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C4 Divorce

Give up! There was no point in persisting any further! Don't make yourself look down on!

The pain of her body and mind pressed down on her like a mountain, and the last string snapped.

Tired, too tired. Wan Ru felt absent-minded, as if her soul was floating out of her body, looking down in disdain at this broken body.

After an unknown period of time, her vision turned black, and she sank into endless darkness …

When she woke up, she was already in the house, but she was lying on the cold floor by the door, her clothes plastered to her, and the wound was hurting more and more. She couldn't help but gasp and try to sit up.

Not too far away stood the housekeeper, Uncle Chen. Seeing that Wan Ru had woken up, he quickly walked over.

Uncle Chen, can you help me get a piece of paper from my study? I need it!

Very quickly, Uncle Chen brought the pen and paper over.

Uncle Chen, I don't have the strength.

At this moment, Wanru was very weak, her face was pale, and even her lips were bloodless. Uncle Chen could not help but feel tears welling up in his eyes.

Seeing him wipe away her tears, Wan Ru's heart was filled with bitterness. Even a servant would sympathize with her, but every member of the Shao family treated her as an enemy and wished for her death!

The corner of her lips curled up into a wry smile. So it turns out that she was actually living to such a state of failure!

At this moment, a shrill voice rang out and suddenly, Shao Bing Bing appeared.

Uncle Chen, you brought her in? Did you get my mother's permission? How dare you!

Wan Ru struggled to sit up and said hoarsely, "I begged him to help me in!" I came in to tell you something. I've already decided to divorce your brother!

After saying that, she struggled to sign her name, then lifted up the divorce agreement that Uncle Chen had written. Shao Bing Bing walked over and grabbed it.

Yo, you've finally thought it through. You're going to divorce my brother!

At this time, Shao Ming, who just opened the bedroom door, walked out. Hearing his sister's voice, he quickly walked down the stairs.

When he saw the four words' divorce agreement 'on the piece of paper, he was stunned for a moment. A trace of unfathomable meaning flashed past his eyes.

He had always hoped to get a divorce from Wan Ru, but when that day really came, he felt helpless for some reason!

The hand that was holding the piece of paper trembled a few times. He coldly looked at the bedraggled Wan Ru and squeezed out a word from between his teeth. "Are you sure?"

Shao Minggang's robe was wide open, and a deep yet shallow kiss mark was etched on his chest. Every mark reminded Wan Ru that the room just now, on their bed, was extremely intense and charming!

Wan Ru forced a smile and said word by word, "We've been in love for three years and we've been married for three years. I've loved you for a whole six years and I've never changed!" I didn't expect that no amount of love could compare with your sister's child and womb! You never trusted me, let alone love! From this moment onwards, my love for you no longer exists!

The bitterness in his throat became stronger and stronger. It was as if his tears had flowed back into his mouth!

Shao Minggang, you're dirty, I don't want you anymore! In this life, in the next life, in the next life, I will never want you again!

Shao Ming Gang's face was dark, and his cold and thin lips were tightly pressed into a line. His heart felt as if it had been pulled by something, and an unspeakable pain appeared!

He forced himself to look away from Wanru and to the piece of paper in his sister's hand.

Wan Ru, you really decided to go out clean? Hmph, you aren't trying to pull any tricks are you?

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