House of Killing God/C16 Peacock Restaurant
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House of Killing God/C16 Peacock Restaurant
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C16 Peacock Restaurant

Within the Chen Long Empire's imperial city, a handsome man was sitting high up on the throne. Countless ministers stood quietly and one of them knelt on the ground and said, "Your majesty, Pu She's lost."

After hearing what the Minister said, everyone was greatly shocked. Only the man acted as if nothing had happened.

The man thought for a moment and said, "Xing Bei and the Wulong are not as simple as we thought. Pass my order, cut off all contact with the Five Allies and I will advance to the Mysterious Sect in three years. It won't be too late to destroy the Northern Wulong then, there's no need to make unnecessary sacrifices now."

Time flew by quickly, and unknowingly, a month had already passed. The heat from the Star Seizer Auction had yet to dissipate, but another wave of energy surged over, which was the annual Five Great Kingdoms Tournament. The Five Great Kingdoms' Tournament would be conducted by the academies of the five nations. In the end, each nation would choose seven people, and the seven people would form a group to compete with each other. The final victor would become the leader of the five nations. The younger generation did not only represent a country's potential; they also represented a country's future. They also represented a country's foundation, so the five great countries attached great importance to the younger generation.

The Xing Bei Empire's competition arena was not in the capital city but was in a city called Ye Yan City. Ye Yan City was the second largest town in Xing Bei, and its size was almost the same as the capital city.

In the center of Ye Yan City, there was a few hundred meters wide open air battling ground that looked like the mouth of a gigantic beast.

After a month of training, Wang Hao and the rest had long since opened their Four Divisions Gate and became Profound Practitioners. During their training, everyone's coordination and tacit understanding had become extremely good.

"I'll take you guys to enjoy it today." Xia Xuan squinted, his face facing the sun, the warm sunlight shining on his face made his mood very good.

Xia Xuan brought Wang Hao and the others to a restaurant called the Sparrow Restaurant. The restaurant was over ten meters tall and behind the restaurant was a beautiful scenery. At this time, the downstairs was already packed with people, all of them eagerly waiting for the restaurant to open up.

"The Peacock Restaurant is said to be the most famous restaurant in the Empire, including the Five Great Empires. There are no branches, only this one restaurant, and only receive ten Guest s every day. These ten Guest s are selected by the Tower Lord, and as long as they are not selected, none of them are allowed to enter. Xia Xuan looked at the restaurant and smiled.

The doors to the restaurant slowly opened. Countless servants walked out and stood in two rows beside the door. Even though they were outside the restaurant, the fragrance of the food wafted over. Just by smelling it, one's appetite was greatly boosted. One of the stewards stood at the door and shouted loudly: "The list of guests today are: Xia Xuan, Wang Hao, Su Bing, Wu Zhi, Shangguan Zelong, Mo Youxue, Mo Haoxue." With that, that person turned around and walked back into the building.

"Wait, it's only seven people." Someone from the crowd shouted.

"The Tower Lord has said that she will only receive these seven people today. As for the others, no one else is allowed to talk." the steward said impatiently.

"I refuse to accept this! I've been lining up here since early in the morning! Why aren't you letting me in?" A burly man rushed into the restaurant as he spoke.

"Swish." A snow-white flexible sword flew out, chopping off the man's hair. Then, it flew back into the restaurant. Following the return of the flexible sword, a lady dressed in white walked out of the restaurant with a flexible sword in her hand. She stared coldly at everyone present, and spoke with a voice that did not contain a hint of warmth, "Peacock was able to make Monarch follow the rules, it's not because he was weak and powerless."

The man collapsed to the ground in fright, his crotch completely drenched.

Xia Xuan brought Wang Hao and the others to the white clothed female and then said: "Sister Yan, why is there such a huge difference between your temperament and yours?"

Most of the people present understood the white clothed female very well. The white clothed female was called Huo Ling Yan, and was famous for being an ice beauty. If an ordinary person spoke to her in such a manner, they would have already been heavily injured by her sword.

"Little brother Xia Xuan is so funny. Isn't it necessary for me to work like this?" Huo Ling Yan unexpectedly smiled at Xia Xuan and said in a sweet tone.

With that, Huo Ling Yan dragged Xia Xuan and walked into the restaurant.

"What is this situation? The Ten Thousand Year Ice Mountain beauty is actually smiling?" Someone from the crowd shouted. Then, the people started to discuss Xia Xuan's true identity.

Entering the restaurant, Wang Hao and the rest were immediately shocked. The restaurant was filled with an ancient air, with various famous paintings and exquisite decorations, this was not something a normal restaurant could have. The thing that attracted Wang Hao and the others the most was the taste of the restaurant, which was filled with the smell of alcohol, but it was different from the other restaurants, the alcohol smell was extremely dense and perfect, it was neither pungent nor tasteless, with a single breath, it made people feel relaxed, their appetite increased, and with the atmosphere in the house, the difference between the restaurant and the restaurant became clear.

Sitting on top of the restaurant, enjoying the beautiful scenery behind the building, matching the atmosphere inside the building, breathing in the intoxicating air, even Xia Xuan who was not visiting for the first time couldn't help but be in a good mood.

"What kind of wind brought Little Brother Xia Xuan to my little restaurant?" A loud laughter rang out and the restaurant trembled slightly. A fat man about eight feet tall and one foot wide walked over slowly. With every step the man took, the restaurant would shake. It was extremely shocking.

"Tomorrow will be the opening of the competition. Since I have nothing better to do today, when I think of the delicacies in your little restaurant, I can't wait any longer." Xia Xuan laughed.

The surrounding servants and maids were all shocked when they heard Xia Xuan say that the restaurant's dishes were snacks. Amongst the dozens of large empires, the only person who dared to say that the Peacock Restaurant's dishes were delicacies in front of the OP was most likely Xia Xuan.

"Then little brother, please enjoy yourself today. Otherwise, you won't give me any face." The big sized man and Xia Xuan both laughed together, giving off the feeling that they were old friends.

Not long after, the big man left. A tray of colorful delicacies was brought to the dining table, along with a mouthful of praises.

"Do you know who cooked these dishes?" Xia Xuan put down the chopsticks in his hand, and asked very politely.

Wang Hao and the rest looked at each other and shook their heads.

"The Tower Lord's son is the current Head Chef of the Peacock Restaurant and is also our team member tomorrow." The corner of Xia Xuan's mouth raised slightly as he said very mysteriously.

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