't happen.

The man let go of his left hand, which was holding the door, and walked towards her as if nothing had happened.

That aloof expression that looked at everything made Kin Chuyang unable to grasp his thoughts and intentions at all.


"Apologies, Sir, you have mistaken me for someone else!" Just as the man opened his mouth to say one word, Kin Chuyang quickly took over the topic.

With an expressionless face and unusually confident and calm voice, she said. Then, she casually glanced at him and said in a deep voice.

"Also, this is the female washroom. You have gone to the wrong place."

The man raised a profound arc. His pair of sharp eyes, which were like blades, suddenly revealed a trace of mischievousness.

He was like an old fox that had lived for a thousand years, flickering with a touch of thought-provoking cunningness.

His thin and sexy lips lightly parted, and his voice was like an outstanding cellist that caused others to be unable to help but be lost in it. "You know that I'm looking for someone?"

As he spoke, a wisp of a low and beautiful arc appeared on the corners of his mouth, and even his eyes faintly curved into a fine line.

Then, this thin line gave people a very dangerous feeling. It was like a vortex that attracted people into the vortex pool.

Kin Chuyang was very upset and had an impulse to bite off her tongue. The more anxious she was, the more chaotic it would be. The more chaotic it would be, the more chaotic it would be.

When the man saw this, he gave her a smile that was rarely seen and smiled in satisfaction. He took two steps closer to her.

Kin Chuyang instinctively wanted to retreat but found that she could not.

Because she was standing close to the wall, there was naturally no way out.

Thus, she could only force herself to calm down and deal with it calmly. Taking a deep breath, she looked at him indifferently.

"Also," Kin Chuyang was about to speak but he spoke before her. However, this action gave Kin Chuyang a solid fright once again.

He approached her and even before she could react, he placed his right hand on her side with a bang. His body was only five centimeters away from her.

This was the standard "wall slam!"

Damn it, he was "wall slam" in the toilet. It was really super melodramatic.

He held a cunning smile that was as deep as a fox and slowly said.

"This is the male toilet, the one who walked in the wrong place is you." After saying that, he looked towards a certain direction.

Following his line of sight, Kin Chuyang also looked in that direction.

Then, a feeling of wanting to cry but having no tears rose from the soles of her feet.

What was that?

It was a man's ureter!

F * ck!

Was she courting death? Could she lie to herself that she was just an invisible person? Had she never appeared in front of him?

The expression on her face was awkward and stiff. It was not an exaggeration to describe it as dead silence.

The man looked at her alternating red and white, awkward and stiff expression and appeared very satisfied.

Her thin lips once again curled into a playful smile. "Don't you want to explain? Hmm?"

The last word, "En," was a thought-provoking and far-fetched word.

It was the kind of tone that dragged on and off in the back of one's nose.

Coupled with this sound, his sharp eyes once again revealed a hint of chivalry as he stared fixedly at Kin Chuyang.

Damn it!

This was the thought that flashed across Kin Chuyang's mind when she came into contact with his gaze.

This look was simply like a shotgun, and she was the prey that he had found. She could only wait to be slaughtered.

"Sorry, I went to the wrong place. I'm sorry to interrupt your business."

Kin Chuyang once again forced herself to calm down and apologize in a calm tone.

But at this moment, her heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out of her throat.

She kept praying in her heart, He didn't recognize her, he didn't recognize her. He was actually drunk yesterday, so he didn't know it was her.

"Is that so?" The man smiled. That smile gave people goosebumps.

"Chuyang." Shen Yuchang's voice came from outside, "Are you inside? I bought the skirt for you."

"It's for you?" The man smiled and shot a meaningful glance at her chest.

Red and blue mixed together, so striking. His smile was playful and evil, as if he was looking at her soul through her clothes.

"Please be more respectful!" Kin Chuyang angrily glared at him, her eyes were filled with coldness.

"Respect?" The man curled his lips into a faint smile. There was no playfulness or evil in this smile, but it was a smile that could make a person lose their mind.

His thin lips raised, and he lightly said, "For example, throwing down an IOU? Is this considered respect?"

"With a boom, Kin Chuyang's head was hit by Pi and she felt a throbbing pain in her head.

He knew her and recognized her.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Kin Chuyang could only bite the bullet and not admit it. Anyway, she was drunk and unconscious. He remembered her, which meant that he was awake.

Bastard, you dared to attack a woman who was drunk and had no strength to truss a chicken, and you still have the nerve to settle scores here? Now that she was the one at a disadvantage, you still have the face to say it here?

Kin Chuyang had an impulse to slap him.

"You don't know?" His gaze once again drifted towards her chest and the corner of his mouth raised into a fox-like evil smile, "You mean you want me to help you warm up again?"

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