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C7 tree king

As the Forest trembled, the wind chime silver tree was uprooted. Countless branches filled the sky and each time they were waved, they would destroy the surrounding trees or leave deep marks on the ground.

"The Wind Bell Silver Tree that has devoured the giant ape has become much stronger. If we were to calculate the rank of our Homo sapiens, I'm afraid that it would already be on par with a Mystical King." Wu Zhi looked at the wind chime silver tree, his expression solemn, and said: "Can we really defeat it?"

"If you want to be ordinary, then you must fear it. If you want to be extraordinary, then you must think of all things as invincible." With that said, Xia Xuan bent his legs and unhesitatingly rushed towards the Wind Bell Silver Tree. Su Bing and Wu Zhi looked at each other and felt helpless, so they could only give chase.

Before they could even get close to the silver tree, dozens of vine waved their hands fiercely, stopping Xia Xuan and the rest in their tracks. Just as Xia Xuan and the rest were blocked, countless of silver flowers bloomed on top of the silver tree, and when the flowers fell, they were all sent flying towards Xia Xuan and the other two. Seeing the silver petals floating over, Wu Zhi quickly reminded: "Be careful, once you touch the wind chime silver tree, the petals will explode, and they will be extremely powerful, and you cannot be careless."

"Humph!" Xia Xuan let out a cold snort. The seven planets once again appeared, and the seven stars merged into one, transforming into two silver light swords. Xia Xuan waved his hands, both swords flew out, cutting apart the petals at an extremely fast speed, and actually formed a sword wall.

Looking at the sword wall, Su Bing could not help but think, "Is this guy really from the Homo sapiens?"

"Follow me." Xia Xuan bellowed and rushed towards the silver tree, Su Bing and Wu Zhi followed suit.

"Su Bing, you are fast, go attract the attention of the Wind Bell Silver Tree." Wu Zhi said.

Su Bing's figure flashed and appeared in front of the wind chime silver tree, and behind his, numerous afterimages were slowly dissipating. Seeing Su Bing coming closer, ten vine immediately wrapped around him. Seeing the vine entangling them, Su Bing quickly muttered something to himself. Then, his body turned into a shadow and merged into the ground. The moment the two names "Su Bing" stabilized his stance, he displayed extreme speed, and in a few blinks of an eye, he left behind countless afterimages.

"Secret technique of the Su Family, Ghastly Shadow Duo Souls. The main body is in the shadows. The two clones are three times faster than the main body, but their attack power is greatly reduced. They are used to gather information." Xia Xuan explained to Wu Zhi. Hearing what Xia Xuan said, Wu Zhi was also extremely surprised, obviously he did not know about the Su Family's secret methods.

"Your Weapons is our Empire's holy weapon right? I have long guessed your identity." Wu Zhi stared at Xia Xuan and said: "I need a powerful attack to break the roots. The strongest defensive power of the Wind Bell Silver Tree is to use vine as a wall, and I will attract all the vine over later, you just need to attack the roots."

"Yes." Xia Xuan nodded, then with a wave of his hand, the seven planets condensed once again. With the fusion of the seven stars, they transformed into a silver pike this time, and the pike landed in Xia Xuan's hands.

Looking at the pike in his hand, Xia Xuan muttered, "It's not enough yet." Xia Xuan bit his tongue, and sprayed a mouthful of blood on the spear. The blood immediately spread, and the silver pike turned into blood. Once the blood red pike was formed, Wu Zhi immediately felt difficulty in breathing, and fear inexplicably rose in his heart. The Wind Bell Silver Tree in the distance also noticed Xia Xuan's actions. Countless vine s intertwined and formed a wall.

"Su Bing, come back quickly." Wu Zhi shouted to Su Bing. Hearing Wu Zhi's shout, a shadow quickly flew from under the body of a "Su Bing" to stand in front of Wu Zhi. The shadow drilled out from the ground and transformed into Su Bing. Obviously, this was Su Bing's real body.

"No need to worry, just go ahead." With that said, Wu Zhi threw a green pill towards the Wind Bell Silver Tree. Seeing the green pill, the silver tree expanded all the vine like crazy to catch the pill. Just at this moment, the blood-colored pike streaked across the sky, leaving behind only a long trail of blood. As the roots broke, the leaves of the Tempest Silver Tree began to wither. In just half a minute, they had turned into a withered tree.

"The Fruit of Wisdom can make all spirit trees lose their minds over it. It's a great help." Xia Xuan smiled.

"I don't know anything about this, but you do." Wu Zhi looked at Xia Xuan in shock.

"Do you believe that I'm God?" Xia Xuan laughed.

"I believe you're a ghost." Wu Zhi said snappily.

Just as Xia Xuan wanted to say something, two black figures flashed past, and with a bang, Shangguan Zelong appeared beside Xia Xuan. Not far away, a scarred, middle-aged man was holding a large knife in his hands.

"Just who are you?" The middle-aged man said resentfully.

"You don't deserve to know." After he finished speaking, Shangguan Zelong's figure flashed and arrived in front of the middle-aged man. The snow-white feather in his hand appeared in a flash, and every time it came into contact with the middle-aged man's large knife, it would make a sound like metal colliding.

Countless cold lights flashed, and the middle-aged man was covered with injuries. In Shangguan Zelong's hands, the middle-aged man had no way of fighting back.

"Enough." Xia Xuan said as he returned to Xia Xuan's side. He saw that there was no trace of blood on Shangguan Zelong's body, and not even a single wrinkle. On the other hand, the middle-aged man's body was not complete. Blood flowed out, and he looked like a man made of blood.

"All of you, remember this." The middle-aged man spat out a few harsh words. He ran away as fast as he could.

Seeing the middle-aged man leave, Xia Xuan said: "Teacher Shangguan, bring them back, I have some important matters to attend to."

"Yes." Seeing Shangguan Zelong's response, Xia Xuan's killing intent soared to the heavens, but he did not move, only after about half a minute, Xia Xuan's figure slowly disappeared, and Su Bing and the rest realized that it was just an afterimage of Xia Xuan.

"This strength, is it really human?" Su Bing thought.

"Let's go. We'll explain everything to you when he returns." Shangguan Zelong carried the unconscious girl and waved at Su Bing and the others before leading the way.

Deep within the Forest, a middle-aged man who was riddled with scars held onto a large knife and ran towards the depths of the Forest like a madman. As he occasionally turned his head back, his eyes were filled with fear and terror.

"Sinner Tie Gong, you have lurked in the Forest for many years to gather information. After three years, send all the information you have gathered to the Thousand Iron Country and the Iron Country, resulting in the rapid fall of our southeast side in Xing Bei Empire. You deserve to be punished for your crimes." His voice was filled with killing intent resounding throughout the Forest. As the middle aged man walked forward, Xia Xuan held onto his dual blades, the binocular revealed its killing intent.

"Who, who are you? Why did you want to kill me? " The middle-aged man said while trembling.

Without saying a word, one of Xia Xuan's eyes turned red, he became like a different person, the dense killing intent made the middle aged man unable to move. Suddenly, with a flash of blood-red light, the middle-aged man was split into pieces.

It was raining cats and dogs, Xia Xuan stood on top of a hill, looking at his home, he murmured: "My home, I will not let you destroy it."

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