House of Killing God/C4 Xia Xuan VS Wang Hao
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House of Killing God/C4 Xia Xuan VS Wang Hao
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C4 Xia Xuan VS Wang Hao

Although the Star Jin Academy's fighting arena was usually quite lively, today it was extraordinary. The entire fighting arena was filled with people, and there were no signs of a spot to be found.

A majority of the students of the Jin Xing Academy were gathered at the battle arena, the reason being that one of them had accepted the challenge from Wang Hao, the genius of the Jin Xing. Wang Hao was a Qi Cultivator at the age of three, and had reached Stage Six and Stage Seven. He was now a genuine warrior, and was a genius that only came across once in a hundred years. So far, Wang Hao could be said to be invincible in battle against his peers, which was also why it caused such a huge commotion when someone accepted Wang Hao's challenge.

On the battle arena that was approximately forty square meters, Xia Xuan and Wang Hao stood to one side. The two of them looked at each other, not daring to take their guard down.

In the air above the battle arena, a middle-aged man who seemed to be around twenty years old stood on stage and shouted: "Everyone, today's match is between the number one genius Wang Hao and the genius Xia Xuan, their battle will decide who is the number one genius. I believe that everyone has been waiting for a long time, so I will not say anymore, let us watch the blood boiling competition." With that, the floating platform slowly floated away with the middle-aged man.

Following the host's departure, Xia Xuan and Wang Hao immediately became alert, and went around the fighting arena in circles. The spectators in the stands were naturally unhappy with this kind of treatment, shouting nonstop for a moment.

Wang Hao glanced at the audience, and after seeing the audience's reaction, he grinned. With Teenage in a state of mind, he immediately rushed towards Xia Xuan.

Xia Xuan sneered, he had already rushed out, and his instantaneous speed was actually not any slower than Su Bing. Wang Hao was clearly not surprised by his speed, and immediately increased his speed, rushing towards Xia Xuan.

When was about to clash with Xia Xuan, he was surprised to find that Xia Xuan's figure had suddenly disappeared, leaving only afterimages. When he appeared again, he was already behind Wang Hao.

Seeing this scene, Su Bing, who was in the audience, had a face full of shock. Even Su Bing, who was known for his speed, was unable to easily release such a terrifying speed, if he still thought that Xia Xuan was Stage Nine Qi Cultivating Stage, no one would believe him.

Xia Xuan, who had appeared behind Wang Hao, didn't hesitate at all. He turned his body 360 degrees, and was about to give Wang Hao a ruthless whip kick on his back. However, Wang Hao was truly worthy of being called a genius, when he realized that Xia Xuan had disappeared, he immediately reacted, and threw out a punch right at Xia Xuan's whip kick.

The fist and the leg collided, and with a loud sound, the two of them were pushed back more than 10 steps, but from the distance, it was obvious that Xia Xuan had the upper hand.

Seeing this scene, the audience immediately burst into an exclamation. With regards to Wang Hao, it could be said that no one did not know of him, and they all knew about him. In his hands, Xia Xuan was the strongest person.

"Fighting with others and hiding your strength, are you looking down on me?" Wang Hao rubbed his fist, the gaze he looked at Xia Xuan with was extremely cold, and even his voice could not help but cause his body to turn cold.

"Sigh ~ ~" Xia Xuan sighed softly. Then, his body trembled as a powerful aura that only warriors could possess exploded, causing many people to cry out in alarm. The Xing Bei Empire prided themselves for the use of force, but there were very few people who trained, so a person like Wang Hao, who had already reached the level of a ranker, was already a well deserving genius. Right now, Xia Xuan who had appeared out of nowhere looked to be younger than Wang Hao by a few years, but he was also a genuine ranker. How could this not be surprising?

Feeling the strong aura erupting from Xia Xuan's body, not only was Wang Hao not surprised in the slightest, his face was also filled with excitement and his aura had also become abnormally hot. As Wang Hao's aura boiled, a magma-like aura adhered onto his body, and he actually transformed into a armor. The armor took the shape of a lion, revealing a majesty unique to kings.

Sensing the majesty of this king, Xia Xuan was not afraid at all. Clenching his hand, seven seven seven light sphere appeared in a seven-star shape in front of him, and one after the other, they all flew towards Wang Hao the moment they appeared. Looking at their flight path, they were actually going to surround Wang Hao. Sensing Xia Xuan's intention, Wang Hao wanted to move his body immediately, but he was immediately besieged by the light sphere, and immediately threw a punch towards a light sphere at his side. Just as the fist and ball made contact, the seemingly weak light sphere and Wang Hao both retreated. For a moment, the seven stars gathered and actually completely surrounded Wang Hao. Sensing that the situation wasn't good, Wang Hao didn't panic in the slightest as both of his fists crazily smashed against the light sphere.

In a corner of the battle coliseum, two figures were quietly standing. The shadow at the corner of the wall made it impossible for people to see their faces. A skinny man suddenly said, "Raging Nu Fist Technique, one punch wins one punch. The seventy-second punch is said to be able to destroy mountains and split the earth, its power is limitless."

"From the looks of it, he should have practiced up to the ninth move. However, judging from the power of his first move, he should be at least three times stronger than an ordinary member of the Wang family's Rager Fist Art." Another person suddenly said. His voice sounded a bit old.

"His opponent is not simple as well," the thin man added, as his gaze couldn't help but turn towards Xia Xuan.

In the battle arena, Wang Hao punched the light sphere again and again. It was unknown when the light sphere exploded one after another, but when the last one exploded, Wang Hao's remaining strength did not decrease at all as he charged towards Xia Xuan.

Seeing Wang Hao rushing over, a cold light flashed in Xia Xuan's eyes. He bent his legs slightly and actually charged towards Wang Hao explosively.

The two fists collided with one another. After a loud explosion, the two people were forced back half a step. However, before they even stopped for a moment, the two fists collided with each other again. What followed was a tragic hand-to-hand fight, a fight that was completely at the expense of one's punch and one's kick, the collision of flesh and blood caused many spectators to feel a chill down their spines, and even more so, they closed their binocular, not daring to watch the fight.

"Wonderful." After kicking Xia Xuan away, Wang Hao could not help but shout excitedly.

Looking at Wang Hao's excited expression, the corner of Xia Xuan's mouth raised slightly, and said: "It's indeed satisfying, but I can't hold on for long, it's better to finish it quickly." After saying that, Xia Xuan clenched his fist again. The Seven Stars light sphere condensed once more, but this time, it formed a circle, looking like a sharp Weapons under the high-speed rotation. Xia Xuan lightly waved his palm, and the seven star light sphere quickly rushed towards Wang Hao. Seeing the light sphere flying towards him, Wang Hao was shocked. Not daring to hesitate, the armor wrapped around his entire body quickly condensed into his right palm, instantly transforming into a nearly solid lion head. He punched towards the light sphere. The two collided and exploded, causing a cloud of dust to rise.

After a long time, the dust settled, and a person was seen standing on the stage, half kneeling. When the spectators saw the half-kneeling person, they were shocked, because the half-kneeling person was actually the genius, Wang Hao. In other words, the victor of this competition was the Xia Xuan who had appeared out of nowhere.

The referee from afar was also confused, but because of his job, he quickly calmed himself down and said with an agitated voice, "The victor is Xia Xuan."

The entire audience cheered, and for a moment, the cheers for Xia Xuan were deafening.

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