His Wild Cute Wife/C97 Don't be so Anxious
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His Wild Cute Wife/C97 Don't be so Anxious
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C97 Don't be so Anxious

Sit in the car, close the window, take out a cigarette, light it, and smoke.

The smoke filled the small space inside the car. It was pungent and choking.

Leaning on the chair, his eyes stared blankly at the roof of the car. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Then, someone knocked on the window.

He slowly rolled down the window and saw Tang Yiru's face on the outside.

When he saw Tang Yiru's face, he frowned unhappily.

"Why are you here?" He asked Tang Yiru coldly.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Yiru's face with a trace of joy, "Lance, this is my house downstairs."

Downstairs of her house?

Yan Shuo heard what she said and seemed to not believe it. He reached out and pushed her to the side and looked outside.

As expected, this was the neighborhood she lived in, and it was also her apartment building.

His slightly furrowed brows knitted even more tightly, and the silence in his eyes became even more intense.

"Are you in a bad mood? Go upstairs and sit for a while. I'll grind a cup of coffee for you."

Tang Yiru looked at him with a smile. Her eyes were as tender as water and were filled with affection.

Especially at this moment, her deep V collar was surging. As she bent her body, it was as if she wanted to jump out of the collar.

The Mariana Trench was alluring and attracted his attention.

Ever since Yan Shuo had sex with Su Yan Ke that night, he had never released it again.

Although he had easily caught up to Yee Jie in the past few days, he still carefully got along with her and did not dare to develop so quickly with her.

Therefore, it had been almost half a month since he had indulged in sex.

Men's desires always came very quickly. When their desires came, they were basically animals with the lower half of their body.

Their brains were all thinking along with the third leg.

Not every man could calmly and rationally deal with the sudden desire.

They couldn't control their own brothers.

Tang Yiru also understood Yan Shuo very well. So when she saw the blazing flames in his eyes, she naturally knew that her seduction had succeeded.

Before Yan Shuo got off the car, she took the initiative to open the door for him and smiled at him beautifully.

The two of them almost immediately entangled together as soon as they stepped out of the elevator. They kissed wildly all the way to Tang Yiru's unit.

Here, there were two units on each floor of the elevator, so they did not have to worry about being seen by others.

When the door opened, he impatiently pressed her on the cabinet at the entrance.

He anxiously tugged at her clothes.

"Riiip!" With a sound, the stockings were torn apart.

Tang Yiru only felt a sharp pain in her chest as he used all his strength to ravage her without a trace of pity.

"Lance, don't be so... anxious." She slightly panted as she pushed him.

However, it was obvious that her body was more honest than her mouth.

Also, his body was pressed against hers and could not be pushed at all.

"Anxious? Isn't this what you want?"

Yan Shuo did not have any intention of stopping. He even took a deep bite.

Tang Yiru felt pain, but it was also very stimulating.

"Is there something you are not happy about?"

She held his head with both hands and slightly tilted her head back, revealing her slender and exquisite neck in front of him.

He didn't make a sound and just kept tugging at her clothes.

"Riiiip!" With another sound, the dress was torn apart by the defendant. In an instant, her shoulders and large chest were exposed.

"Lance, don't always hide unhappy thoughts in your heart. You can tell me, even if I can't help you earlier, at least I can help you share your worries."

She said very kindly, her eyes revealing the satisfaction and excitement of the moment.

"The best way for you to help me solve my worries now is to let me be released."

He said without hiding anything.

Tang Yiru saw his anxious look and thought that he probably did not release it during this period of time.

That's right. off-star was like Su Yan Ke. How could the Yan family let her pester Yan Shuo?

It was estimated that after she went to the Yan's and caused a ruckus that day, how could the Yan family not know of her existence?

Especially Gu Yunting. How could she allow a woman like Su Yan Ke to sully her precious son?

Also, she had already bought all the servants in the Yan family.

Therefore, Su Yan Ke was very easily settled by Gu Yunting.

Otherwise, how could he be in such a rush?

As for Yee Jie, it was even more impossible for him to sleep with her so quickly.

Tang Yiru was proud in her heart. At least for now, she was his indispensable partner.

As long as he needed her, she still had a chance.

She enjoyed it in a daze and longed for it, and cooperated with him.

Almost her whole body was attached to him.

The skin rubbing brought her a burst of fear and excitement, causing her to involuntarily groan.

She was looking forward to his next move.


"Dingdong, Dingdong!"

The doorbell rang. It was like the sudden sound of thunder in the silent night sky, breaking the fierce battle between the two.

Yan Shuo and Tang Yiru were extremely disgusted by this sudden ringtone.

"Ignore it. Let's go into the room." Tang Yiru wrapped her arms around his neck and said softly.

At this time, no one could think of interrupting her good things.

Yan Shuo's sharp eyes looked at her as if he was looking into her heart.

If he had lost his mind in the midst of his desire just now, then with the ringing of the bell.

It was like a hammer hitting his head heavily, waking him up by five points.

"What's wrong?" Seeing him looking at her so coldly and quietly, Tang Yiru smiled at him, as tender as a flower.

The doorbell continued to ring, and then Kin Xuenian's voice came, "Yiru, are you home?"

Because the two of them were at the entrance behind the door, they could clearly hear Kin Xuenian's voice outside the door.

Yan Shuo never would have thought that the person outside the door would be Kin Xuenian.

Tang Yiru even more so did not expect Kin Xuenian to come and find her.

Ever since she moved here for two years, Kin Xuenian and Wen Ling had never come here once.

Kin Chuyang, on the other hand, would occasionally come.

Yan Shuo was originally very excited, but when he heard Kin Xuenian's voice, he suddenly became listless.

Perhaps subconsciously, he still wanted to have some sort of recovery with Kin Chuyang. He also did not want to be too inferior in front of Kin Xuenian.

Therefore, when he heard Kin Xuenian's voice, he did not only become dispirited, but also quickly walked towards the room and closed the room with a bang.

Tang Yiru frowned. She did not expect him to be like this.

What did this mean?

Was it because he had not given up on Kin Chuyang and still wanted to save her?

Tang Yiru bit her lower lip hatefully, her eyes full of hatred.

She didn't pay attention to Kin Xuenian outside the door and angrily stared at the door.

After that, there was no sound outside. Kin Xuenian seemed to have left.

"He has left. You can come out now." Tang Yiru pushed the door open and entered.

Tang Yiru froze when she saw the report in Yan Shuo's hand.

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