12 o'clock, in the villa in the suburbs.

The lights were dim and Qin Zixin sat on a chair by himself in the corner. She was waiting for someone who wouldn't come back.

Was love really so humble?

On the television was the love affair between the CEO of Group A, Cui Junhe, and the female celebrity. The picture of Cui Junhe holding He Meixi's hand as they entered the seven-star hotel was revealed.

'Kacha! 'The sound of the door opening was heard.

A tall, large figure entered. He turned on the overhead light and saw a woman curled up in the corner.

"What are you doing? Whom are you going to show to? " The man's cold voice sounded from within the night sky. Qin Zixin slowly raised his head. Surprised and happy, she muttered, "Junhe, you're back?"

After being away for a few months, Qin Zixin almost couldn't remember what his husband looked like.

The man could not bear to see her in such a pitiful state. He pulled her up from the corner of the room and asked, "Did you hand over the photos of me and Mercy to the media? Qin Zixin, you truly have good methods! "

"What?" Qin Zixin could not believe his own ears! What did he just say? What did she mean by giving it to the media? If not for the television, she would not have known that He Meixi was back!

"Why should I?" Qin Zixin tried her best to hold back her tears. She never thought that in Jun Wu You's heart, she would actually be such a despicable and shameless woman.

"You're not going to do anything to make me marry you!" If it hadn't been for you three years ago, Mercy wouldn't have left. If it wasn't you, could it have been Mercy herself? How could a famous celebrity like her do such a thing? "

Qin Zixin let out a cold laugh. She never thought that Cui Junhe would still be the same as before after three years had passed.

Over the past three years, there was no time that she didn't put him in her heart to feel pain. Even if he was a rock, he should have already been covered up by her, but he was still the same as before! He would always put He Meixi first and would never believe her!

"Junhe, I'm not." she complained. But how could Cui Junhe listen?

With one hand, he easily lifted Qin Zixin up from the chair he was sitting on. "Listen! No matter what you do, I won't love you! "

"You love her so much, but do you know her? If she really loves you, why didn't she stay with you three years ago? " Qin Zixin became angry when he remembered that He Meixi had abandoned his career and went to America. She clearly gave up on Junhe before, but now her career was in danger and she had to look for Junhe as soon as she returned. What was so good about such a woman?

"What did you say?" Hearing that, Cui Junhe's eyes burned with anger, he almost wanted to strangle Qin Zixin to death. He once again grabbed onto Qin Zixin's collar, but this time, he seemed to have fiercely rushed in front of her, straight into Qin Zixin's eyes.

"Say that again!" He gritted his teeth and spat out these words.

Qin Zixin turned his face to the side. "She doesn't love you! Don't you know that by now? The one who loves you is me ? " She said those words in a sobbing tone, but Cui Junhe did not listen.

"But I still like her! Since Mercy is back, we'll get a divorce tomorrow! " He walked out of the room without looking back.

A smile crept up the corner of her mouth. I exchanged a liver for a single divorce?

He Meixi, as a great star, you're actually willing to be Cui Junhe's mistress? You really are amazing!

Tears welled up in his eyes, but in his heart, he was still waiting for the man who wouldn't return home. This was the life that Qin Zixin had chosen! Why? She couldn't understand why Cui Junhe wouldn't even look at her. Even if he looked at her a little more, he would understand how much she loved him, and he wouldn't betray her so blatantly!

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