Horrible Live Streaming/C20 sacrificial sword
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C20 sacrificial sword

So by some strange coincidence, I used the tip of my peach wood sword to pat Tang Rou's butt.

With a "pa", the feeling was extremely clear.

However, nothing special happened. There was no black smoke coming out. Tang Rou didn't scream. She turned into a ghost and tried to strangle me.

On the contrary, the rebounding force that came from the hilt of the peach wood sword made my mind flutter. It was clearly the softness and elasticity of a young girl.

Is this bullshit Taoist Laoshan lying to me?

[What are you doing, streamer?]

[Why are you talking so much? Could it be that we've encountered another ghost that we can't see?]

[That's not right, that peach wood sword really did hit something just now.]

"What are you doing?"

Tang Rou, who was originally walking forward with her head lowered, stopped in her tracks. She slowly turned her face. Her long hair covered most of her face, but it was still possible to clearly see her pretty and fair face.

Although her words were slightly slow, her resentful tone, as well as the resentment and surprise in her eyes, were no different from how they were in the past.

"Hehe, isn't this all for the sake of cooperating with the fans?"

I dryly laughed as I pointed at the phone screen. In my heart, I was cursing that Taoist Laoshan for being unreliable. He was actually trying to trick me along with his fans. Tang Rou nearly misunderstood him as a hooligan.

Tang Rou gave me a resentful glare and continued to walk in front, not paying any attention to the messy surroundings or the flying dust.

I hurried after him, just as the phone rang.

I didn't dare delay while the broadcast was going on, so I tucked the peach wood sword under my arm and went to hang up the phone.

But when I saw the number on the screen, I was stunned.

That was Tang Rou's number.

But the woman in front of me kept her hands down, not the phone.

What was going on? And the two of us, one in front of the other, not more than a meter apart, couldn't say anything in front of each other.

I thought I heard the WeChat prompt again, but I couldn't see the message right now.

I reached out my hand to answer the call. Tang Rou's voice came from the phone. It was extremely anxious and filled with complaints.

"What's the matter with you? If you jump in by yourself, then ignore me. Just now, when I was hiding underneath, I was almost caught by the patrolling security uncle. Where did you go? "

My hands were full of sweat, and I couldn't speak.

Tang Rou, who was walking in front, stopped. The moment the other side turned around, I knew that no one had lied to me from the start.

No matter what, the person in front of her wasn't Tang Rou.

Because when this thing turned its face, it only turned its head 180 degrees, but its body still remained as before, with its back facing me, and its butt still knocking on the wall in a sweet manner.

I quickly reached for the peach wood sword tucked in my elbow. The head immediately flew towards me. My hair was disheveled and I grimaced in pain.

Tang Rou's appearance had already disappeared and was replaced by a middle-aged man with an old and wrinkled face.

[A head, a head that floats.]

[Happiness came without warning. It was a male ghost. I won!]

"That head looks so familiar. Isn't that the head that appeared behind Tang Rou at the start?"

It dawned on me that this was the thing that I had found when I first climbed over the railing. It had been following us quietly.

I don't know if it was due to the shock, but my speed increased significantly. Just as the head was about to bite my nose, I finally smacked the peach wood sword in my hand onto that person's face.

A burst of black smoke immediately rose up and the middle-aged man's head fell onto the wall with a weird cry. He rolled a few times on the floor and when he turned around, his eyes turned white as he stared at me.

"Say something, where is it?"

Tang Rou's voice came out from the phone. The broadcast room had already become very popular. I'm sure these spectators could clearly see the battle between me and the ghost.

After rolling a few rounds on the floor, I dodged it. The peach wood sword that I brandished landed on the body that was standing upright.

Tang Rou had already disappeared and was replaced with a greyish white shadow. It was a middle-aged man wearing a white suit with gurgling sounds coming from his throat. It was as if she were chewing on bones from a person's body. She quickly pounced towards me.

"F * ck him!" This ghost looks too scary.]

[I heard from my friend that there's something wrong with this live broadcast room. I didn't believe it before …]

"This streamer is so awesome, Phantom Bro, you can do it!"

He used the peach wood sword in his hand to stab at the body. However, it only made the body emit black smoke, it didn't result in a fatal blow.

[Blood, use your blood!] Sacrificial Sword!]

I knew it was the Taoist Laoshan who was reminding me, and then he bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed it on the edge of the peach wood sword.

[Idiot, you don't need to do that.]

Amongst the many comments, this one successfully caught my attention. The name that followed was Snowfall Float.

I didn't know why this person said that, but after being sprayed with blood, the power of the peach wood sword immediately multiplied. The middle-aged man in a suit in front of me was covered in wounds and purplish black blood unceasingly spurted out.

After all, this wasn't the first time I had encountered such a thing. I immediately shouted loudly, holding up the phone as I charged forward.

Although I couldn't see the surroundings clearly, the white ghost in front of me was sure that it was real. The burning sensation in my lower abdomen was unbearable, as if there was a force that was about to burst out.

Finally, a red light flashed before my eyes. It seemed to shoot out from my lower abdomen, piercing through the body of the ghost that was about to pounce on me, directly burning a fist-sized hole.

"Good luck, Brother Ghost!"

[That's so damn interesting, what was that red light just now?]

[Judging from the looks of it, it should have been shot out from underneath Phantom Bro's crotch, is this some kind of new skill?]

Seeing that the ghost of the middle-aged man was about to be destroyed by me, I planned to charge straight to the end of this battle.

However, that thing actually turned around and fled towards the direction of the corridor. It was so fast that I was unable to keep up with it.

At that moment I heard a creak on the stairs, as if someone were running up.

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