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"What are you daydreaming about?"

Tang Rou urged me again. I looked behind her, but it was empty. There was no sign of ghosts.

Did you see that just now? There's an uncle standing behind a beauty Tang Rou. Could it be that he has met a pervert?]

[I saw it, but it was just a flash. It should be a special effect again.]

[I've told you countless times, this streamer never uses any special effects.]

The comments on the screen were enough to prove that I wasn't seeing things.

"Pay attention to your surroundings." As I said that, I quickly flipped down from the railing. After I landed, I kept a close eye on my surroundings.

As soon as he entered the mast, the ice-cold feeling became even more distinct.

"Did you see something?"

Tang Rou immediately took out the weapon, which was the awl made from the heart of the locust tree. She nervously looked at the windows of the building.

[Host, be careful. This place is really evil. Don't throw away your life just for money.]

[What are you saying? With us ghost brothers here, what are we afraid of?]

[Brother Ghost is mighty, go in and take care of those ghosts, my spear is unable to endure the thirst.]

I composed myself and walked in front of Tang Rou. Since there was someone on duty at the front of the building, we had to find a way to get in through the corridor windows on the first floor.

[I see one of the windows doesn't have glass on it?]

[They are both in the Ninth Year's compulsory education, why are you so outstanding?]

[That's right, I didn't notice any windows that didn't have windows either.]

The person who was being mocked immediately replied.

Are you all blind? Wherever there is no moonlight, there is no window.]


When I looked, it was really like that. It was about 11 o'clock on the left side. There was indeed a window that was missing a piece of glass. It was dark there.

I noticed that the person who reminded me of this was called Snowfall Float. I don't have any impression of him, but he should be a new fan that just joined the competition today.

I turned on my voice on the screen and said, "Thank you!"

Then Tang Rou and I went to the window, covering each other.

Fortunately, the windows weren't equipped with a security net, so I decided to go in and check it out first. So I gave the phone to Tang Rou.

First, I placed the peach wood sword by the window and reached my hand in, trying to find the switch on the window. After all, there was only one piece of glass missing, so I couldn't climb in.

But for a while, I couldn't find the switch. I stood on my tiptoes and stretched my arms as long as I could.

Suddenly, I felt a numbing sensation on the back of my hand, as though there was a strand of hair floating around. I immediately recalled the long hair of the ghost girl lying on my body.

I was so scared that I immediately retracted my hand, but that strand of hair followed the back of my hand and was pulled over.

I subconsciously shook my hand to the side. There was indeed a dark mass in my hand. Under the weak moonlight, I couldn't see it clearly.

After being thrown like that, the black thing immediately flew towards Tang Rou.

"Quickly dodge …"

By the time I shouted those words, Tang Rou had already reflexively moved to the side. With a "pa" sound, she raised her leg and kicked the black mass of object.

This movement was just too cool, and this kick wasn't any weaker than those professional kicks.

"What is it?" Are you trying to kill me? "

Tang Rou snorted at me and immediately ran over with her long legs, holding up the phone.

[What happened just now? It seemed like he saw a big white leg sweeping past the screen.]

[Why is the streamer panicking so much? Did I get bitten by a ghost?]

"What a big spider."

After clearly seeing the true face of the black object on the ground, I heaved a sigh of relief. I felt a little humiliated, as my nerves were a little too tense. It was definitely because I accidentally touched the spider web just now and disturbed it, allowing it to climb onto the back of my hand.

After a long while, I finally opened the window from the inside and jumped up forcefully. I knelt on the windowsill and shone my flashlight inside. In order to calm the atmosphere, I took my phone over and shook it in the corridor.

[There are ghosts!]

A comment popped up on the screen, startling me so much that I pulled up my peach sword, which was lying across the window, and drew it forward.

Where is the ghost? You didn't see anything?]

[Is there shit in your head?]

[Sorry, the reflection on the screen, I saw myself...]

A head full of black lines appeared on my face as I immediately jumped out of the window. It has been a long time since someone has come and the thick dust on the ground was blown away by my weight, causing me to cough.

After entering the building, the oppressive and ice-cold atmosphere that I felt caused my breathing to be affected. However, the burning sensation in my lower abdomen became even more distinct, causing my chest to no longer feel as stuffy as before.

"Did you feel anything was wrong?" I turned to Tang Rou.

"It's nothing. I just felt it was eerie."

Tang Rou walked beside me. This corridor was still relatively spacious, and she shined her flashlight forward. It seemed that there was a staircase at the end of it.

[I wonder if I can meet a ghost. How exciting.]

[Friends from the same city know how to come.]

"Do you want to hand it over with chrysanthemums?"

I felt that the atmosphere in the broadcast room wasn't that hot. I knew that I had to get some good stuff. The competition in the broadcast room was very fierce. After all, no one wanted to waste time and spent money here to watch you wander around the corridor.

"It's said that seven or eight adventurers have died in recent years. I wonder if the first ghost we meet tonight will be a man or a woman?"

As expected, the moment I brought up this topic, the atmosphere immediately livened up.

"I bet it's an airplane, it's definitely a female ghost."

"I bet you, it's a male ghost."

[What the hell is it if it's an androgynous one? transvestite?]

We seemed to have forgotten all about the ghostly figure that once flashed on the screen. Just as I raised my phone to look at the staircase, a figure suddenly flashed past my line of sight. I only had time to see a pair of pale eyes.

The live broadcast room immediately exploded. A lot of people saw what happened just now, which was enough to prove that I wasn't seeing things.

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