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C14 heart of six gods

"Next, let's have the second Auction, the Book of Bloodbath." Gu Yan said.

Hearing the four words "Book of Blood Splitting", Xia Xuan, who was in the VIP room, immediately became alert. After his fall in his previous life, many of the divine items were scattered around the world. The book on the Blood Kill was one of them.

He saw another small cart being pushed onto the stage, with a book quietly lying on top of it. Other than a few blood-colored patterns on it, it was no different from any other ordinary book.

"The book on the Blood Seal was obtained by a hunter by chance. Although we, the Auction, did not know about it and used all the methods in our possession, we were still unable to understand its uses. This also shows the mysteriousness of the book." Gu Yan continued, "The starting price for the Book of Blood Splitting is three million gold coins, and each increase must be no less than ten thousand gold coins."

Silence fell upon the field once again, and the silence this time would last for an exceptionally long time. Even Gu Yan was no longer calm. A book that even the Star Seizer Auction s did not know of was no different from a stack of paper to most people. Spending three million to buy a stack of paper, no one would do such a foolish thing.

Gu Yan sighed in his heart. Auction had long predicted that this would happen, but he still gave the book a try and decided to just take it out.

"Three million five hundred thousand." Just as Gu Yan was about to announce the auction, a red light lit up in a VIP room. The one in the VIP room was none other than Xia Xuan.

Everyone's eyes were on the VIP room that was lit up by a red light. They clearly didn't expect that someone would be willing to spend three million gold coins to buy a pile of paper.

"Three million five hundred thousand." Another voice sounded and a red light lit up in another VIP room.

Hearing this voice, Xia Xuan's face darkened. He could naturally tell that the one bidding against him was none other than the Wanhua Empire's Monarch, Xu Qing.

"4 million." Xia Xuan took a deep breath, and cursed at Xu Qing countless of times in his heart, before gritting his teeth and shouting out this number.

"Four million and ten thousand." Xu Qing's voice sounded once again as the anger in his heart burned ten meters high. This Xu Qing was obviously going against him.

"Four million five hundred thousand." Xia Xuan shouted again.

"Little brother, you are too rich, I admit defeat." Xu Qing's voice slowly rang out and the lights in the VIP room were extinguished. It was clear that he did not want to continue bidding.

Laughter rang out in the various VIP rooms. Obviously, the majority of people viewed Xu Qing's opponent as a joke. However, there were still people who began to guess Xia Xuan's true identity. After all, to be able to buy a book with a value of 4 million, just his heroic spirit alone was already enough to make him extraordinary.

"Thank you guest number 77 for bidding on the book for four million five hundred thousand." Gu Yan said excitedly.

"Next, the third Auction." Gu Yan said again.

did not even look at the Auction for a while, he was not interested in the jewelry and paintings, and he did not lack martial arts technique s either. The mortal world's martial arts technique had long ago entered his eyes. As a result, Xia Xuan was not interested in those Auction.

"The last Auction is called the Heart of the Six Gods. It is said that it is the heart of the six Great God. Gu Yan said, "And this Auction is also the main reason for the Auction being convened this time."

This time, it was a black box that was pushed onto the stage. A black dragon coiled on top of the box, and from time to time, the sound of a heartbeat could be heard from within the box.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air when they heard Gu Yan's words. In this Mainland, the Human Realm was a region that the The Divine Realm ruled over. In everyone's eyes, the Human Realm was a supreme existence.

"The starting price of the Six God's Heart is one hundred million gold coins. There is no limit to the amount you can offer." Gu Yan said.

One hundred million gold coins was an astronomical amount for anyone. Even the royal family wouldn't be able to easily take one hundred million gold coins out of it. To the richest men in the country, this was basically the best they could come up with.

"One hundred fifty million gold coins." Xu Qing's voice sounded out.

It was clear that they did not expect Xu Qing to suddenly increase by fifty million gold coins. Like this, other than the richest men in the nations, the only other people who could compete with him were the Monarch s of the various countries, but the rich people in the countries obviously did not dare go against them. Thus, the only people who could still bid were the other Four Great Monarch s.

"Three hundred million gold coins." The red light in private room number 77 lit up once again, and the bid that came out shocked everyone. Xia Cha, who was in private room number 34, felt a sharp pain in his heart.

"I'm sorry, but 300 million gold coins is an astronomical figure. We hope you can prove that you can afford it." Gu Yan said as he bowed towards private room 77.

Suddenly, light lit up in private room number 34, Xia Xuan's slightly angry voice sounded out: "All of his expenses will be paid by my Xing Bei Empire."

Everyone looked at room 34 and then at room 77. Obviously, they did not expect the VIP status in room 77 to be this high.

At this time, a red light lit up from the three VIP rooms. Xu Qing's voice sounded, "Wan Hua, Tie Yan and Di Yue, the three nations, a total of sixty thousand gold coins."

Although Wan Hua, Tie Yan, and Di Yue's relationship was usually very harmonious, it still hadn't reached this level of open cooperation. Thus, after this incident, a bloody battle was unavoidable.

The lights in private room seventy-seven were extinguished, causing a wave of laughter and sighs.

"Congratulations to Wan Hua, Tie Yan, and Di Yue for winning the heart of the six gods." Gu Yan said loudly.

After the successful auction of the Six God's Heart, Gu Yan said a few words of thanks before announcing the end of the Auction.

In the backstage of the auction, after Xia Xuan received the book, he met with Wan Hua, Tie Ge and Shuo Ling. Although the three of them had successfully bought the Six God's Heart, they were not happy at all at the moment. This was because once they left Star Seizer City, the location of the treasures would depend on their own strength.

"Congratulations to the three of you for successfully bidding for the Six God's Heart." Xia Xuan stepped forward and greeted them.

"Humph!" Xu Qing snorted, then walked away with Tie Ge and Shuo Ling.

"I hope the three of you can successfully bring the treasure back to the imperial city. Otherwise, six hundred million gold coins would be like cutting meat." Xia Xuan mocked.

Hearing what Xia Xuan said, Xu Qing was so angry that his face immediately flushed red.

Xu Qing thought in his heart: "I'll be waiting for you. The heart of the six gods is destined to be mine."

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