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C5 Departure

In the early morning of the second day, Xia Xuan finished his breakfast early, but when he was walking towards his classroom, he felt extremely helpless. Almost everyone was looking at him with a strange look, and then they were talking to the people around them about what had happened in the Colosseum.

Very quickly, Xia Xuan arrived at the classroom, but it was empty. When the students arrived at the classroom one after another, all of them were discussing about Xia Xuan. Regarding this, Xia Xuan felt extremely helpless, and could only turn his head to look at the scenery outside the window.

"Who the hell are you?" Xia Xuan who was immersed in the beautiful scenery suddenly heard a cold voice, he turned to look, only to realize that Su Bing had suddenly appeared beside him, and was leaning towards him as he spoke.

"Hmph." Looking at Su Bing's silhouette, the corner of Xia Xuan's mouth slightly rose, and said: "Come with me to a place."

Not long later, Xia Xuan brought Su Bing to a hill that no one was around. Looking at Su Bing who was looking around, Xia Xuan smiled slightly, then suddenly placed a hand on Su Bing's head, suddenly, a wave of spiritual energy rushed in.

Su Bing lost consciousness after being attacked by the spiritual energy, but he quickly recovered. However, when he recovered, he was already in a battlefield. There were only two people on the battlefield. One of them was clad in golden armor, surrounded by golden dragons. Although he didn't say anything, from time to time, dragon roars could be heard.

The other person was dressed in a blood-colored robe and holding a blood-colored pike. His entire body was filled with a suffocating killing intent, and his appearance was actually exactly the same as Xia Xuan.

The golden-armored man's lips moved slightly, but Su Bing could not hear a single sound. After the golden-armored man finished speaking, the man dressed in blood armor started roaring angrily, and then she exploded towards the golden-armored man.

The battle between the two was extremely intense. No matter who it was, every move they made would cause the heaven and earth to shatter. Just the Qi they were emitting was sufficient to suffocate Su Bing.

Unknowingly, the golden armored man waved her hand and countless bolts of black lightning descended. The blood-red armored man that was originally evenly matched with him actually directly lost, and then continued to endure the golden armored man's attack before finally falling.

Following the fall of the blood armored man, Su Bing's consciousness returned to reality. Looking at the smiling Xia Xuan in front of him, her eyes were filled with shock.

"Have you recovered the memories of your past life?" Xia Xuan looked at Su Bing's still shocked face and said with a smile. "Let's go, we will return to the The Divine Realm."

Not long after, Xia Xuan and Su Bing returned to the classroom, and Xia Xuan who had nothing to do continued to look at the scenery outside the window.

The people in the classroom were all talking among themselves. Unknowingly, Xia Xuan, who was looking out the window at the scenery, trembled, as he looked at the stage with slight surprise. Suddenly, a white-robed man appeared out of nowhere on stage. In the entire lecture hall, only Xia Xuan had found out about it. Not long after the white-robed man appeared, a man suddenly walked into the classroom and stood beside the white-robed man. The man was none other than Wang Hao. It was only after Wang Hao had entered that everyone noticed the white-robed man. And when they saw Wang Hao standing beside the white-robed man, they were slightly surprised and curious for a moment.

Hello fellow students, I am your form teacher and also your headmaster. I have very high requirements of my students, so tomorrow I will test you all. Those who do not pass will be transferred to another class. Wang Hao, who is by my side, will be in charge of supervising this exam. " With that, white-robed man and Wang Hao turned and left the classroom, leaving behind a group of deceived students.

After white-robed man left, the students immediately turned to look at Xia Xuan. A genius who could defeat Wang Hao, if he could form a team with him, could naturally pass the test with ease. Sensing everyone's gaze, Xia Xuan was also greatly alarmed, and immediately said: "Fellow students, listen to me, a team member must have a tacit understanding, it's not like the stronger you are, the better. I still have things to do, you guys can slowly form a team." With that, Xia Xuan's figure flashed and disappeared.

After leaving the classroom, Xia Xuan returned to his room just in time to see Wu Zhi reading.

"Yo, so busy people are back." Wu Zhi gloated when he saw Xia Xuan had returned.

"Have you found your teammates yet?" Xia Xuan came to Wu Zhi's side and said: "I need a military advisor. Can you lend me your brain for my use?"

Wu Zhi glanced at Xia Xuan, then asked: "Do you need to change your head?"

"Haha, if you are willing, I won't mind." Xia Xuan agreed.

The second day, Xia Xuan and Wu Zhi went to the classroom early, and each of them took out a book to chat for close to an hour.

It was unknown when, but a black light flashed and Su Bing suddenly appeared, with a thick file placed in front of him.

"As expected of the son of the leader of the biggest intelligence organization in the Five Great Empires, Su Lie." Xia Xuan said as he looked at the file.

Su Bing did not speak, he found his seat and sat down quietly.

Very quickly, white-robed man suddenly appeared in the classroom, and Wang Hao quickly followed.

"Gather at the back of the mountain." With that, the white-robed man left the classroom with Wang Hao.

"Forbidden area? Is this teacher crazy? " There was an uproar in the classroom. The back mountain of Jinxing Mountain was a place of death, with dozens of people entering it, but not a single person returned. Afterwards, several teachers entered, but none returned, which was why the students were so shocked when they heard that they were going to the forbidden area.

In the rear mountain forbidden grounds, Xia Xuan and many students stood together on a field of grass. In front of them was a gloomy and sinister Forest.

"Hong!" Suddenly, somewhere in the Forest, there was an explosion. The thick smoke drifted in the air, scaring all the students quite a bit.

"I'll give you a chance to choose whether you want to take the test or not." white-robed man glanced at the students and said. Silence filled the air. The students looked at each other, but no one said anything. white-robed man just looked at them.

Unknowingly, a slightly thin student raised his hand and said, "Teacher, I want to withdraw." white-robed man nodded, the student looked at his surroundings, lowered his head and ran away.

"Is there anyone else who wants to quit?" The white-robed man said again.

"Teacher." With that person leading the way, quite a few people raised their hands.

white-robed man nodded again. After the students left, white-robed man counted the number of people left behind and discovered that there was a third of the students that left.

"Anything that can stay is good." white-robed man looked at the students that were left behind and nodded, then said: "Introduce yourselves, I am Shangguan Zelong. In front of you all is the Jin Xing forbidden grounds, called a land of death, but you all do not need to worry, I will be in charge of protecting you all. Today, I will lead you all to conquer this land, and set off."

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