Holy Sea of Profound Realm/C484 He Wasn't Bluffing!
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Holy Sea of Profound Realm/C484 He Wasn't Bluffing!
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C484 He Wasn't Bluffing!

On this day, the wind and the sun are warm and harmless.

Chen Fann decided to leave the Barbarian God Sect and head to the Emerald Kingdom. He would open the inner hall of the Hell Suppressing Sect's treasures and retrieve the treasures inside.

Back then, he wasn't strong enough to break the iron wall of the inner hall, but now, his strength had increased greatly. With Bing Jiuyi, Xie Tu, and Xie Du, he should be able to break the iron wall.

There were more than a dozen forty-million-year-old herbs in the outer hall of the Hell Suppressing Sect's treasures. What about the inner hall? Chen Fann began to look forward to it.

In addition, after taking out the treasures in the inner hall of the Hell Suppressing Sect's treasures, he would go to the Lin family's Fort to see Loong Yanshu.

The last time he left, it had been a few years in the blink of an eye.

In front of Chen Fann's eyes, he could not help but recall Loong Yanshu's beautiful, charming, and amorous appearance. Just thinking about it made him feel impatient.

However, just as Chen Fann left the Immortal Divine Palace and exited Barbarian God City, he ran into Cao Feng! Chen Hao's woman!

Cao Feng was flying over with a few female disciples from the Heavenly Dragon Association.

Chen Fann and Cao Feng's eyes met.

Chen Fann's expression was indifferent. He wanted to ride Miss David's Deer and leave.

"Stop!" Suddenly, Cao Feng called out, and then blocked in front of Chen Fann. Seeing Chen Fann's indifferent expression, her heart was filled with hatred.

Chen Fann's eyes flashed, and he looked at the other party.

"Chen Fann, you didn't expect that Patriarch of Giant Clan would take my husband as his foster son, right?" Cao Feng looked at Chen Fann proudly and mockingly. "Now, do you regret it? Regret opposing my husband?"

"Are you done?" Chen Fann's expression was indifferent. "If you are done, then scram."

Cao Feng's proud smile froze when she heard him. She angrily pointed at Chen Fann and said, "You! Chen Fann, you're going to die, and you're still so arrogant. Let me tell you, after three years, Patriarch of Giant Clan and my husband will come back from Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield. My husband said that he will personally pinch you to death at that time! "

He wants to pinch you to death himself!

When Cao Feng said the last sentence, she almost roared out with all her strength. It was as if she wanted to vent all the hatred in her heart towards Chen Fann.

Last time, in her Nine Heavenly Palace, Chen Fann had made her wet on the ground in front of everyone!

He had made her lose face in front of all the disciples of the Barbarian God Sect!

She wished she could gnaw Chen Fann's bones into pieces.

However, just as Cao Feng finished speaking, a sudden burst of laughter rang out. Miss David's Deer was holding her nose and laughing so hard that her head tilted back.

Cao Feng and the female disciples of the Heavenly Dragon Association were startled.

Chen Hao wanted to personally pinch Chen Fann to death. What was so funny about that?

Suddenly, Miss David's Deer, who was laughing, lifted her leg and kicked Cao Feng. Cao Feng screamed in pain and was sent flying into the distant mountain, causing the ground to shake.

The female disciples of the Heavenly Dragon Association were stunned. Then, their faces turned pale and they looked at Miss David's Deer in disbelief.

Miss David's Deer snorted, "Little girl, a few years ago, I was not your match. But now... If I want to deal with you, it will only be a matter of a kick. If you dare to say some useless and smelly shit in front of me again... Don't blame me for giving you a few kicks. I'll kick your boobs till they explode!"

The female disciples of Heavenly Dragon Association were so scared that they retreated for a long time.

Chen Fann almost choked on his saliva.

These words were really domineering. No, it was arrogant!

"If you can't make a move on a woman like her, leave her to me in the future." Miss David's Deer grinned at Chen Fann.

Chen Fann patted her cow head in annoyance. "Let's go."

Miss David's Deer had no choice but to fly away with Chen Fann. However, when they passed by the female disciples of Heavenly Dragon Association, Miss David's Deer glared at them, scaring them so much that they covered their chest with their hands and quickly retreated.

Miss David's Deer laughed evilly and left while humming a self-made tune.

Chen Fann shook his head and was speechless.

He realized that Miss David's Deer was sometimes really a tough girl, and she was also a very ruffian girl.

A few female disciples of the Heavenly Dragon Association waited until Chen Fann's figure disappeared into the horizon. Only then did they dare to come in front of Cao Feng and rescue her from the pit on the ground.

In the middle of the two peaks on Cao Feng's chest, there was a clear footprint of a cow. The footprint of the cow had completely caved in the middle of the two peaks.

The female disciples of Heavenly Dragon Association looked at this scene with pale faces.

After leaving the Barbarian God Sect, Chen Fann released the Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast from the Xumi Temple.

Because refining Reversal Samsara Divine Pill only required the blood of the Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast, Chen Fann didn't kill it. Instead, he subdued it.

This Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast had the strength of a Tenth Rank of Heavenly God Stage Early Period Peak.

"Little Black, in the future, when I meet a girl, I'll handle her. When I meet a guy, I'll leave it to you." As soon as the Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast came out, Miss David's Deer said with a big smile on her face.

These few days, it had become extremely familiar with the Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast.

However, although the Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast was stronger than her, in front of her, the Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast, this supreme-grade divine beast that was close to the Chaos Spirit Beast, was as obedient as a pug.

"Yes, Big Sister Niu!" The Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast did not even think and replied with a buzzing sound. It looked at Miss David's Deer with an ingratiating and flattering expression.

Chen Fann looked at this strange scene and wanted to laugh.

The original body of the Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast was several hundred zhang tall, and it was a huge beast. Miss David's Deer wasn't even a tenth of its height, but now... The huge beast's Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast fawned over Miss David's Deer and called her big sister!

Facing the Sea Emperor Black Flame Beast's flattery, Miss David's Deer raised her head high. She nodded her head nonchalantly and then said to Chen Fann, "Master, I have decided. In the future, I will help you subdue a group of divine beasts. I will build an army of divine beasts."

Chen Fann burst into laughter. He almost burst out laughing. "I say, little girl, do you think that Divine Beasts are like cats and dogs that can be found anywhere? Subjugate a group of them? And build an army of divine beasts?"

Miss David's Deer rolled her eyes," Azure Cloud Island is very rare, but what about Heavenly Secret Continent? What about the ancient continent? Dark Spirit Continent, Primordius Continent? There would always be one! Even if there weren't many Vientiane Divine Planes, what about other Divine Planes? Also, there are many top grade divine beasts and even Chaos Spirit Beast from the ancient era in Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield!"

" There are many supreme grade divine beasts and Chaos Spirit Beast in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield? " Chen Fann was a little surprised.

This was the first time he had heard of such a thing.

Miss David's Deer grinned. "Hehe, you don't know that, do you? In the depths of Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, there is a Divine Beast Continent. Almost all the living beings there are Divine Beasts."

"Divine Beast Continent." Chen Fann muttered.

"That's right. The strongest beast king in the Divine Beast Continent is definitely a Chaos Spirit Beast." Miss David's Deer nodded, "However, even if you reach late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm, you won't be able to enter the depths of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield. So, it's still too early to say this. "

Chen Fann snapped, "Then say it again."

Miss David's Deer smiled and said, "I just thought of it and said it was a slip of the tongue. However, in the future, I will build an army of divine beasts. As long as it is a top grade divine beast or above, it will not be a top grade divine beast."

Chen Fann saw that Miss David's Deer was getting more and more talkative, so he was too lazy to talk nonsense with her.

In fact, what Chen Fann did not expect was that Miss David's Deer would really build an army of divine beasts of the highest grade or above in the future, causing the expressions of the supreme experts of God Realm to change when they talked about it.

Of course, this was just a matter of time.

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