House of Killing God/C18 Chef and knife skills
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House of Killing God/C18 Chef and knife skills
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C18 Chef and knife skills

Shangguan Zelong and the others left the competition leisurely after tasting the delicacies, but when they saw Shangguan Zelong, they became extremely embarrassed. As the Principal of Jinxing City, he did not allow to participate in the competition, but seeing Shangguan Zelong today, who had tasted the delicacies of the Peacock Restaurant the previous day, was seen once again, but this time, he went from a customer to a spectator.

Mo Youxue and Mo Haoxue covered their mouths and laughed: "Teacher Shangguan, pay attention to your image."

Shangguan Zelong wiped away the Saliva in his mouth and walked in front of Li Le, then placed a hand on his body as though he was a good brother, and whispered into his ear: "Li Le, you were my student before, how come I didn't know that you had the speciality of cooking."

Li Le laughed honestly, not knowing what to say.

"As your former teacher, I strongly request that you cook another good meal tonight." Shangguan Zelong smiled charmingly, as if he was someone who would take a bribe.

"Teacher Shangguan, pay attention to your image." Xia Xuan coughed and said.

That night, within the Peacock Restaurant, Xia Xuan and the rest were seated on the tall buildings. The restaurants and the back of the buildings were filled with lights, and the sky was filled with stars and bright moon that illuminated the beautiful scenery.

At the moment, there were no delicacies on the table, and a bowl of fine wine was placed in front of everyone. Li Le stood by a table, with all sorts of ingredients and utensils arranged neatly.

"Peacock Restaurant's Drunken Immortal Wine is made from the dew at 6 am in the morning in the pavilion, and from the colorful peach blossoms and thousands of other supplementary materials in the Peach Blossom Island. It has been specially made by the Peacock Restaurant and brewed for forty-nine days." Li Le said.

As Wang Hao smelled the aroma of the wine, the Saliva could no longer hold on.

"Uh, it's for your rinsing your mouth." Li Le said awkwardly.

"Cough, cough." Wang Hao coughed violently, causing everyone to laugh out loud.

Li Le laughed honestly and retrieved a fresh fish from the ingredients. The kitchen knife in his hand streaked across the fish's body and he threw the kitchen knife into a basin of dew, only to see the scales on the fish dissipating. Seeing this scene, Xia Xuan and the others couldn't help but sigh secretly. It would be impossible to remove the scales so quickly just by relying on blade arts alone, it would still require a long term experience in cooking. With Li Le's fifteen years of age, it was already not easy to do so.

He did not rush to cut open the belly of the fish but instead cut off the tail and inserted a chopstick into the body of the fish. The chopstick stirred for a moment and then with a pull, all the internal organs were extracted from the belly of the fish. Throwing away the chopsticks, Li Le took out a new blade and cut off the head of the fish. The fish that was split open did not have much blood, and it was obvious that this was what Li Le had done. Normally, if a chef used this method to clean up the organs, there would definitely be a large amount of blood and residue, but the fish that Li Le broke open did not have any, other than the blood that was definitely there.

Li Le placed the fish into a basin of dew. After a while, the basin of dew actually turned red, while the fish turned snow-white. No one knew what method Li Le used, but it had actually washed all the blood in the fish meat clean, and it would not destroy the integrity of the fish. He picked up the kitchen knife once more and slashed across the fish. The fish thorns flew out one by one. The fish thorns were not discarded. Instead, they flew into another bowl of clean dew. Every fish bone flew at the same angle, and there was not a single strand of fish meat on the fish bone. The crystal clear fish bones flew out one after another, just like a lively little fish leaping out of the water and diving into the water one after another.

After a while, all the fish bones were picked out, leaving only a piece of fish. After arranging the fish, the kitchen knife cut the fish again and again along the marks of the fish spines. Very quickly, the fish was sliced into dozens of pieces, and each piece was of the same size without the slightest deviation.

Placing the fish on the side, Li Le poured a bag of flour onto the mat, forming a circle with the flour, and then poured warm water into the circle. Pulling up his sleeves, Li Le kneaded the flour into a dough, and the dough rolled around in his hands as if it had a mind of its own. The dough that was finally placed on the pallet was actually like a real ball, it rolled around once on the pallet before stopping.

Arriving in front of the water basin with the fish bones, Li Le extended his hand into the water. After a moment of stirring, the fish bones were out of the water and were almost completely transparent, to the point that they did not contain any impurities.

He brought the fish bone next to the fish meat and stuck it into a piece of fish meat. Soon, there was a fish bone in each piece of fish meat. The fish bone did not pierce the fish meat completely, but instead, half of it was stuck in the fish bone, while the other half was exposed in the air.

After doing all this, Li Le took out some dough, and also a rolling pin. The dough was flattened quickly, and with a swing of the kitchen knife, pieces of skin and a piece of fish were placed into the wok. After a while, he picked up another piece of dough and another piece of fish, and then another round. After approximately five minutes, all the fish and skin were in the oil pan, while Li Le took out a clip and occasionally filled the oil pan with food.

Not long after, Li Le took out the food from the wok one by one. Every piece of fish was wrapped in noodles but there was nothing wrong with it.

After spending a minute, Li Le placed the piece of fish onto a plate and placed it on the table. Everyone picked up a piece of fish and placed it into their mouths. When he first bit into the fish, it was not only the crispness of the flour, but also the tenderness of the fish. Not only that, there was even a crispy fish bone underneath the piece of fish. The bone shattered from a single bite, leaving no trace behind. Eating such a mouthful of fish, it was as if he was tasting the food made by a god.

"As expected of the Peacock Restaurant's chef, she is indeed extraordinary." Xia Xuan praised.

"You guys take your time. There are still a lot of dishes left." After saying that, Li Le regretted saying that, because the entire dish had been swept clean.

Feeling helpless, Li Le returned to the table where he cooked and started cooking again.

When Li Le fed everyone present to their satisfaction, he couldn't help but feel helpless. The ingredients he prepared had actually all been eaten by these people, he really had the impulse to curse in his heart.

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