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House of Killing God/C12 Star Martial Union
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C12 Star Martial Union

As the leader of the Five Great Powers, the Wulong Empire's national power far surpassed the Xing Bei Empire's. Among the five great nations, the rest of the four nations' Monarch s were all at the third stage of Xuanzun, while only Wu Min was considered to be the only one.

In the Wulong Empire's Martial Imperial City, countless of palaces were crawling on the ground like gigantic beasts. They were made of golden brick and jade and incomparably brilliant, and among the group of "Giant Beasts", there was an incomparably large palace. And right now, in front of the palace, Xia Xuan was dressed in black, and quietly standing there.

Before long, countless Soldiers came over, all of them holding onto a pike, the pike released a cold aura as it pointed straight at Xia Xuan. Amongst these countless Soldiers, there were more than a dozen of the leaders, and even more of them had reached the Xuanhuang level. This power alone was not something that the other four countries could casually take out.

The Soldiers quickly surrounded Xia Xuan. Although he looked like a little over ten years old, he was able to quietly enter the Imperial Palace and stand in front of the main hall for nearly an hour before being discovered by the patrolling soldiers. It would be too foolish to even think of him as a normal person in this situation.

"Get out of the way." Two tall and sturdy men wearing silver armour charged into the crowd and stood behind Xia Xuan. These two were both seventh stage Mystical King and were originally the generals in charge of managing the entrance and exit of the Imperial Palace.

"Insolent traitor, why aren't you giving up on me?" When the two of them saw Xia Xuan, they were instantly enraged and shouted at the same time.

Xia Xuan did not even look at the two, and laughed lightly, ignoring them.

Seeing Xia Xuan's attitude, the two of them were angered to the point that their faces flushed red, and they shouted: "Insolent bastard!" The two of them held their swords, and aggressively rushed towards Xia Xuan.

A bloody light flashed, and everyone pursed their lips in shock. A few dozen blood red short blade floated in the air, aiming straight for their vital points. No one could clearly see how Xia Xuan had done it. Regardless of whether it was the two great generals or the several Xuanhuang experts watching coldly from afar, they were no exception.

"You traitor, you better think this through. Killing the Great General of the Palace is an enemy of the Empire." The older of the two said.

Without saying anything, a blood-red hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the two of them. With a wave of his hand, he threw them several hundred meters away.

An old man with snow-white hair and a face that was as wrinkled as the skin of a withered tree walked in front of the great hall.

"What's going on?" Old Man frowned and said as he looked at the two generals who had collapsed in the distance.

"This person's strength is extraordinary, and he's still young. I believe he's the one that suddenly disappeared after defeating Tie Ge at the Five Nation Conference." An older Xuanhuang elder respectfully replied.

"Ignore him, he's talking to Monarch right now." The Old Man said.

Hearing what Old Man said, everyone turned to look at Xia Xuan, only to see his lips moving, it was most likely trying to force Xia Xuan into a corner.

After about half a quarter of an hour, Wu Min slowly walked out of the great hall, and laughed loudly: "We truly admire little brother for having such a brain at such a young age."

"I wonder if Your Majesty will agree to the alliance?" Xia Xuan said respectfully.

"Ninth grade Xuanzun. This strength is not something that we can easily believe. I wonder if little brother can challenge the two of us by himself." Wu Min said.

Xia Xuan's hand stroked his chin, and after thinking for a moment, he gently nodded his head.

Seeing that Xia Xuan had agreed, Wu Min came over to Old Man and said: "Master, do you wish to test the depth of the technique?"

Old Man looked at Xia Xuan in shock, obviously not expecting to test a child to see how deep they were. However, Old Man didn't say much, and only nodded cautiously.

After disbanding the Soldiers, Wu Min and the white-haired Old Man stood in front of Xia Xuan, their eyes filled with vigilance.

Before condensing the blood colored armor, Xia Xuan's hands condensed into a pair of blood colored wolf claws, and then disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Wu Min and Old Man.

Wu Min just disappeared and then reacted. The spiritual energy in his hand congealed, and in the next moment it transformed into the longsword and the Scepter.

The longsword and the Scepter struck the Blood Claw heavily, only to see Wu Min and Old Man being pushed back dozens of metres.

Seeing this scene, all the Xuanhuang experts were so surprised that their mouths were wide open. As the only Fourth rank Xuan Lord of the five great nations, Wu Min was unrivalled, and the Old Man was even a Second class Xuan Zun unrivalled. However, this child of unknown origin was actually able to push back two people with one move. This was also quite surprising.

"He really is powerful." Wu Min thought.

Old Man and Wu Min looked at each other, and then the two lifted up their Weapons s, and the longsword and the Scepter danced in the same way, only that the ground started to tremble along with the longsword and the Scepter.

Not long later, one after another six to seven metre tall stone men crawled out from the ground. Dozens of stone men roared at Xia Xuan, their gigantic roars actually lifting up the entire floor.

Suddenly, the longsword and the Scepter pointed at Xia Xuan at the same time, only to see ten or so stone golems rushing towards Xia Xuan at the same time. Seeing the stone golem rushing towards him, the blood claws in Xia Xuan's hands transformed into a blood claw that belonged to a pike. Holding onto the blood claw, Xia Xuan charged towards the stone golem like a valiant warrior that did not fear death.

Entering the crowd of stones, Xia Xuan swept the pike in his hand across, and wherever the pike passed, the stone person was cut like tofu, with many deep marks.

After a while, dozens of stone men were shattered, but soon ten more rushed over. Xia Xuan did not attempt to attack Wu Min and Old Man. Instead, he allowed them to create the stone men while he continuously shattered them.

Xia Xuan did this not because he could not do it, but because he wanted to prove his strength. If he had only attacked the stone golem, and not Wu Min and Old Man, and had no strength left, then Wu Min and Old Man would naturally be able to prove his strength. Furthermore, Xia Xuan's final goal was to allow Xing Bei to form an alliance with the Wulong. If he were to injure Wu Min and the Old Man, it would somewhat hinder the alliance.

The usually calm Imperial Palace was now particularly lively. Countless stone men kept emerging from the ground, before they were smashed into pieces by a Teenage holding a blood colored pike.

Time flew by and a huge mountain made of huge rocks appeared in front of the large hall. As soon as the stone golem climbed up the mountain, it would be smashed into pieces by Xia Xuan and then become a part of the mountain.

Three days later, both Wu Min and Old Man had used up all their spirit power and were forced to stop, while Xia Xuan still stood at the top of the mountain with the pike in his hands.

The great general who was originally prepared to see Xia Xuan make a fool of himself was already stunned. He looked at Xia Xuan's blood-red eyes, as if he was looking at a Deicide.

After leaving that note, Xia Xuan left the Wulong Empire silently.

On the second day, Wulong and Monarch came to Xing Bei Empire. On the surface, it was an exchange between the alliance countries, but in reality, it was an alliance with the Xing Bei Empire.

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