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C20 dart handling

As expected, Jinxing Academy had won the Wanxiang Competition in Xing Bei, and was about to head to the Wulong Empire to participate in the Five Kingdoms' Tournament.

The weather was very good today. The sun in the sky was gently shining on the earth. It was neither too cold nor too hot. It gave people an impulse to lie down on chairs and eat their seeds, drink their fruit juice, and close their eyes and fall asleep.

From when they ate breakfast in Peacock Restaurant, they had gathered downstairs. However, what awaited them was not the convoy, but a escort car.

Wang Hao and the rest rubbed their eyes forcefully. After confirming that they did not see wrongly, they looked towards Xia Xuan who had jumped down from the escort car.

"What's going on?" Wang Hao looked up and down the escort car and asked curiously.

"I've already disbanded the escort team. I've accepted a dart for all of you, just consider it an experiential learning." Xia Xuan smiled and said, "This time, Li Le, Wu Zhi, Wu Zhi and I will not make a move, you four will do it."

"AHH!" Wang Hao exclaimed in shock. Even Su Bing was unable to keep silent as he walked over to the escort car and sized it up with Wang Hao.

"Do you want to burn the car?" Wang Hao whispered into Su Bing's ear.

Su Bing pondered for a moment, and then nodded his head. He then felt a chill on his back, he didn't know when, but Xia Xuan had already arrived behind them, and was looking at them sinisterly.

"Bang bang." Xia Xuan and Su Bing suddenly had two big bags on their heads. Xia Xuan rubbed his fists and said, "Don't not cherish this opportunity, just look at Mo Youxue and Mo Haoxue and your sister and you don't have anything to complain about." He turned his head to see that Mo Youxue and Mo Haoxue had unknowingly arrived beside the escort car with a fire piston. Looking at Xia Xuan's darkened face, he could not help but chuckle, followed by two more "bang" sounds.

While walking on the road, Wang Hao and the other three would occasionally touch the big bump on their head, and then continue their journey with faces full of grievance.

"Hey, don't shout so loudly. It's as if you haven't eaten yet." Xia Xuan sat on the escort car s, eating dishes and drinking wine together with Wu Zhi and the other two, happily chatting.

At this time, Wang Hao and the other three truly felt countless grievances in their hearts, and they did not know who to talk to.

Very quickly, the escort car arrived at a canyon. The canyon was hundreds of meters tall and stretched as far as the eye could see. This canyon was called the Hundred Cliffs Valley, and was located at the border between the north and the Wulong. There were bandits entrenched in there all year round, and it could be said that robberies happened every day.

After arriving at the Hundred Cliffs Valley, Wang Hao and the other three were immediately in high spirits. The Hundred Cliff Valley had a lot of bandits, and the two nations had sent troops to annihilate them many times, causing their reputation to spread far and wide. As long as they were not careful, they could lose their lives here.

After walking around the Hundred Cliffs Valley for the entire day, the imagined robbers did not appear. However, the unusually quiet atmosphere made it difficult for people to relax their vigilance.

In the middle of the night, after setting up the escort car, everyone gathered around a bonfire. Li Le was making supper for everyone.

"What's going on? No robbers appeared?" Wang Hao asked while eating the food that Li Le had just cooked.

"There must be a reason behind all this. Be on high alert." Su Bing surveyed his surroundings, maintaining his vigilance at all times. Wang Hao did not speak further, and continued to eat the food in his hands.

Deep into the night, everyone had fallen asleep. Only Su Bing was still watching by himself, and any movement in the surroundings could not escape his eyes. After Wang Hao finished peeing and returned, he sat down beside Su Bing. As he looked at the bonfire in front of him, he couldn't help but think of his hometown; this was the first time he was so far from home.

"Are you homesick?" Su Bing looked at Wang Hao's eyes and said.

"Yeah." Wang Hao sighed, then laid on top of a big rock, looking at the stars in the sky, his eyes blurred.

Looking at the stars in the sky, Wang Hao was about to fall asleep. When he turned his head to look at Su Bing, he saw that Su Bing was swaying on the verge of collapse, yet he couldn't react in time.

After an unknown period of time, his consciousness gradually recovered. A wave of aching pain dared to spread throughout his body, and he didn't know when his hands had been securely bound. When he opened his binocular's eyes and looked around, he discovered that the scenery had changed.

At the moment, Wang Hao was in a carriage, the heavy and heavy iron cage looked very sturdy. Su Bing, Mo Youxue and Mo Haoxue were still unconscious. A Black Man was driving the carriage, and three other people were dressed in black, riding horses that were surrounding the carriage. Xia Xuan and the other three had long disappeared without a trace.

Now that you have been captured by the bandits, Wu Zhi, Li Le, Shangguan Zelong, and I are all very safe. The escort car has already been sent to the bandit, and you guys are about to be sent back to Xing Bei. gangster will exchange you for ransom, think of a way to escape and take the escort car back. Xia Xuan's voice sounded out in Wang Hao's mind. It was obvious that Xia Xuan was trying to force them to speak.

Wang Hao could not help but curse in his heart. He did not expect that Xia Xuan would not be of any help in this battle.

Not long after, Su Bing and the other two woke up. When they saw their own situation, they were extremely surprised, but after a wave of voices resounded in their heads, they all calmed down.

"The harvest this time is truly plentiful. One is the young master of the Su Family, one is the son of the Wang family, and there are also two princesses of the Snow Wind Empire. I wonder how many gold coins they can exchange for." A Black Man said.

"Stupid, these people are not something that can be measured by gold coins. If we can succeed with this flesh ticket, I'm afraid we won't need to be bandits anymore." Black Man who was walking behind the horse carriage said, "What are you doing?"

Unknowingly, Wang Hao and the other three had untied the ropes in their hands, causing Mo Youxue to transform into an eagle, with her petite body, she crawled out of the cage, while Su Bing went into the shadows, and immediately came out of the cage. At the same time, Mo Youxue waved her hand, and countless vine s exploded out from the ground. They wrapped themselves around the horses' legs, and directly tripped over the three horses that were surrounding the carriage.

Taking advantage of the three people being tripped over, Su Bing quickly arrived beside one of the people. The spiritual energy converged into a broken blade, and used one blade to cut his throat, Mo Youxue flew to a hundred meters high with one of the Black Man in his mouth, releasing his claws and ignored it, while the other Black Man was entangled by countless of vine, until he suffocated to death.

The Black Man who was driving the carriage was so frightened by this scene that he fell to the ground and crawled back. But before he could run far, Su Bing was already behind him with a short blade on his neck, he said coldly: "Bring us to your stronghold."

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