His Wild Cute Wife/C78 If You Want to Do It Again
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His Wild Cute Wife/C78 If You Want to Do It Again
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C78 If You Want to Do It Again

Shen Yuzhao listened to him on the other side of the phone, confused.

Should he tell them?

Tell who?

Did he come out of nowhere and make him guess here?

Although the two of them had been friends for more than ten years, he was not a worm in his stomach. How could he know what he meant by that?

"I... Du du - -

Yan Bai decisively hung up the phone.

F * ck!

Shen Yuzhao was so angry that he kept cursing. He gritted his teeth so hard that cracking sounds could be heard.

Was there someone like him?

Yan Bai hung up the phone and leaned against a small tree by the road. He put his hands in his pockets and narrowed his eyes into a thin line. He looked at the windshield in front of the car as if he was not satisfied.

Kin Chuyang sat in the backseat and was pulling the invisible zipper behind her skirt.

She raised her head and looked at Yan Bai who was looking through the windshield in front of her.

In an instant, Kin Chuyang felt as if someone had knocked on her head.

With a bang, her brain exploded.

As expected, there was no hooligan. There was only an even more hooligan.

He actually just went through the windshield and looked at her.

How much did he see?

Even though she was hiding behind the driver's seat just now, she was very careful not to let the front see her.

However, that bastard always did things unexpectedly.

Just like this time, he just had a leisurely and relaxed expression and even looked at her with a bit of laziness.

That expression and gaze clearly showed that he was looking at her in broad daylight!

With a "bang," Kin Chuyang's anger rose. She could not care less about the zipper that had yet to be pulled to the top and opened the car door with a "Ka."

Like a lightning bolt, she walked towards him.

"How can you not be such a hooligan?"

Standing in front of him, he glared at him with a face full of anger.

That gaze really wanted to pierce through him.

His clothes were still wet, and the water on his trousers was dripping down, entering his leather shoes.

His hair was also half wet, and a strand of hair fell on his forehead. On his 360 degree face with no blind spots, there was a different kind of scenery.

That long and narrow eyes, following Kin Chuyang standing in front of him, bent even more.

Only, that pair of eyes revealed a narrow and strange look, but it was even more dense.

His thin lips were slightly pursed, just like his eyes, they were also curved into a thin line.

Every organ and cell on his face showed the same meaning: In front of you, I am such a hooligan. You should adapt and not reject.

He just looked at her with an unfathomable smile and did not say anything.

He had a casual, calm, and relaxed look on his face.

He slowly raised the hand that was originally in his pocket and stroked his chin.

His slender and beautiful fingers, every fingernail was neatly trimmed and beautiful, as if they were carved from heaven.

Kin Chuyang, from the very beginning, was angry. Following his slow and slow movements, she was actually somewhat lost in thought.

She admitted that he was indeed very attractive.

As the time the two of them spent together grew longer day by day, she seemed to be attracted by him bit by bit.

However, he always had a way to stimulate the anger in her body.

She admitted that her recuperation was not bad. Even if she saw Tang Yiru and Yan Shuo roll in bed with her own eyes, she did not make a big fuss like a shrew.

However, she did not know why. In front of him, she could always lose control.

She was like an angry little lion or a hedgehog with spikes all over her body.

As long as he touched her slightly, she would be able to erect all the thorns on her body and then point them at him.

He suddenly reached out his hand that was touching his face, lifted her chin, and looked down at her with a frivolous expression.

She instinctively reached out to pat his hand off, but it was grabbed by his other hand.

Then she held it in his palm.

His palm was very large. With a clench of his fist, he wrapped her hand in his palm.

In the center of his palm, a warm current spread across her entire fist.

He slightly lowered his head, and his face leaned closer to hers.

She instinctively leaned backwards.

His hand that was holding her chin hugged her waist.

And so, the current position was like this.

Her body leaned backwards, and he bowed and bent down.

His left hand held her right hand, and his right hand held her waist.

Her left hand leaned backwards as she leaned back. She had an unsafe feeling and instinctively grabbed his right wrist.

And so, this action gave people an illusion.

That was, she took the initiative to pull him towards her.

Their stomachs once again stuck together, inseparable.

There were only less than five centimeters left of their chests. As they breathed up and down, they felt as if they were about to touch at any time.

Their faces were not even three centimeters away from each other.

His breath sprayed on her face, and at the same time, her breath landed on his face.

It sucked in the carbon dioxide that they exhaled.

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

A satisfied evil smile appeared on his face. That calm and slow voice sounded, "If you want to fall again, you can push me away."

Kin Chuyang's attention followed his voice and instantly returned. Then, she actually pushed him hard.

Not only did she push him, she also lifted her right leg and stepped on the back of his leg without hesitation.

This was a flat cement road. She did not believe that she would fall into the puddle again.

However, this thought had just crossed her mind when a tragedy happened.

As she pushed and stepped on it, Yan Bai did not know if it was intentional or if it really hurt.

In any case, she let go.

Hence, with a thud, Kin Chuyang fell heavily onto the ground.

The flat cement road was not that flat either. There was a stone lying on the cement ground below her.

So, as she fell, she sat firmly on the stone.

Yan Bai had prepared a knee-length chiffon skirt for her. It could be imagined that it must be painful.

"Wu..." Kin Chuyang let out a muffled sound. It was so painful that her tears were welling up in her eyes.

That bastard man said unhurriedly, "Mrs Yan, you really can't blame me for this!"

After saying that, he squatted down very kindly and helped Kin Chuyang up from the ground.

Even to show his concern and heartache towards her, when he helped her up, he even kindly rubbed her butt that was in pain from the fall.

A skirt was originally much more convenient than pants.

When he massaged, he even avoided the skirt very skillfully.

He must have done it on purpose and came prepared.

He only prepared a skirt for her, but did not prepare underwear for her.

So, when he massaged her, it was directly on her pants.

"Ding." Kin Chuyang's face turned red again, and it was even burning red.

She glared at him and quickly took two steps back, creating a certain distance between herself and him.

With this disturbance, the clothes that she had just changed into became a little wet again.

Then, she felt a slight chill on her back.

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