His Wild Cute Wife/C6 The Domineering Aura of New Sun
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His Wild Cute Wife/C6 The Domineering Aura of New Sun
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C6 The Domineering Aura of New Sun

The cold and stern voice was like the cold wind of December, without a trace of warmth, and it was filled with ridicule and threat.

Kin Chuyang did not have time to react before an arm appeared on her waist.

Then she fell into a wide chest and a familiar voice sounded above her head, "Why didn't you say it?"

Yan Shuo's eyes were dead silent as he looked at the hand on Kin Chuyang's waist. It was as if he had been struck by lightning.

He was so angry that he could not say a word. He could only use his burning eyes to glare at Kin Chuyang.

The man stared at Yan Shuo with his hawk-like fierce eyes. His thin lips curled into a mocking sneer as he said coldly.

"It's not your place to decide whether the Yan family or the Yan's are in the Yan family!" After he finished speaking, he directly hugged Kin Chuyang's waist and swaggered away in front of Yan Shuo.

"Let go!"

Once out of the multipurpose hall, Kin Chuyang threw away the arm on her waist and glared at him fiercely. She really wanted to shoot two holes in his face.

"What? You want to thank me for freeing you?" The man gave her an evil and arrogant smile and looked down at her from above.

"I really have to thank you!" Kin Chuyang gritted her teeth and said. She glared at her again and turned around to walk towards the elevator.

"Since you are truly grateful, then I will not have to trouble accepting it."

He said with a face of "shameless" and then took a step forward with his long legs and followed Kin Chuyang's footsteps.

Yan Shuo drank another cup of wine. His mind was filled with Kin Chuyang's earlier intimate actions with that person.

No wonder she was unwilling to forgive him, no wonder she was so heartless and wanted to break up with him.

It turned out that she had found a better place to stay. Kin Chuyang, so you are such a person! I really misjudged you!

"Stop drinking." Just as he picked up a cup and was about to finish it in one gulp, the cup in his hand was snatched away.

Tang Yiru looked at him with worry and heartache, "No matter how much you drink, she will not be able to see. What's the use of being sad alone here?"

"Huh!" Yan Shuo sneered coldly and said, "Am I sad? Why should I be sad? Was she worth being sad for? Is she, Kin Chuyang, worth me doing this for her?

Didn't she want to break up? Fine! If you break up, then so be it! Kin Chuyang, it's me, Yan Shuo, who doesn't want you. I'll kick you! "

His words were very loud. It was unknown whether he was provoked by the scene just now or he was using alcohol to vent his anger.

In short, as he shouted, many people's eyes looked over in unison, and then quickly moved away.

They didn't even dare to approach him. One by one, they fled far away.

However, this news quickly spread.

The Vice President of the Feast ditched Kin Chuyang and the two of them broke up.

Kin Chuyang changed her love. The vice president of the banquet lost his composure at the banquet and used alcohol to relieve his worries.

Another person said that the deputy head of the banquet, Manager Tang, was getting better and Kin Chuyang cut ties with the two of them in a fit of anger.

In any case, there were all kinds of excuses. They each stood to one side.

Because Kin Chuyang left early, she did not know about the various excuses that were related to her.

The one who was most pleased with herself was of course Tang Yiru. She had achieved her goal. If Yan Shuo and Kin Chuyang were to die, then her chance would come.

She had enough of living under someone else's roof. She had sworn that one day, she would become a superior person!

She had said it so nicely, treating her as her own.

If she really treated her as her own, she would not have known that Yan Shuo was interested in Kin Chuyang back then. She would have tried her best to understand Yan Shuo here and then created a chance for the two of them.

He was clearly using her to pave the way for Kin Chuyang. Had they thought about her feelings? Had they thought about her?

So this was the sorrow of living under someone else's roof.

Kin Chuyang, I will wait for you to come to the company and hand over your resignation letter on Monday. I want to see what face you still have to stay in the company.

"Manager Jin, good morning."

On Monday, Kin Chuyang went to work as usual. However, the colleagues she met along the way all looked at her strangely and greeted her.

Although she still had a smile on her face, that smile contained very complicated factors.

There was a smile covering her face, a playful smile, a probing look, and... a look of watching a good show.

Kin Chuyang was confused by their strange smile and gaze. After greeting them one by one, she entered the elevator.

Because they were standing inside the elevator, and this was the peak hour for work, the elevator entered again and again, and very quickly, the entire elevator was filled.

At the beginning, everyone who entered the elevator knew that Kin Chuyang was inside, but as for those who came in later, how would they know of Kin Chuyang's existence?

"Hey, let me tell you, Kin Chuyang from the shipping department has finally been dumped by the vice president of the banquet!"

As soon as the elevator door closed, the person standing at the outermost part of the elevator started to talk excitedly. He even said it vividly and continuously.

"Like I said, how is she worthy of our vice president of the banquet? The vice president was the young master of Yan family, the heir of Yan's!

Engagement? She really had a big face! She didn't have any self-awareness at all. This is good, right? She's finally dumped."

The people in the elevator were silent. They glanced at Kin Chuyang from the corner of their eyes. Kin Chuyang did not have much of a perverted expression on her face. She still had a calm and indifferent expression.

"She deserves to end up like this. If it were me, I wouldn't have the face to continue staying here. I would hand over a letter of resignation and leave with my tail between my legs! This is simply a disgrace! "

" Ya, that's not right! Why did I hear that Manager Jin dumped the Vice President? And the Vice President even begged her not to leave. "

" Are you serious? How could the Vice President do something so unstylish? No matter how I look at it, Kin Chuyang is not worthy of the Vice President!"

" That's not necessarily true. It's said that the Vice President of the Feast did something wrong. "

"How is that possible? That is our Prince Charming, the National Prince Charming. How could he possibly do something wrong? If it is wrong, it is also Kin Chuyang's fault."

" Ding! "The elevator door opened. The few people outside were so angry that their faces turned red and they did not have the intention to walk out.

"Sorry, please move aside." Kin Chuyang's unusually calm voice sounded.

"Swoosh! Everyone looked towards the source of the sound and saw Kin Chuyang squeezing out from the crowd.

The few people who were in high spirits just now saw Kin Chuyang and with a swoosh, their faces turned white, red, and then green.

"Manager... Manager Jin?" With an embarrassed and stiff face, they called Kin Chuyang.

Kin Chuyang had already squeezed to the entrance of the elevator. When she heard their voices, she lightly responded. With a calm expression, she walked out of the elevator as if nothing had happened.

"Oh right." Just when everyone thought that Kin Chuyang would not pay attention to their discussion and was about to close the elevator door, Kin Chuyang turned around.

Her cold eyes swept across the few people who were talking about her and said expressionlessly.

"Next time you talk about gossip, remember to see if the person you are talking about is here or not. This way, you won't be so embarrassed. "

After saying that, he glanced coldly at them again, then turned around and walked towards them with experienced steps.

The faces of the "Eight Trigrams Lords" instantly turned black and white again.

"Chuyang, let's talk." Kin Chuyang had just walked to the door of her office when she saw Tang Yiru walking towards her.

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