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House of Killing God/C13 Star Seizer Auction
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C13 Star Seizer Auction

No matter how many buildings there were in Star Seizer City, the Auction House that was called Star Seizer City would always be an existence at the Overlord level.

Auction House was dozens of meters tall, as if wanting to let the heavens pick up stars. The moral of the star gathering was to view the stars in the sky as treasures, while the Auction would take the stars out and auction them. The Star Seizer Auction was truly worthy of its name. Every time the Star Seizer Auction auctioned something, there would be a peerless treasure on display, and people from all over the world would come to bid for it.

The Star Seizer Auction that had not moved for many years suddenly opened today, and even obtained the support of the Wanhua Empire Royal Family.

In the huge Star Seizer City, there was a large road that cut across the entire city, and its destination was the Star Seizer Auction.

"Monarch Tie Ge has arrived." Following a shout, dozens of horse carriages sped past, and finally stopped in front of the Star Seizer Auction. From the carriage, Tie Ge and the tens of Iron Cliff nobles alighted from the carriage.

"I am honored that the Iron King is here." The Wanhua Empire Monarch Xu Qing greeted anxiously.

Just as Tie Ge arrived, a row of horse carriages followed closely behind. The Queen of Di Yue, Shuo Ling, slowly walked down from the horse carriage.

As the number one beauty of the Five Great Kingdoms, as well as the Queen of the Di Yue Kingdom, this kind of woman was revered by tens of thousands of people. Even these two Monarch s admired her a lot.

"Brother Xu's Auction is Brother Tie after all." She had a fan in her hand, covering half her face as she smiled coquettishly.

"Haha, Sister Shuo, do you know that Wu Min has personally visited the Xing Bei Empire a few days ago? I think that their relationship must be even better." Xu Qing laughed.

Hearing what Xu Qing said, Tie Ge and Shuo Ling looked far ahead in the direction of the north star and the Wulong. It was obvious that the three empires were wary of Xing Bei and the Wulong.

Before long, the convoy of Xing Bei and Wulong arrived. Seeing that Xing Bei and Wulong were participating in the Auction at the same time, Xu Qing's binocular narrowed its eyes. An empire with a strong, young genius, its potential was naturally extraordinary. Wan Hua, Tie Yan, and Di Yue had long since showed signs of joining forces, so it was not hard to imagine why Xing Bei and Wulong were united.

Although he was wary, his face was still full of smiles. He hurried forward and said, "Brother Wu and Brother Xia's relationship is really harmonious. We're all envious of each other."

Xia Cha frowned, obviously he did not expect Xu Qing to be so vigilant.

"It's just the two previous days' visit to Xing Bei. How can it compare with the two brothers Wan Hua Iron Weir?" Wu Min said.

Xu Qing chuckled and did not speak anymore. He brought the Four Great Monarch s along as he prepared to enter the Auction House, but when he prepared to leave, he caught a glimpse of a child dressed in black robe from the corner of his eyes. If Xia Xuan was an ordinary citizen of Xing Bei Empire, Xu Qing was very confident that he could poach him into the position of Wan Hua, but looking at the current situation, it was obvious that Xia Xuan had to be loyal to Xing Bei.

Although he knew that he did not have much of a chance, Xu Qing still stepped forward and said: "I did not expect that little brother to come as well.

Xia Xuan nodded, he did not reply and walked over to Xia Cha to talk.

When Xu Qing received this treatment, he immediately clenched his teeth in anger. His entire body was trembling, and anyone could tell that Monarch was truly angry. Surprisingly, Xu Qing did not turn hostile. Instead, he smiled widely and said: "We are guests, let's quickly enter the Auction House."

Although Xu Qing had a smile on his face, Xia Xuan could still feel a hint of killing intent that had been restrained. However, Xia Xuan was not surprised at all, his mouth even had a smile, as though he was intentionally trying to anger Xu Qing.

After entering the Auction House, even the Five Great Monarch s could not help but sigh inwardly. In terms of ranking in buildings, the Star Seizer Auction was definitely one of the top three places in the Five Great Empires.

Nearly half of the Auction House's spots were in the VIP rooms, and all the information about the Guest s in the VIP rooms were kept secret, because the treasures that the Star Seizer Auction was auctioning were definitely treasures. Although no one dared to openly steal the treasures in Star Seizer City, when everyone left Star Seizer City, the lights of the entire Auction were extinguished. Under the illumination of the lantern light, a person in his sixties said, "Hello, everyone. I am the President of Auction Gu Yan. I will be presiding over today's Auction. I hope you do not mind."

Auction was silent. No one replied him, and Old Man was not surprised in the slightest. He continued: "The first Auction that has been invited, the Divine Crown."

As Gu Yan's voice fell, a beautiful woman slowly brought a small cart to the auction stage. The cart was covered with a large red cloth. Although no one could see what was under the cloth, everyone's eyes were filled with desire.

Old Man raised his red cloth, and a palm-sized blue gem appeared before everyone's eyes. The gem was rhombus-shaped, and its color was as deep as the sea. The dazzling light reflected off the gem as if it was the crown of a god.

"The Divine Crown is known as the most beautiful and valuable jewel in the five kingdoms. I believe everyone knows about it." Gu Yan looked at the dazzling light reflected from the gem and nodded in satisfaction. "The starting price for the Divine Crown is five million gold coins. Each increase must be at least fifty thousand gold coins."

The currency was divided into copper, silver, and gold coins. One gold coin was worth ten silver coins, and one silver coin was worth ten copper coins. One silver coin was enough for an ordinary family to live for a month, and five million gold coins was no small amount for anyone.

The crowd was silent. No one bid, and the atmosphere was extremely awkward. But all of this was within the expectations of the Old Man. His smile faded slightly as he waited there quietly.

Suddenly, the lights in one of the VIP rooms turned red, a voice came from the VIP room, "Five million and fifty thousand."

"Five million and one hundred thousand." In another VIP lounge, the lights turned red as a voice sounded.

Soon after, room after room lit up with red light. The price of the Divine Crown was raised to the price of 6,750,000 in just 10 minutes. For many people, this price was an astronomical figure that could let them enjoy and eat for their entire lives.

"Congratulations No.167 for successfully bidding for the Divine Crown, and thanks for your support for Star Seizer. I, Gu Yan, am deeply grateful. " Gu Yan bowed towards all the VIP rooms.

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