House of Killing God/C9 Non Death, Deicide (2)
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House of Killing God/C9 Non Death, Deicide (2)
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C9 Non Death, Deicide (2)

"Thank you very much. I believe that with you all here, our empire will eventually be at peace." Xia Xuan bowed deeply again and said, "Shangguan Fei'er and I will go deal with some matters now. Once Mo Youxue's injuries have healed, we will have a round of practice." With that, Xia Xuan and Shangguan Zelong disappeared.

"Everyone, if Mo Youxue is also the God of All Things, then is there another God that we have never seen before?" Wu Zhi suddenly said. This caused everyone to ponder deeply.

In the Northwest Great Desert of Xing Bei Empire, a group of merchants wrapped in thick cloth led a group of camels forward with difficulty.

Yellow Sand City Lord Bi Tong, three years later, working with the Ten Thousand Iron Country, caused the fall of our west, forcing the entire country to retreat to the north. Later on, due to the cold weather in the north, food shortages and the loss of millions of Soldiers s, such a heinous crime is punishable by death. " A voice filled with killing intent spread out, causing sand to fly everywhere.

"Who is it? Come out! Don't play tricks on me!" The leading man in the caravan, Bi Tong, shouted to the surrounding people.

Yellow sand flew in the air as two figures slowly walked out from the desert. One of them wore a white robe, and even though he was in the desert, there wasn't a speck of dust on his face. The other person was small and skinny. Wearing cloth clothes, he did not seem to have any spiritual energy's aura on his body. All he had was a monstrous aura of killing intent and hatred.

"Who are you people?" Bi Tong glared at the two of them fiercely and said, "I am the master of Yellow Sand City, what are you guys planning to do?"

"Slaughter him." Xia Xuan stared at Bi Tong with eyes filled with hatred, as his cold voice sounded. A white silhouette flashed by, its feathers fluttering as it tried to fly towards the caravan.

"Set up the formation." Bi Tong shouted loudly, and all the people in the caravan immediately released a powerful Qi, because this caravan was actually filled with profound masters, and Bi Tong was even a Mystical King Ranker. Everyone's Qi shook, and a light shield formed. As the feathers collided, they released ripples.

In this stretch of Mainland, the ranks of the Homo sapiens are divided into profound practitioners, profound masters, Mystical King s, Xuanhuang, Xuanzun, Mysterious Sect, Mysterious Sect, and Profound Master. The first stage of Qi Cultivator was divided into nine stages, which were then followed by the warriors. When the warriors opened the four gates, they became Profound Practitioners, and only after becoming a Profound Practitioners could one be considered to be an official Qi Cultivator, while Monarch Xia Cha had a third stage Xuanzun.

"Having such strength and not being loyal to the country, isn't that a crime as well?" After saying that, Xia Xuan clenched his fist, and the blood aura condensed into a gigantic hand that was around thirty meters long, and with a clench of his gigantic hand, it exploded the light shield. After crushing the light shield, the remaining power of the gigantic hand did not diminish as it went to capture the merchant group. In the entire merchant group, only Bi Tong reacted quickly and dodged in time.

"You, who exactly are you people?" Bi Tong looked at the place where he was standing before, and then looked at Xia Xuan and Shangguan Zelong who were standing far away, he could not help but swallow his saliva, and continued to speak as he retreated.

Xia Xuan did not reply. One of his eyes had already turned blood-red, and the blood like spiritual energy began to emit outwards, condensing into a red pike in his hand.

"Die, god of death." Bi Tong was so scared that he almost fell to the ground, his face full of fear. The desire to live came and he ran away without looking back.

"Humph!" Xia Xuan let out a cold snort, holding onto the pike, he transformed into a streak of blood and flew across the sky. Standing beside Bi Tong's corpse, he looked down at his with cold eyes, and said without any emotion: "It's not Death God, it's Deicide."

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