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C408 In Business


Dou Yu was already awake, but he was still very weak. He was still in the ICU.

Dian Dian was lying on his bed, smiling innocently at him, "Little uncle, you have to get better quickly. When you get better, I'll play with you."

Dou Yu smiled at him. "Okay. I'll play with Dian Dian when Little Uncle is better. You have to think well. What do you want to play? "

Dian Dian nodded heavily. " Mm, I'll start thinking now. Little Uncle, you can't keep your words to yourself. Let's pull the hook."

As he spoke, he stretched out his right hand towards Dou Yu, but because Dou Yu's fingers were holding onto the instrument, he was unable to pull the hook with him.

Thus, Dian Dian used her thumb to gently press on Dou Yu's face.

Then, she said happily, "Little Uncle, I've already stamped with you. You can't go back on your word."

Dou Yu smiled and nodded. "Okay. What about Mom?"

"Mom went to the doctor's place." Dian Dian answered.

Dou Yu's eyes were somewhat blurred. His eyes were very beautiful and always gave people a dreamlike feeling.

Yee Ziqian stood outside the ICU and looked at the two children in the ward through the glass.

Dou Kou came out of the doctor's office and walked over. She saw a strange man standing outside Dou Yu's ward.

"Hello, do you need anything?" Dou Kou asked softly.

Yee Ziqian came back to his senses and turned to smile at her. "Hello, my surname is Yi."

When Dou Kou heard the word "Yi," her face sank, "Mister Yi, do you need something? My brother needs to rest. If there's nothing else, please leave."

Yee Ziqian pursed his lips and smiled gently. "Miss Dou, there is no need to be so wary of me. My surname is Yi, but I am not the person in charge of the project.

I mean no harm. I'm just here to see the patient. Miss Dou, if it's convenient for you, can you give me a few minutes to sit down and talk? "

Dou Kou looked towards the ICU. She looked at Dou Yu's thin body and saw that his entire body was filled with all kinds of tubes. She frowned.

"I have already asked the doctor about your brother's condition. So, I came today with sincerity. I want to help you."

Yee Ziqian said sincerely.

Dou Kou bit her lower lip and nodded. Okay." Yeah. "

"There's a coffee shop across the hospital. I'll buy Miss Dou a cup of coffee."

Dou Kou nodded.

The two of them walked towards the elevator, one in front and one behind.

The elevator door opened and Yan Bai and Kin Chuyang came out from the elevator.

When Yan Bai saw Yee Ziqian, he was slightly shocked. He was stunned, but he also looked relieved.

"Director Yan, Mrs Yan, what a coincidence. Are you also here to visit Miss Dou?" Yee Ziqian looked at Yan Bai and Kin Chuyang with a gentle smile and said.

"I plan to invite Miss Dou to the coffee shop across the street for a cup of coffee. Director Yan and Mrs Yan, if you don't mind, can we go together?"

"Okay." Yan Bai nodded.

In the coffee shop.

The four of them sat face to face. Opposite Yan Bai and Yee Ziqian, Kin Chuyang and Dou Kou sat across from each other.

However, the four of them sat separately, and the distance between them was still quite far.

Kin Chuyang felt that women could chat more with women.

Of course, she also believed that Yee Ziqian and Yan Bai definitely had something to tell each other.

Kin Chuyang sized Dou Kou up.

This was the third time she met Dou Kou. The previous two times were just a quick glance.

Dou Kou was very beautiful but she was relatively thin. The thick dark circles under her eyes indicated that she had not slept at all during this period of time.

She had a thin face, a sharp chin, and deep eye sockets.

Kin Chuyang did not understand. Her appearance looked very peaceful and quiet.

She could not relate it to the first time she saw her in Han Palace.

She was like a student who had not graduated. Why would she go to a place like Han Palace?

Also, was she really with Yan Shuo and Yee Zifeng?

Or was it just a misunderstanding?

Or perhaps, she was in Han Palace now because of money. After all, what she needed the most right now was money. She needed money to treat her brother's illness.

"You know Yan Shuo from the Yan's and Yee Zifeng from the Yee's?" Kin Chuyang looked at Dou Kou and asked.

Dou Kou looked up with a blank face, then shook her head, "No."

Kin Chuyang's expression did not change and she still looked at her calmly, "I know you."

Dou Kou nodded, "I know you too. Previously, I applied to be the assistant secretary and met you once."

Kin Chuyang pursed her lips and smiled, "Then do you remember that before this, we already met?"

Dou Kou was stunned and then smiled," Sorry, I don't have any impression. If you don't mind, can you tell me?"

Kin Chuyang picked up the milk tea and took a light sip, "There was one time in Han Palace when you ran out of the private room, do you remember?"

Dou Kou came to a realization and nodded, "I remember now. I even bumped into you that time. I'm sorry, I was too rude."

"It's alright." Kin Chuyang smiled and shook her head. "How is it? How is your brother's condition? Is the surgery fee not enough? "

"Thank you for your concern. I will have a solution." Dou Kou said firmly.

"I am very sorry about your grandfather." Kin Chuyang said apologetically, "This kind of thing is not something we want to see.

I can understand your current feelings. If you have any requests, just say them. If you can do it, we will definitely help you. "

Dou Kou smiled bitterly and there was a trace of ridicule in her smile," There is no need. To be honest, this matter is not your fault. My grandfather was also at fault. He just wanted to share my burden."

" Your grandfather loves you very much. "


On the other side, Yan Bai and Yee Ziqian were also discussing this matter.

"Easy-to-Minimize is not the person in charge of this project right now. Why is he still so concerned about it?"

Yan Bai leaned against the back of the chair, his left leg folded on his right leg. He held a cup of coffee, took a sip, and asked Yee Ziqian casually.

Yee Ziqian smiled. His smile was casual and cool. "Is Director Yan asking a question that he knows the answer to? Of course I want to be in Yee's. "

"Huh." Yan Bai laughed lightly and said, "Is Easy-to-Minimize always so straightforward when he talks and does things?"

"Of course not! It depends on the person." Yee Ziqian smiled calmly. "There is no conflict of interest between Director Yan and me.

There is also mutual benefit. There is also another layer of relationship. Therefore, I should be this direct. "

" The first two points, I can accept them. As for the last point, it has nothing to do with me for now" Yan Bai said indifferently.

Yee Ziqian laughed recklessly, "No problem. Then let's talk business. If there are benefits, let's talk about benefits. How do you plan to resolve this matter?"

"Tell me what you think."

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