Horrible Live Streaming/C4 She wants to match me
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Horrible Live Streaming/C4 She wants to match me
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C4 She wants to match me

The one who walked down was a beauty with a beautiful temperament. Due to the fact that I was born an ugly woman, I started to instinctively resist these beautiful things. Thus, I decided to turn around and avoid her.

"You're that man with the face, right?"

The woman actually stood in front of me. I could feel that she was staring at my face.

I was a little alarmed that my identity had been found out, but more angry.

"You got the wrong person."

"Don't go, I want to be compatible with you. Mhm, if you cooperate, we can do the live broadcast together. I've never seen a ghost before, so I want to give it a try."

"I'm not interested."

"Do a live broadcast. I'll give you 50,000 yuan. I can give it to you right now."

Hearing this, I stopped walking and carefully sized up the girl behind me. No matter how I looked at it, she didn't look like someone with a brain problem, and her expression was extremely serious.

"Give me your account number."

I handed it over hesitantly. The woman scanned the code less, and a few seconds later I was staring at the screen.

"I only have one condition. Bring me along during the live broadcast and let me choose the location. Also, my name is Tang Rou."

I suddenly had the feeling that I was on a pirate ship, because the woman's beautiful eyes were narrowed into slits, like a fox who had just stolen a chicken from a chicken coop.

As expected, in the evening, the woman found my place and took me directly to the car.

This is the first time in my life that I am riding in such a luxurious car. Especially since the interior of the car is filled with the enchanting scent of a woman, I couldn't help but feel my blood boil.

I didn't ask any more questions. It was just for money anyway. I almost lost my life last night.

"Isn't this the orphanage from yesterday?"

I finally know that this money isn't easy to earn, but I've already sent that money to the hospital, and this is almost two months' worth of expenses. Right now, no matter if it's Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild's money, they can only brace themselves and charge forward.

"Help me pick up my stuff. It's in the trunk."

According to the woman's instructions, I pulled out a leather package, the long leather one bulging with a lot of stuff.

Even a live broadcast would have so many pieces of equipment.

While carrying my bag on my back, I opened the live broadcast room and changed the name of the room.

[Orphan Resentment Part 2, Bringing you to the truth of the tragedy that happened decades ago.]

I don't know if it was because last night's live broadcast was too realistic, but my room was pushed to the front page. Just when the broadcast started, hundreds of fans flooded in and they were increasing rapidly.

"In order to express our gratitude to everyone, we have invited a mysterious female guest to explore this world with me."

I pointed the camera at Tang Rou, who was wearing a leather jacket and short skirt, and the screen immediately exploded.

[Beautiful sister, I like it. I'll give you a private plane.]

[Wow, there really are benefits.]

Ye Zichen was speechless. I nearly lost my life yesterday and only got two private jets. It seems like this beauty is really attractive.

The camera shook as I entered the courtyard. Just as I was about to walk in, Tang Rou suddenly reached out her hands to stop me.

"There's movement inside."

[My sister is powerful indeed. I wonder if those parts of my body are so sensitive as well?] It was another private plane. It was the crazy guy from before.

I quickly turned down the volume on my phone, pricked up my ears, and slowly walked inside.

Sure enough, a strange sound came from inside. Someone was frantically gasping for breath, as if they were doing some heavy physical labor.

Curious, I held my breath and entered the interior of the building once more. Under the light of the flashlight, I found a naked man pushing a petite body onto a worn out metal bed in front of me, madly dashing forward.

I felt as though all the blood in my body had gathered on my head. This kind of scene was too much for me.

That petite body seemed to have lost all strength to struggle, and was slowly convulsing.

"F * cking bastard!"

I immediately groped on the ground, picked up half a brick, and was about to rush forward.

"What are you doing?"

Tang Rou, who was at the side, stopped me.

"Why do you say that? Did he just watch as that little girl was tortured to death by him? "

I felt Tang Rou grab my arm and shake it, then she reached her hand out and pulled something out of my purse, like a stick.

"You … You can see a little girl? "

"Aren't you talking nonsense?" "No," I replied.

"Hm?" Tang Rou's voice became a bit strange. But I only saw him in the dry bed! "

My heart missed a few beats as I quickly looked at my phone's fart screen.

Where is this man's dried chicken feathers? Another group performance?]

[Legend says that it is taking revenge on the heavens and the earth? Could the streamer be trying to express that man's intentions?]

[You have a good idea, I'll give you a big tip sword.]

Feeling a lump of hair clogging my throat, I tore open my collar and looked again. The man was turning his head as he moved, his eyes bleeding, his face contorted in a way that could not be described as happiness or pain, his head pierced by a stick, rocking back and forth as he moved.

[Hmm? Isn't this the famous, hellish host, Sky Blessing? Why did they come all the way here?]

[That's right, it's him. He has a shifty look and a wretched bunch. The host has a lot of face, allowing Mai Tianyou to act in the crowd.]

[What do you know, this is called interaction, to earn popularity. Look at how young and tender Mai Tianyou is, he might have a thing with Brother Ghost Face!]

"Mai Tianyou?" My mind was in a mess. I knew that he was a rather famous anchorman, but he was banned later on for spreading illegal information. But why did he come?

"It's him. He's here for the live broadcast."

Tang Rou pointed at the male. The iron rod that was stuck in his head was actually only a portable self-smack stick. I didn't notice it in the dim light.

However, no matter how he looked at his face, he couldn't tell that it was him. He felt as if something had drilled into his body and was controlling his movements.

There was no doubt that Mai Tianyou was bewitched.

But what I found strange was, why was the audience unable to see ghosts this time around?

The little girl lay down on the bed, her body still convulsing. No one commented on the change in the expression on Mai Tianyou's face, nor on the ferocious, bleeding look on it.

"What should we do?"

Before I could finish my words, the sound of footsteps could be heard from somewhere behind me. The footsteps were very slow and light. It didn't feel like an adult would be able to stay behind.

He turned around and walked to the stairs on the second floor. There, he saw a ball of white shadow.

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