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For thousands of years, the Demon World and the Demon Area had been evenly matched, and they had mutually balanced each other.

Until 3781 years after Navy Tide, under the rule of Demon King Palace Li, the power of the Demon World expanded rapidly, reaching an unprecedented, flourishing period. Its sharp momentum was like toppling mountains and overturning the seas, and a large number of Demon Soldiers stepped out of the Demon World, straight into the human world, quickly annihilating the entire Demon World, as though it was going to swallow up the entire human world in one go.

The balance between the human and demon realms broke just like that. The chaotic collapse of the situation had finally garnered the attention of the Heaven Realm.

Under the orders of the Monarch, Supreme Celestial Luo Hua helped the Demon World to rise again. After five hundred years of struggle, it was known as the Demon Punisher March. In the end, they barely managed to drive most of the demons back to the Demon Area.

After that, Great Immortal Luo Hua and the other deities gave the human race a divine soul bloodline, which was buried in the depths of the Spirit Abyss; he also bestowed the power of healing to the Mu Clan, who was famous for their survival in the Demonic Realm at that time, allowing their descendants to inherit the power of healing that could raise up the dead, as well as their flesh and bones, in order to protect their divine soul bloodline from sprouting in the Spirit Abyss Valley.

Eight hundred years had passed, and everyone knew that the Spirit Abyss Valley of the Spirit Abyss was the Ling Family's residence.

The Ling Family clansmen who carried the bloodline of the God Soul all had a common trait, that was, they could draw Demon Killing Talisman s with their own blood.

As for the Mu Family, who at that time possessed the power of healing to protect the bloodline of their divine soul, they gradually moved further and further away during the long eight hundred year sun and moon change, and finally settled down in the distant Huailing.

As the two great families were very far from each other, the Ling family of the Spirit Abyss realm and the Huailing, the Mu family, were contracted to marry each other.

After bestowing these two great families with special abilities, the Demon World gradually calmed down under their suppression.

The Gods were happy to let this end once and for all. In order to let the Ling Family live forever, they gathered the spirit energy of heaven and earth and formed trees a few feet long, planting them in the Yang region of the Spirit Abyss.

In the early spring of the following year, the sapwood grew rapidly to a height of several zhang. The wood was hard and had a water-colored color, sprouting new buds. The leaves were soft and transparent, the rhizomes were clear, and the branches spread out in an umbrella shape.

In the middle of the summer, the branches and leaves became even denser, and nine transparent water colored flowers bloomed at the same time deep in the treetops. Their shape was like a water lotus, without any fragrance or fragrance, and they were called Derivative Flower.

In the autumn, the derived wood leaves would fall back to their roots, and the nine Derivative Flower fruits would become nine fruits. The fruits were round and clear as glass, and after one autumn of growth, the winter solstice could pick them all, and the fruits would be called Derivative Flower species.

If there was a Derivative Flower species, they would carefully water it with their blood every day, and it would take root and blossom. When the fruits were ripe and ready to fall, the babies with their blood would break out of their shells.

In this way, even if the Ling Family fell in love with someone of the same sex, they could easily reproduce their children without any hindrance.

In order for the Ling Family, which possessed the bloodline of the God Soul, to live for thousands of generations, the Gods had to put in a lot of effort. With this, the gods finally stopped worrying about the imbalance between the humans and demons. Yun Xiu leisurely returned to the Heavenly Court and truly lived the life of a happy deity.

This undercurrent had been growing for more than three hundred years. Finally, it exploded in a single night, causing the once-prosperous Ling Family to be exterminated. Only one child managed to escape.

Everyone in the world said that the fall of the Ling Family wasn't because of how powerful the demons were, but because of how sinister the hearts of the people were. Their greatest enemy wasn't the demons, but their own blood kin.

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