Horrible Live Streaming/C8 extreme boredom
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Horrible Live Streaming/C8 extreme boredom
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C8 extreme boredom

Tang Rou was already surrounded by one of the ghosts. The situation was extremely critical.

"Monster, watch out for my sword."

Seeing that the Peach Blossom Sword was stained with my blood, I immediately hacked the tip of the sword towards the back of the eyeless kid.

The little ghost was originally covered in wounds, but this time, the tip of the sword split his body into two. With a strange cry, he turned into a ball of black gas, and this time, I could clearly feel something being sucked into my body.

The heat in my lower abdomen became even more distinct. I even felt that the reason why I was able to act so bravely just now was probably because of the red mark on my abdomen. Of course, I didn't have the time to check it now.

He couldn't wait for the other brat to pinch his neck, so his phone fell to the ground.

After picking up my phone, I took out my peach wood sword and attacked the last little ghost.

[It feels just like a movie, really fun.]

[Beautiful girl, captured by the little ghost. Host, quickly save her.]

Are these all real ghosts? Why did he run so fast and get killed?]

The comments on his phone's screen were already as fast as flying. Of course, there was no lack of all sorts of expensive rewards.

Just like that, I held my phone in one hand and patted the little girl's back with the wooden sword in the other.

With a sizzling sound, a cut appeared on the little girl's back. But it was empty, just a cloud of black gas.

Hearing my words, the little girl immediately pushed Tang Rou to the opposite wall and made a loud bang. She turned her face and fiercely glared at me.

The originally quiet and cute face had now become extremely horrifying. Her eyeballs had turned completely white, and gurgling sounds came from her throat.

I randomly waved the peach wood sword in my hand. However, this little demon was extremely difficult to deal with. His movements were erratic and it was impossible for me to catch his target.

On the contrary, I was pushed a few times by that little girl. Every time, I would feel as though I was being hammered.

Finally, the little girl seized the opportunity to knock the wooden sword out of my hand. I was pushed back against the wall, and my vision went dark.

[We're doomed. The male host is going to bring a box lunch. We've met some tough targets.]

[This is the most conscientious host I've ever met in the industry. Even those who make movies aren't as dedicated as this.]

[This isn't an act, it's true. It's a pity that I called the police just now and got scolded instead. Looks like I'm going to die.]

Even now, I was still unwilling to put my phone away. The little girl in front of me had already floated over. I no longer had the strength to dodge.

Tang Rou seemed to have received quite a bit of damage. She was struggling to find something to save me, but it was too late. The little girl's hand instantly grabbed my neck.

The cold feeling once again hit my whole body, and I couldn't hold my phone anymore.

The instant my phone falls, the fire in my lower abdomen suddenly erupts. A red imprint flies out from my stomach, fiercely smashing towards the little girl's chest.

At first, I thought that the little girl's ghost would definitely be destroyed, but I didn't expect that this little girl's strength would be so terrifying. Although she let out a scream and was sent flying, a large hole was burned through her chest.

I quickly bent down and picked up my phone with one hand while using the other to pick up my peach wood sword.

This time, I completely made up my mind. After getting rid of the little girl's ghost, I will bring Tang Ru away from this crappy place.

However, the little girl didn't pounce on me again this time. Instead, she was caught by a ghost lady in a nurse's uniform who climbed in through the window.

The two figures continued to tangle with each other. In a flash, they crashed into the wall beside them and disappeared.

"Hurry up!"

Tang Rou was also scared. She reached out to pull me.

I held onto my peach wood sword as I looked at the screen in panic.

[It ended just like that? Could there be a sequel?]

[The host is really lucky. What happened just now? What was that red light on the little girl's chest?]

[Could it be that this streamer really has some kind of Dao Arts that allowed him to keep his life even in such a situation?]

Basically, the comments in the live broadcast room were filled with questions. Most people thought that it was just a special effect performance. Some people believed that it was nothing more than a nickname for me.

"Master Demon Face."

Could it be that Grandmaster Wry Face has always been unable to get rid of the word that makes my heart ache from the start?

I am an ugly ghost, even though I already have a large number of fans, even though I have escaped from the gates of hell several times.

I hastily turned off the live broadcast and roughly estimated that my income for the night amounted to 20 thousand yuan. This was my previous salary of half a year. It finally comforted my depressed and terrified heart.

"I'll take you home." Tang Rou also reached out her hands and patted herself. Her chest was like raging waves and waves. She couldn't even say whether she was happy or sad.

"Did you save me?"

A voice behind me said something that scared me so much that I snatched up the mahogany sword I had left on the cart, thinking it was the ghosts chasing after me again.

However, what he saw was a petite man with a head full of blood.

Mai Tianyou, I actually forgot about this guy.

"Why did you come here when you had nothing better to do?" Tang Rou was already the first to ask.

"What's wrong?" Only the state officials could set fire to it, and no one was allowed to light the lamps? "I can do it if you can do a live broadcast here, but I was really unlucky tonight. First, I was inexplicably attacked, but now someone has broken my head, and quite a bit of my powder has fallen …"

Mai Tianyou talked on and on, trying to get close to our car and get out of here.

Seeing how miserable the other side was, Tang Rou could only agree.

"What happened just now? Why did my fans say that the two of you saved my life? Did you really fuck the ghost? "

If you don't want to die young, then don't come to this dangerous place in the future. If you don't have the ability, then don't act tough.

Tang Rou seemed to be extremely annoyed with this guy and didn't have the slightest bit of good grace.

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