How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C11 Li Che's Fantasy
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How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C11 Li Che's Fantasy
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C11 Li Che's Fantasy

Shen Xi was as though she was struck by lightning. How could she forget about Eldest Martial Brother's status as a member of the Ling Family? She did not expect Gong Loujue to have the idea of a Derivative Flower. The Ling family and the Huailing Mu family had an engagement, and this marriage was an engagement! If Eldest Martial Brother wants to use his Derivative Flower s to nurture his offspring with men, he should be the same as the Mu Clan's Mu Cunfeng.

Gong Loujue didn't get angry and said cheerfully: "There are three people in the Mu Family. Mu Cunfeng's eldest sister is married. Second Brother is married. Only Mu Cunfeng is unmarried. That Mu Cunfeng might not like men. If Mu Cunfeng had no intention to marry, the marriage engagement between the two great families would be postponed to the next generation. I still have a chance. "

Shen Xi was so angry that she wanted to hit him. She raised her hand and saw that Gong Loujue's old wounds were not yet healed, so she could only give up.

Dia Yi had not gone far. She had been hiding outside the entire time. Now, she jumped in through the window. With a frown, she looked in the direction Shen Xi had left and said angrily, "This Shen Xi dares to be so rude to Young Master. I will go down and teach her a lesson!"

Gong Loujue waved his hand and said, "It's just a little girl, nothing to be afraid of." Gong Loujue pondered for a moment. His eyes were gloomy and unreadable. A trace of hostility that he hadn't felt in a long time appeared in the depths of his eyes. He read it word by word, "Mu Cunfeng."

"Mu Cunfeng?" Dia Yi recalled, "I have heard of the third young master of the Mu Family. The Mu Clan was known for their ability to heal. This Mu Cunfeng had already trained in the ninth layer. The healing power of a single hand could raise a dead person's flesh and bones; the whip technique was amazing, and the Phoenix Feather Whip was also superb, with a handsome appearance … Male... Young Master? "

Dia Yi called out guiltily.

"Dragon-scale Sword, Phoenix Feather Whip …" Gong Loujue muttered, his face was gloomy, he snorted, what Phoenix Feather Whip, the name he picked was unknown to Hengzhi's, a nameless fire was raging in his heart.

"Young Master?" Dia Yi looked anxiously at Gong Loujue's uncertain face and thought to herself, "In the face of Shen Xi's provocation, Young Master can smile. Why does it sound like Mu Cunfeng is someone who wants to eat people?" Dia Yi asked weakly, "What's wrong with this Mu Cunfeng?"

Gong Loujue recalled the marriage engagement between the Mu Clan and the Ling Clan and became anxious. "This person better give up on the idea of marrying Hengzhi, otherwise …" A cruel smile slowly crawled on Dia Yieshen's face. She shivered and prayed for Mu Cunfeng, who was staring at her innocently, not to have any ideas about Ling Mochen.

According to the marriage agreement between the Ling family and the Mu family, the heir and the heir would be crowned. The Mu family sent a messenger to send an invitation and post to invite the Ling family to negotiate a marriage and get married one day.

In the dim Repenting Cliff, Ling Mochen drew runes with the dim yellow wall lamp. Suddenly, the tip of his brush stopped and the ink started to spread out.

It was a beautiful spring afternoon, and Ling Mochen, a young man who was being led by his father to the annual Red Iris Society in the realm of exorcism, sat down by himself on a pear blossom tree. A small child dressed in a jade colored robe, holding a long whip in his hand, followed by a group of arrogant followers. He raised his eyebrows and said to Little Wu and steel, "I heard that you're going to marry me when you grow up?

Little Mochen was confused and ignored him. He got up and pretended to leave, but the child refused to comply. He swung his whip and wrapped it around Little Mochen's arm. Winning is marrying, losing is marrying. What do you think? "

The whip on his arm was removed, and the child's anger turned into joy. Suddenly, he went up to his face and smacked his lips, and said to his followers: "This is this young master's wife, when you see her in the future, call her 'young master', do you understand?"

The group of lackeys nodded obediently and called out, "Young Master's wife."

"I'll remember!" This young master is called Mu Cunfeng. " After the child said this, he led the lackey and imitated the appearance of an adult, striding away in large strides.

It was said that he had grown up to be a young man with delicate features. He had the power of healing, and his flogging skills were extraordinary. He was also the successor of the Mu Family. His future was bright and limitless.

Ling Mochen took off his white protective palm that he had been holding on the back of his hand all year round. Surprisingly, there was a deep scar on the back of his hand, which was even more shocking than the scar. It was a red circle pattern with complicated patterns and strange demon language branded on it. That was the evil kiss of the monster. It once branded the pain of humiliation inch by inch into the depths of his soul, making it a nightmare that he would never be able to forget in his entire life.

The evil imprint was called the Demon Puppet Seal in the Demon World, and the person who was imprinted with the evil imprint was called the demon puppet.

What is a Demon Puppet Seal?

The Demon World and the Demon Area had always been incompatible, so when two sides fought, the demon would try to leave any part of the enemy's body as if they were kissing and biting at it, making them feel extremely humiliated. And once a human being was branded with a Demon Puppet Seal, it meant that he had become a servant of the demon imprint. As long as the other party chanted an incantation silently, the person who was branded would lose their consciousness, and become a puppet of the demon type, as if their souls had been stolen.

Demonic Puppet, how ironic, at the same time, was a peak Exorcist, and also a Demonic Puppet.

Ling Mochen retreated into a dark corner. A dirty person like him was not worthy of being kept in the same place by others. He could only hope that the little gongzi had already forgotten about him and promised not to take his words seriously.

Just as Ling Mochen was deep in thought, the stone door made a noise. Ling Mochen immediately put on his protective hand again and stared at the entrance cautiously. The Repenting Cliff located in the darkest part of the Bailing Mountain, shaped like a tunnel, and the light was naturally weak. The person who came walked over extremely slowly while feeling his way through the wet cliff walls.

"I wonder why Junior Shen is here?"

Shen Yanran stopped three steps away from Ling Mochen and briefly investigated the situation within the Repenting Cliff. Within the cavernous Repenting Cliff, a dark river quietly flowed. The repressed space only had a single star light faintly flickering, as if it could be extinguished at any time.

Shen Yanran sighed, with a mournful look on her face, "Thinking back to back then, Master and Disciple Lee Che were recommended into Bailing Mountain during my journey down the mountain. They were supposed to be my companions, but ended up forming a team with you."

Ling Mochen was silent. Bailing Mountain teaming mainly depends on the degree of tacit understanding. Back then, Lee Che and Ling Mochen had the highest teamwork, so it was natural for them to become partners. Ling Mochen didn't want to expose this. Anyone with a discerning eye would be able to tell that Shen Yanran was definitely not on the same side as Lee Che.

"Are you still not going to tell me what happened? Even though that water monster is fierce, with your ability, how can you not even protect your junior brother, making him … "Let him …" Shen Yanran thought of Lee Che's death and cried, "He actually died in a demon's womb …"

Ling Mochen clenched his fingers, his long eyelashes quivering. His heart was in great pain, but he could only lower his head in silence.

"Do you think you won't say!? Didn't I know? I've already privately checked the Xijiang River! " Shen Yanran glared at Ling Mochen with eyes as sharp as knives, and snapped, "A local citizen told me that the day before Lee Che's death, you quarreled and he left in anger, didn't you!"

"..." "That's right." When Shen Yanran thought that he would still remain silent, Ling Mochen spoke in a hushed tone.

"Why are you arguing! "You've always been at peace with the world. Why would you argue with Lee Che?" Shen Yanran's interrogative tone tried to pick up some clues from Ling Mochen's haggard face.

"No comment." As long as he got close to the truth, Ling Mochen would always say the words "no comment". Shen Yanran was thoroughly angered by Ling Mochen's stubborn attitude. With a "whoosh", a sword light flashed, Ling Mochen grunted and covered his wounded shoulder.

Shen Yanran was agitated. After Lee Che died, she, who was on the verge of collapse, urgently needed to release her feelings, so she held her bleeding sword and approached Ling Mochen step by step. She asked with a hoarse voice, "Are you still not willing to tell the truth? Why did Lee Che die like that!? Aren't you two friends? Why did you quarrel before he died! Say it! "

Ling Mochen quickly pressed his acupoint to stop the bleeding and stood up while enduring the pain. He didn't expect Shen Yanran to hurt him just to know about the situation. He didn't know that she had stabbed him in the left shoulder, but even so, he couldn't bear to tell her the truth.

Lee Che paid the price of his life to perish together with the water demon. He was a young hero that was praised by everyone in Xijiang River. After his death, he was buried as a heroic soul in the Bailing Mountain 'Yiling' burial site.

How could he possibly destroy all of this? It was truly difficult to describe.

"Today, I shall pretend that you have never come. Leave." One of the rules of the Bailing Mountain was to not fight against each other, and violators would be punished according to the circumstances. Since Ling Mochen said this, then he would not bother with her.

Shen Yanran coldly snorted. "I will definitely find out the truth!" After saying that, she sheathed her sword and turned around to leave. Halfway there, she bumped into Gong Loujue. A familiar smell of blood came from Shen Yanran's sword.

Hengzhi! Gong Loujue's heart sank. He didn't have time to question Shen Yanran as he rushed into the cliff with a burning heart.

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