House of Killing God/C6 Beast Destroyer King
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House of Killing God/C6 Beast Destroyer King
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C6 Beast Destroyer King

The enormous Forest was originally quiet, but as a group of students barged in, it became lively.

Xia Xuan and the other two suddenly stopped in their tracks, looked at each other, only to see Xia Xuan and Wu Zhi disappearing in a flash. Not long after Xia Xuan and the other two left, many figures emerged from hiding places. It was clear that these people wanted to rely on Xia Xuan.

In a corner of Forest, Xia Xuan and the others were lying on top of a tree. They were looking into the distance, trying to see the layout of the entire Forest.

Suddenly, a gigantic beast roar came from somewhere in Forest. A 20 metre tall Giant Demon Ape faced the sky and roared. Beside him, half a man, half a leopard, was crazily tearing and biting at the giant ape.

"Crap, something happened." Seeing that, Xia Xuan anxiously said. Then, his figure flashed as he rushed towards the direction of the giant ape. Su Bing and Wu Zhi looked at each other, then chased after Xia Xuan.

The giant ape roared to the sky, then stared at the leopard girl in anger and struck towards her with its palm. However, the leopard girl's speed was extremely fast. She dodged the palm strike in a flash. Dodging the giant ape's palm, the leopard girl madly bit at the giant ape's body, wishing that she could directly make a hole in it.

The giant ape s were blood-red after being heavily scratched by the leopard girl. The force from their entire bodies shook, and actually forcefully sent the leopard girl flying. After blowing away the leopard girl, the giant ape turned around and pulled up a huge tree that was over ten meters tall. After sweeping across the tree, it waved towards the leopard girl. The leopard girl had just regained her footing when she saw the huge tree flying towards her.

However, the leopard girl was not flustered. All the hair on her body changed color, and her body changed drastically. In just a moment, she had turned into a half lion, half human lion. The sphinx blocked the attack and tried to block the tree.

As soon as the sphinx touched the giant tree, it drew a line dozens of meters long on the ground. In the end, the sphinx was unable to withstand the impact from the giant tree and was forced to retreat from its transformation to become a petite girl. The girl was sent flying into a dense forest. Under normal circumstances, she would definitely die.

Seeing this situation, the giant ape roared towards the sky again, her fists continuously hitting her chest, as though she was announcing her victory.

"You stupid monkey, why are you so happy? The real opponent just arrived." Suddenly, a mocking laughter came out, only to see Xia Xuan standing on an empty ground, with his arms crossed, looking at the giant ape playfully. Behind him, Wu Zhi and Su Bing stood upright, while the girl who had long been unconscious was carried by Su Bing.

Seeing Xia Xuan and the other two, the giant ape squinted its eyes and roared at Xia Xuan and the other two.

"You have been making a ruckus all day, I will cripple you today." After he finished speaking, Xia Xuan's figure flashed and charged towards the giant ape. And in the process of charging forward, the Seven Star light sphere condensed once again, encircling once more into a circle of high speed rotation, and once again transformed into a bunch of sharp Weapons. When the giant ape saw Xia Xuan rushing towards it, it threw a punch towards Xia Xuan, but two "Xia Xuan" suddenly appeared beside Xia Xuan. Xia Xuan and the two clones dodged the punch from the giant ape, and surrounded the giant ape from three different directions. Just as the giant ape wanted to randomly choose "Xia Xuan" to fight, it saw a ray of light flash past its eyes, and instantly, blood gushed out. One of its eyes was crippled just like that.

The giant ape roared towards the sky once again after losing an eye, and the energy that exploded out made even Wu Zhi and Su Bing, who were in the distance, feel like they could not even stand. Carrying the force from the giant ape, Su Bing glanced at Xia Xuan, then became stupefied. Xia Xuan who was standing right next to the giant ape, whose clothes were slightly fluttering, was actually not affected by the giant ape in the slightest.

"Who exactly is this guy? His strength is actually this terrifying." Su Bing thought.

The three Xia Xuan s smiled and rushed towards the giant ape at the same time. Only when Xia Xuan managed to grab hold of the hair did the giant ape come back to its senses, and clawed at the two people named Xia Xuan fiercely. However, Xia Xuan ignored all of that, his hands formed a claw shape, and tore off three pieces of flesh. At this time, the giant ape caught hold of two Xia Xuan s, but those two Xia Xuan s turned into two wisps of white smoke and scattered away.

The remaining Xia Xuan laid on the giant ape's back, his hands forming claws, constantly tearing at the giant ape's flesh. When the huge palm reached out to grab Xia Xuan once again, his figure flashed and appeared on top of the giant ape's head. With a flash from his hands, a silver longsword appeared in a flash. Without any hesitation, Xia Xuan stabbed the longsword fiercely into the top of its head, causing it to wail in pain.

Xia Xuan's figure flashed again, appearing on the giant ape's shoulder, another longsword appearing in his hand. Holding the longsword, Xia Xuan madly hacked at the giant ape's neck. When the giant ape's big hands caught it, he hid to another place, and then madly hacked again. In just a few minutes, the giant ape had become riddled with scars, and even the binocular had lost a lot of blood and looked lifeless.

Suddenly, the giant ape stumbled and fell, but it eventually realized that something was wrong and turned around to run. Seeing that the giant ape was trying to escape, Xia Xuan waved his hand, and the seven floating planets fused into one, transforming into a silver white bow and arrow, and shot into Xia Xuan's hands. With bow and arrow in hand, Xia Xuan faced the giant ape from afar and pulled the bow and arrow into a full moon shape. A white light streaked across the sky, and then a fist-sized hole appeared in the heart of the giant ape.

Looking at the giant ape's slowly falling body, Xia Xuan smiled slightly, the silver bow in her hand slowly dissipated.

"The next step is to quietly wait for our prey." smiled as he returned to the front of Wu Zhi.

Unknowingly, Xia Xuan who was sleeping on a few branches suddenly opened his eyes. He stared at the giant ape's corpse in the distance and said: "Everyone pay attention, the prey is here."

Not long after, the entire Forest trembled as dozens of gigantic vine began to wrap around the giant ape. In the depression in the ground, they only saw the giant ape's corpse being slowly dragged into the ground, disappearing without a trace.

Everyone could rely on absorbing spiritual energy to cultivate, but animals and plants could absorb spiritual energy s to become extremely strong. People called them spirit beast s and Spirit Trees, and there were two masters of this forest, the giant ape was known as the Beast King, and the other was a powerful Spirit Wood. This Spirit Wood often devoured strong spirit beast corpses. And if they wanted to pass the examination, they would have to defeat this spirit wood, because the mission that Shangguan Zelong had given them was to conquer the Forest.

As the giant ape's corpse was devoured, the Forest trembled and a huge tree rose from the ground. It was actually nearly thirty meters tall. The top of the tree was covered with silver flowers, blooming in all directions. He couldn't help but think of the legendary Iron Tree Silver Flower. The name of this tree was the Tolling Wind Silver Tree. The branches were like vines, it could be soft, it could be hard, it could be hard, it could be used as a shield, it was extremely tough, it could be used as a whip, it was extremely tough, and it could grab anything 100 meters away.

Looking at the silver tree that had sprung up from the ground, Xia Xuan smiled, a playful look in his eyes as he said with a voice filled with fighting intent: "Su Bing, the two of us will be the main attackers. Wu Zhi will command it, I will torture it to death today."

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