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C15 Closure

Among the items, the easiest was the bed. Ever since Grandma lived in the yard, there was no one to clean the house, and the shabby wooden furniture was already covered with dust, especially the top of the broken cabinet. It didn't take much effort to clean up a small amount of dirt before wrapping it up with paper.

If this item was mixed with cinnabar and used to draw talismans or set up a formation, it would have a pretty good effect.

The remaining two things were not so easy.

Although it had just rained a few days ago, and some places were filled with rain, that Taoist Laoshan clearly said that the rain didn't touch the ground, which meant that in order to collect this thing, one could only wait for the next rain.

As for the wood spirits, they were even rarer. There weren't any locust trees growing in this city, and furthermore, the age required was at least ten years old, and they also had to use a core. It was indeed hard to find.

But luckily, within the big bag that Tang Rou brought, there really was a small piece of wood carved into the shape of a awl.

From the looks of it, it should be the core of the locust tree. It was said that as long as this thing could pierce the ghost's vitals, it would be able to dispel the ghost aura.

Tang Rou only had her ancestral peach wood sword. Two players wasn't even enough.

With this awl, they both had self-defense weapons.

After getting all these things ready, the two of us planned to take advantage of the fact that it wasn't dark yet and step on the stage.

After all, it would be relatively safer during the day. I also wanted to investigate the surroundings and see if I could find any clues to the murder in the orphanage.

However, when the two of us drove to the old site of the orphanage, we saw a lot of cars parked in front of the entrance to the orphanage. There were also a lot of people busy with serious faces.

"This bunch of bastards, they aren't here to get more attention, are they?"

I thought of the male anchorman we'd accidentally rescued last night.

In the current era, this was the way things were. Once someone did something that gained benefits, a large number of people would immediately compete to imitate it.

Thinking about this, I was a little angry. Even though I risked my life to do a live broadcast here, I only earned a few tens of thousands of dollars. I didn't expect so many people to suddenly come to steal my business.

If that's the case, then my live broadcast will definitely be affected. Just think about it. If it's just a small area, dozens of people swarmed in at once.

"What are you guys doing? This place has already been sealed off by the government and access to it is not allowed. "

Tang Rou was about to angrily go over to ask, but she was stopped by two men in suits. At this moment, a middle-aged man in a Chinese tunic walked over with a scrutinizing look in his eyes.

I think something's wrong.

These guys shouldn't be here for the live broadcast, otherwise they wouldn't have such a serious expression. Moreover, this man should at least be over 40 years old. I really don't believe that he can make money from the live broadcast.

"Your name is Zhao Qianyan? Aren't we having a live broadcast here for the past few days? "

The man immediately shouted out my name. I frantically lowered my head, not wanting to let him see my ugly face.

However, I could still feel his gaze on me. It was like a cold knife that pierced through my entire body. It was not a bit easier than when I was facing that girl's ghost.

Who were these people?

"What are you guys doing?" Tang Rou asked.

"The government does things. This place is classified as a secret area. No one is allowed to enter."

Behind the man, there was a woman who was also wearing a black suit. She was about 20 years old and looked pretty. However, her face was terrifyingly pale and her eyes were cold. She looked very businesslike.

"You say you're from the government, but do you have any evidence? This place is good, why should we seal it? We even have live broadcasts!"

Tang Rou clearly didn't believe him.

"I don't need to explain this to you, and I'm warning you, from now on, don't go near this place, and don't spread the thought of feudal superstition on the internet. If you continue like this, you will bring yourself trouble, want to earn money, and other ways."

The man spoke coldly. Although I didn't look at him, I knew that he had his gaze on me the entire time.

How ridiculous, I've grown up like this, what else can I go to earn money for? He had finally found a way to become rich, how could he give up so easily?

But it seems like there really isn't any way to do a live broadcast today, which makes me very troubled, but I'm used to being bullied by others. Seeing all these so-called government personnel, regardless of whether they're real or fake, don't want to get into trouble, so I turned around to say this to Tang Rou.

"Since the broadcast is not allowed here, then let's go."

"Why should I? It has been many years since someone has managed this place. Besides, we came here to investigate the truth of the murder case back then, so it can be considered as a consolation to the dead.

Tang Rou had seen the world. She didn't put any of the government employees in her eyes and didn't plan on leaving.

"What is the truth? Isn't my words just now clear enough? In the future, don't step foot in here anymore, and don't spread the word of those ghosts and gods. "

The man walked forward two steps. His body faintly emitted a pressure. I felt a bit breathless. I was afraid that Tang Rou, this young miss, would cause some sort of disaster and implicate me, so I quickly reached out my hands to pull Tang Rou's sleeves.

"Let's hurry up and go. We still have to find a place to do a live broadcast."

Tang Rou coldly snorted and turned her body.

I heaved a sigh of relief, but I felt that the pressure behind me didn't disappear. Instead, I followed closely behind.

"Wait a moment."

I was stunned. Obviously, the other party was talking to me.

"What is it? "We'll leave now …" I said timidly.

As expected, the man had already moved closer to me. His ice-cold gaze pierced through me once again.

I looked at him dumbfoundedly, forgetting to avoid him. A flow of feminine power in my body started to rise under the other party's pressure.

"Did you really understand what I just said? "In the future, don't step foot into these strange things."

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