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C1 one blood

My name is Zhao Qianyan, it was given by a silly Taoist. When I was born, the world was changed, the superstitious grandmother sold her coffin book, and she invited a wandering Taoist to give me her life.

I was said to be the nemesis of the heavens and the earth, the nemesis of my parents. When I'm in my best condition, even I would be nemesis of myself, and the three Yang Flames on me are naturally weaker than ordinary people.

It turned out that Feng Jianxuan had no choice but to believe that after the death of his parents at the age of three, his neighbors suffered a series of calamities which eventually led to his grandmother and me being kicked out of the village along with dozens of other villagers on a rainy night.

I was only five at the time.

Now that I was an adult, I started delivering takeout at the age of 16. Grandmother was getting old, so I really didn't feel comfortable letting her go out to pick up trash by herself.

I had to work the night shift, because not only was I tough, but my face was tough too.

Ever since I moved to the county town, half of my face had become as red as cardboard. Black hair, black eyes, and even my eyeballs had turned red, to the point that I was beaten like a ghost a few times during the day.

All the stories start with this takeout. The people in the city play, instead of running a party downtown, they go to the wilderness, causing me to run and gasp for breath. Finally, I found that sinister looking old house a minute earlier.

The music was deafening.

"Hello, this is your takeout order."

The music stopped as soon as the door was opened, which made me flustered, and I lowered the brim of my hat a little more.

"Coming, coming …" "This is the legendary Ghost Face Packer."

"Don't let him escape …"

Seven or eight people surrounded me and at that moment, I wanted to throw away my takeout and run away.

These guys didn't order takeout, they ordered me.

But very quickly, my back seemed to have been kicked by someone. Along with the lunchbox in my hand, I fell onto the wet, ancient brick floor.

"Hurry up and take off your hat. I want to see what the legendary Ghost Face looks like."

I resisted with all my might, but due to my long period of malnutrition, I was as thin as a hemp. It was impossible for me to break free.

I couldn't keep my eyes open in the strong light, but I could imagine the expressions on their faces.

"So disgusting …"

"This must be God's creation. We will destroy him on behalf of the moon. The exorcism will now begin."

Damn it, if God had given me the AK-47 right now, I would not have hesitated to beat these beasts.

After the blow to the head, I fainted.

When I woke up, I was in bed with someone.

A naked woman.

Beautiful looks, very white skin, the sort of image I've imagined for countless nights.

I thought it was just a dream, but that woman broke my dream with a kick, and when I saw the bloodstain below, I thought I had been kicked to pieces somewhere.

"You bastards! We agreed to drug Xiao Hong, why is it me?"

The woman seemed to be in a frenzy as she cursed someone while trying to bite me.

The shabby door was pushed open by a few people. A few men and women with wretched faces started to take pictures of the room with their DVs and cell phones in their hands. Soon, the woman started to fight with them.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I randomly picked up my clothes and ran out.

After getting used to it, after being humiliated, I thought that things would end like this. However, the next day, in this slum-like district, everyone was pointing at me.

They call me grimace.

It was only then that I realized that last night's incident had been posted online. Grandma was furious, but when she argued with someone, she was pushed down in the chaos and directly turned into a vegetable. The daily expenses were thousands of yuan.

Looking at the seven or eight square meters of room, I knew that even if I sold myself, I wouldn't be able to gather up this kind of expensive medical fees and go to the company to settle my salary. However, I was told that because I was complained about last night's take-out, I wasn't kicked out.

The person who complained to me was called Zhou Xue. I think it was that woman who kicked me and probably had some sort of relationship with me.

Having no other choice, I had an idea that would affect my whole life.

Since I am already famous online, why not make good use of this notoriety and find a way to earn money?

Normally, I like to watch live broadcasts, so I understand a little bit.

So I sold off the electric car I sent out to sell, changed it to a phone with a better camera function, and registered an ID on the largest live broadcast website in the country.

My name is Wry Face Man.

[People from hell, bring you to experience the sins of this world.]

After this title was typed, the effect was pretty good. Immediately, someone entered my live broadcast room …

[Ghost Face Man, is that the one from the internet?]

[What are you trying to say without showing your face? Pass the camera over and verify that it is a small rocket.]

The small rocket is a prop for the live broadcast platform. According to the exchange rules, it should be at least 50 yuan in my hands.

At first, I didn't want to show my face, but when I thought about my desperate self and my grandmother lying in the hospital, I took a deep breath and turned the camera around.

[Holy shit, it really is him. This little Rocket is so scary, give it to me with both hands.]

[Watching on the sidelines, your horrifying live broadcast couldn't be just to watch you, right? You're leaving without anything new?]

After hearing the System's notification that I had transferred into my account, the humiliation I felt instantly lightened by half. I hurriedly explained.

"Don't worry... At this time, the natural yang energy had yet to dissipate and the evil spirits were still eating at home. If they wanted to see a ghost, they had to wait for the right time. Their target tonight was the orphanage outside the city … "There are over a thousand people at night. The live broadcast will begin immediately …"

My voice was low and husky, just to keep a few people.

[The heck, the voices of humans are even uglier. In order to watch your live broadcast, I'll drag someone over to watch.]

Where is the orphanage? I know that place. Earlier on, it was said that the staff there mistreated the children before those kids collectively resisted and tied them to the bed at night, then used bamboo sticks to stab them to death.]

"You're right, I've already entered this forbidden zone. I'm only waiting for the gates of hell to be shut down and broadcast live."

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