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C11 Assembly of Five

The Myriad Sword Mountain was a bustling region located at the border of the five great nations. No country would manage this region, so the Myriad Sword Mountain became an unmanaged region. Here, there was no specific status or power, only power. And this would often give people a chance to test themselves and stimulate their potential. Most experts would also come from the Myriad Sword Mountain.

But no matter how chaotic the Myriad Sword Mountain was, it would become very orderly today. There was only one reason for that, and that was that the Monarch of the five great nations would gather here for the conference of the five nations.

In the City of Ten Thousand Swords at the bottom of the Thousand Swords Mountain, the City of Ten Thousand Swords appeared to be extremely quiet today. The only place bustling with noise and excitement was the competition arena in the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain. Countless people were gathered in the martial arts arena, and there were dozens of people competing in martial arts. Everyone was trying their best to defeat their opponent, and high up on the stage, five figures were quietly watching the match. These five were the Monarch of the Five Great Empires. Even though they did not say a word, they were capable of attracting countless gazes.

As a region where the strong flourished, it was a chance for countless people to obtain power and influence. As long as one had a good performance on the martial arena, they could be chosen by the five nations and directly promoted to general. For many people, this was simply a matter of heaven's fortune.

"I heard that not long ago, Brother Xia set up a competition, but in the end he was defeated by a child. This is truly an interesting matter." A sickly man, who was dressed in white, with a pale face, said to Xia Cha sinisterly.

"Hmph, that can only mean that our country has a generation of talented people." Xia Cha coldly snorted.

"In other words, the Five Great Empires are ranked higher than your Xing Bei Empire." A man that looked like an iron tower said in a mocking tone.

"In the future, this little girl will have to rely on Brother Xia." A well-dressed beautiful woman chuckled.

The five nations were divided into Wulong, Xing Bei, Di Yue, Wan Hua and Tie Yan, with Wulong being the leader, followed by Xing Bei.

The five nations formed an alliance with the aim of defending themselves against external enemies. But there is no such thing as an absolute alliance. The Five Great Powers also wanted to annex the other allies. As a result, the alliance of the five nations seemed strong, but in truth, it was extremely weak.

"You're going to miss the show." A handsome man said.

Hearing the Wulong from the Wulong speak, everyone was curious, and all eyes immediately turned to the stage.

At this moment, there was only one black clothed man standing on top of the many battling platforms. No matter who went up on stage to challenge, they would all be defeated in a single move.

"This little brother's strength is extraordinary. I wonder if you are willing to join any of the five great nations to become a great general?" Wulong stood up and said respectfully to Black Boy.

"Today, I only wanted to prove myself." Xia Xuan saluted back to Wu Min, and then said to the Iron Abyss Monarch Tie Ge: "I wonder if Your Majesty Tie Ge is willing to fight?"

Everyone looked at Tie Ge and then at Black Boy. Among the five nations, Tie Ge was second only to Wu Min in terms of strength. His strength had long reached the peak of the third stage Xuanzun.

"Child, Tie Ge is extremely strong, please do not display your might for a moment." A voice suddenly appeared in Xia Xuan's mind.

"Thank you for your reminder, Martial King. I have my own plans." Black Boy said to Wu Min as he forced his voice to become a line.

Hearing what Black Boy said, Wu Min was also very surprised. Not only was it because of the confidence in his words, but he was also able to make a sound transmission without anyone noticing. This proved just how strong he was. Wu Min had never discovered his true strength, which also proved that he was unfathomably deep.

"Humph!" Tie Ge snorted coldly, his body appearing on the stage in a flash, his speed was not even close to his body.

Seeing Tie Ge coming up the stage, Black Boy's entire body of blood red spiritual energy leaked out, and in a moment, he had transformed into a body of blood red armor and blood red pike. This time, the blood red pike was especially thick, even its head was wrapped in the blood red helmet, as though it was deliberately trying to not let others see its appearance.

Feeling the coercion from Black Boy's body, Tie Ge was also very surprised, the strength released by Black Boy was actually not any weaker than his. At this time, Tie Ge also felt extremely aggrieved in his heart. A child possessing such strength, if he were to fight with it with all his might, he would probably be ridiculed by others.

"Seeing that you're still young, I'll let you exchange three moves." Tie Ge said righteously with his hands behind his back.

"How shameless, with my status as the Monarch, I can only exchange three moves with my child." One of the spectators suddenly said.

Tie Ge stared at the man, the sharpness in his eyes and his own pressure immediately made the man fall to the ground.

Xia Xuan remained silent as he raised his right hand and extended three fingers towards Tie Ge.

"What do you mean?" Tie Ge asked.

"If you allow me three strikes, I can take your life." Xia Xuan said.

Hearing what Xia Xuan said, Tie Ge was so angry that his face immediately flushed red. With a wave of his hand, a two meter long large knife appeared in his hands. The large knife laid horizontally in front of him, ready to defend at any time.

"First move." The corner of Black Boy's mouth raised slightly, the pike in his hands slowly raised up, countless blood colored spiritual energy condensed onto the spear body, the originally blood-red pike seemed like it was about to drip blood.

Suddenly, a line of blood flew out, and instantly arrived in front of Tie Ge. The blood line struck the blade but did not make any loud noise, only seeing the large knife turning into a blood pike and then transforming into blood and flowing onto the ground.

Seeing this scene, the five Monarch s were greatly shocked. They saw that the color of Xia Xuan's pike did not decrease in the slightest, as if the previous blood vein was just a tiny bit of it overflowing.

"The second move." The Black Boy said again. The pike in Black Boy's hand transformed into a large knife. With large knife in hand, the Black Boy disappeared in a flash. When he reappeared, he was already behind Tie Ge. The large knife in his hands raised it up high, ready to strike.

Before Tie Ge could react, the large knife had already hacked down. Tie Ge, who had no time to defend, could only use both of his hands to grab at it, but when his hands grabbed onto the large knife, he regretted it immediately. The blood-colored large knife instantly corroded the skin layer on Tie Ge's hands. Out of instinct, Tie Ge retracted both of his hands, but the large knife continued to chop down, forcibly cutting a large wound on his chest.

After being slashed by the Boys, Tie Ge was instantly enraged. Clutching his chest, he stared at the Boys fiercely.

"The third move." Boys smiled again. The large knife in his hand transformed into a bow and arrow, and with a flash, it appeared in the sky. The blood bow in his hand formed a crescent moon, and all of the heaven and earth spiritual energy started to gather towards the blood arrow.

When he released his fingers, blood arrows shot out instantly. When he arrived in front of Tie Ge, they were already split into hundreds of blood arrows. Each blood arrow gave off an astonishing aura, and the blood arrows gave off a suffocating feeling.

Seeing the blood arrows shooting towards him, Tie Ge was no longer able to react. He looked at the blood arrows with fear.

"Enough." With a loud shout, a hurricane surged over and forcibly blocked the hundreds of blood arrows.

The sickly faced white-robed man appeared beside Tie Ge, who looked at him before looking at Xia Cha. With his intelligence, he had naturally guessed that the Boys was someone from the Xing Bei Empire.

"I'm afraid there's no need to continue today's Five Kingdoms Grand Meeting. Since there are so many talents in the Xing Bei Empire, then our Wanhua Empire will just quietly wait for Xing Bei to achieve a good result in the Five Kingdoms Competition." With that said, white-robed man threw his sleeves and left the competition grounds with Tie Ge.

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