House of Killing God/C8 Not a god of death, but a Deicide (1)
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House of Killing God/C8 Not a god of death, but a Deicide (1)
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C8 Not a god of death, but a Deicide (1)

In the field of Jinxing Academy, Xia Xuan and the rest were standing quietly, while Shangguan Zelong was looking serious. Beside him, Wang Hao was standing with his face full of dust, looking gloomy.

"The biggest goal of this exam is actually to catch the empire's felon, Tie Gong. I'm very sorry, but I have no choice but to use everyone as bait." Shangguan Zelong said: "But the exam is not fake, those who fail will be eliminated, and Wang Hao was not long after he entered the Forest, he was knocked out by Tie Gong, being demoted to a lower class punishment, thus, the ones who can stay will be Xia Xuan, Wu Zhi, Su Bing, Wang Hao, Mo Youxue, Mo Youxue. The others should go to the other classes. "Dismissed."

The field was in an uproar, but Shangguan Zelong ignored them and directly left the field with Xia Xuan and the rest.

"Where is Mo Youxue and Mo Haoxue?" Xia Xuan suddenly asked.

"Mo Youxue was knocked out by the Beast King, and is currently recuperating at Tianyu Medical Center. As her older sister, Mo Youxue is currently taking care of her." Shangguan Zelong said respectfully.

Seeing Shangguan Zelong's attitude towards Xia Xuan, Wang Hao and the other two were immediately shocked. They thought to themselves, "Just where did Xia Xuan come from?"

Not long after, Xia Xuan and the rest arrived at a clinic called Tianyu. There were many people entering and exiting, all of them extremely busy.

Just as they entered the infirmary, a young man carrying an old man rushed into the infirmary. Xia Xuan and the others were knocked away by him.

After being pushed aside by the young man, Wang Hao was immediately infuriated, and chased after the young man.

Xia Xuan used his hand to stop Wang Hao. He looked at the confused Wang Hao and smiled, then shook his head.

Seeing Xia Xuan blocking him, Wang Hao sighed, then shook his head, ignoring the young man.

"Young Master Xia is indeed magnanimous. This little girl truly admires him." A coquettish voice sounded as a woman in a blue qipao slowly walked down from the second floor of the infirmary. The girl appeared to be around twenty years old. The snow-white legs that he occasionally revealed under the qipao could always attract countless drooling gazes.

Arriving in front of the blue-clothed woman, Xia Xuan cupped his hands and said, "Greetings, Senior Qing Lian." It was unknown when, but Wu Zhi was already standing silently behind the blue clothed woman.

Hearing Xia Xuan call his senior, the lady called Qing Lian could not help but frown. He said unhappily: "How many times have I said it? With that, he turned and walked to the second floor.

Looking at the departing back of Qing Lian, Xia Xuan could not help but feel helpless. When he thought about Qinglian's true age, he was truly unable to say the word "big sister".

Qing Lian was known as the Medical Saint in the Five Great Kingdoms, whose medical skills could not be compared with others. His real age was already sixty years old, but with his outstanding medical skills, he managed to maintain his appearance of twenty years old.

Following Qing Lian into a sickroom, they saw the young lady who had been knocked unconscious by the giant ape lying on the bed, while a young lady who looked similar to his was talking and laughing with his, upon seeing Xia Xuan and the others enter, the two girls immediately stopped talking and laughing. Entering the room, Xia Xuan and the rest found a seat and sat down, then said: "Mo Youxue and Mo Haoxue, the two sisters, are born with the power to transform into a beast and control trees, they are the Yin and Yang bodies of the God of All Things, my left guard."

"What do you mean?" the girl called Mo Haoxue asked.

I am the reincarnation of the Deicide, and everyone here is my companion in my previous life. However, the Celestial King viewed me as a thorn in his side, a thorn in his flesh, and gave me an unwarranted crime. Fortunately, I had left behind a bit of the soul, so I was able to reincarnate. Xia Xuan said in all seriousness, "Three years later, the Thousand and Iron Country will ally themselves and attack my Xing Bei Empire. Only I will survive in the entire Empire, so my seventh companion, the God of Time, will help me reverse the flow of time. Here, I, Xia Xuan plead for you to join the Shadow Squad, one of the organizations under the protection of our Empire. " As he said that, Xia Xuan stood up straight and bowed to everyone present.

"Brother Xia, why are you being so polite with me? With your current strength, no matter if it's your previous life or your current life, you'll still be a brother." Wang Hao patted Xia Xuan's shoulder and laughed.

"This is an opportunity for me." Wu Zhi said.

"My sister met with the giant ape, you were the ones who saved her, so let's just treat it as repaying your gratitude," Mo Haoxue said.

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