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Host So Coquettish/C5 The Evil Wife of the Heaven-defying Ceo Three
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C5 The Evil Wife of the Heaven-defying Ceo Three

Shen Ming walked to the table and sat down opposite of Ann Jiu with a complicated feeling. Ann Jiu was happy to introduce them to his senior.

"Senior, she is Hsiao Ya, my deskmate. " After saying that, he looked at Hsiao Ya and said, "This is Senior Shen. "

Hearing Ann Jiu's words, Shen Ming heaved a sigh of relief. So it was not a girlfriend. If it was a girlfriend, she would be more restrained when she came out to play in the future. If that was the case, he would have less fun.

"Hello!" Shen Ming politely smiled at Hsiao Ya. His perfect smile made Ann Jiu curse. It was a pity that this kind of person did not want to be an actor. He did not feel tired wearing a fake mask every day.

"Hello, Senior Shen. I am Hsiao Ya, a first-year interns in the finance department. " Hsiao Ya's sweet smile added another layer of beauty to her appearance. She was clearly a sweet and cute girl. Why would she do such a thing in the future? And because of this, she even caused a person to lose his life.

Sure enough, not only was her appearance beautiful, but her heart was also like this.

"What does senior and Hsiao Ya want to eat? Is there any taboo? I will treat you today. " Ann Jiu interrupted the formal inquiry at the right time. If he didn't order any more food, he would definitely starve to death in a while.

"Just call me Shen Ming. How about Mr Shen? You can order, I'll do whatever I want. " Shen Ming looked at Ann Jiu, as if he was the one making the decision.

"I'll do whatever I want as well. " Hsiao Ya immediately replied.

Ann Jiu looked at Hsiao Ya with a trace of probing in his eyes. Today he came to a top restaurant. With the background of the female lead, it was impossible for her to come here. Then why was the female lead not surprised at all? Even if she was more indifferent, it was impossible for her to look so familiar. Heh. . . Strange female lead.

Ann Jiu snapped his fingers and called the waiter over. He ordered three servings of steak, three servings of desserts and three drinks, and also ordered a large squid pizza. Just as he was about to say that he was ready, he was stopped by the female lead. "Sorry, Senior Shen seems to be allergic to squid, so please change the squid pizza. "

Shen Ming and Ann Jiu looked at the female lead in shock. The male lead's squid alliness in the script indicated that only his family and himself knew about it. Now that there was one more person and the female lead, there was indeed a problem with the female lead.

"I almost forgot. I am indeed allergic to squid. Thank you for your reminder, junior. " Shen Ming reacted and told the waiter to change the squid pizza to other seafood dishes.

"Hsiao Ya, how do you know Mr Shen is allergic to squid?" Ann Jiu looked at Shen Ming's surprised look and knew that the female chief had been secretly observing the male lead. However, as the male lead, he wouldn't let a stranger know about his allergic reaction. As for how the female lead knew about it, that was something to be observed.

"Ah? That. . . I found out by chance. Haha. " Hsiao Ya pretended to be calm. But her hands hidden under the table cloth had already betrayed her heart.

"Ah, is that so? Mr Shen, you were really too careless. What if something happened today? What should I do? The main point was to repay kindness with ingratitude. It was really all thanks to Hsiao Ya today. " Ann Jiu said as he observed the expressions of the male and female lead.

Shen Ming had a carefree expression, but the female lead was different. Her obviously proud expression was plastered on the female lead's face. Ann Jiu laughed sarcastically in his heart. Female lead, it's your fault to be anxious for success. I'm afraid that the female lead still doesn't know what she just did.

The steak in the top restaurants were all imported, and the way they ate was very particular. Ann Jiu looked at the female lead sitting beside him, cutting the steak skillfully, and fell into deep thought. It was really interesting. This female lead was actually so familiar with this kind of top imported steak. She probably wouldn't be able to learn the elegance of cutting the steak in a few years.

Therefore, Ann Jiu would never believe that she would personally learn etiquette in front of her beloved senior. The female lead was getting more and more interesting. It seemed that with the female lead's intelligence, she would only reveal more and more flaws in the future. Ann Jiu was very interested in the identity of the female lead.

This meal was filled with different thoughts. Ann Jiu felt a little strange when he saw the female lead and Shen Ming's lack of interest. However, after thinking about it, it was expected.

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