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C13 Belt Fight

"If Hengzhi doesn't want to be my companion to kill the demons, then forget it." Facing Ling Mochen, a smile suddenly appeared on her pretty face. This smile did not reach the corners of her eyes. She stared at Ling Mochen and said word by word with a cold tone, "It's just Hengzhi, don't regret it."

The cold air invading his body made Ling Mochen anxious and alarmed. His mind became restless. He frowned slightly and suddenly felt that Gong Loujue seemed to have become a different person. His expression didn't resemble that of his obedient and attached junior brother. That gaze immediately made Ling Mochen think of a hunter staring at his prey, sharp and focused, but full of danger.

Facing Ling Mochen, who was still calm and composed like before, at this moment, he couldn't help but have the urge to run away, avoiding Gong Loujue's gaze.

"You are also in the forbidden zone right now. Let's go."

Gong Loujue looked at the side of Ling Mochen's face. It was clearly outlined, and he was extremely handsome. The candle flame was weak, and his eyelashes cast a shadow over his face. His eyes were clear and bright. He was dressed neatly, and was restrained from being messy. His black hair was all tied up in a white jade crown.

Such an inviolable young genius really wanted to tear apart his neat white robe and ruffle his hair, then look at his messy appearance before suppressing him … Stop! Gong Loujue ended his fantasy and his body's reaction forced him to leave.

After running to the bedroom in one breath, Gong Loujue's anger was even greater. He frowned and gritted his teeth in embarrassment. After some thinking and fighting, he finally took out a painting from the secret compartment beside the bed.

The man on the painting was handsome, his white clothes were all wet, and stuck to his toughened body, exuding a wet and seductive aura that made people unable to restrain themselves from getting closer. It was precisely Ling Mochen, who went to Qingzhou City to subdue the Hua Kun that had been drenched by the rain that day.

Gong Loujue's eyes were cloudy, his lips slightly parted as he leaned towards the man on the painting and slowly gasped for breath. Not enough, far from enough! Gong Loujue rubbed the drawing paper into a ball and wished he could swallow it in his stomach. This feeling of wanting to vent his feelings began in March, when he had been suppressing it to the end of April. Gong Loujue was on the verge of collapse, but he could only...

Gong Loujue collapsed, opened the curtain, closed his eyes, and closed the lid. He imagined Ling Mochen, with his right hand between his knuckles, grabbing the bed sheet with his left hand, and his face gradually turned red …

The next day, the clouds were bright and the weather was good, but Gong Loujue was still depressed. Thinking about how that person had yet to fall in love with him, he became even more upset. He didn't know why he had to be so sullen, so he called over Dia Yi.

"What orders do you have for me, Young Master?" It was Dia Yi's first time being summoned in the morning, so she naturally knew that Gong Loujue wanted her to accept a mission. Furthermore, it was a "very urgent" matter, so she didn't even need to pay her respects.

"Go to the Purple Cloud Palace and ask Palace Lord Hua for a 'Soul-Sealing Pill'! There's no time to delay! "

"Soul-Sealing Pill?" Dia Yi said in shock, "Is it a Spirit Sealing Pill that can restrict cultivation level and is unable to be used by Spiritual Power?"

"Exactly." Gong Loujue stared at the crumpled picture on the table and said decisively.

Dia Yi followed Gong Loujue's gaze and was shocked when she saw the person in the painting. "Could it be that Young Master wants to use the Soul-Sealing Pill to deal with Mistress?"

"Don't ask what you shouldn't ask." Gong Loujue smoothed down the portrait inch by inch and looked at the person in the picture with infatuation. He was determined to get it.

Dia Yi's heart suddenly sank. Even though she had been acting with Gong Loujue for half a year, she truly felt that Ling Mochen was upright and kind. Although Ling Mochen was neither smiling nor amused, he was extremely caring towards others.

"Young master, are you sure you want to use the Soul-Sealing Pill on master?" And after using the Soul-Sealing Pellet? Forced to go back and imprison? If that's the case, you and Master will truly be doomed! " Dia Yi said solemnly, kneeling down and bowing, "Please reconsider, young master!"

Forever? Gong Loujue's heart tightened as he curled his fingers, got up and paced around anxiously. If he really forced that person into a corner, then the consequences could be imagined based on that person's personality. If that person didn't die, then both sides would suffer.

"Whatever, you can leave now."

"Yes." Dia Yi heaved a long sigh of relief, patted her chest to soothe her nervous heart, and retreated as instructed.

As soon as Dia Yi left, Gong Loujue was driven mad. Ling Mochen was unmoved by the lustful coaxing. He might as well play the pig to eat the tiger, but who knew that Ling Mochen would actually treat him as a "pig". To use force was to trample on the other party's dignity in the name of "love". After messing up his hair, Gong Loujue called for Dia Yi.

Young master wouldn't go back on his word, right? Dia Yi's heart felt as if fifteen buckets of water had been hung. She stole a glance at Gong Loujue's messy hair, without a trace of elegance. However, she could not laugh and carefully asked: "Young Master?"

"What do we do now?" Asking for help in a master's tone, Gong Loujue's expression did not change.

Dia Yi felt a headache coming on, a headache worse than having to go get the Soul-Sealing Dans. Hence, she asked, "Young master, why don't you just confess?"

"This …" Gong Loujue frowned. That person was already unwilling to be his partner, why would he accept him?

"It won't work, next."

"Next …" Dia Yi massaged her forehead and racked her brains. "That's right!" She excitedly took out a red pill from her pocket, and her eyes sparkled with excitement. "Give him the medicine, then cook the rice and ripen the rice!"

"Down..." "Use medicine!" Gong Loujue was surprised, "It's possible?"

"It's possible! Definitely! Very good! " Dia Yi put the pill into Gong Loujue's hand and smiled.

Gong Loujue looked at the fiery-red medicinal pill in his hand. As long as he swindled Liu Tie into consuming it … Wait, cheating? He had been lying to him for half a lifetime, hiding many things from him, and he knew that when he uncovered the truth, it would be bloody scars, indelible scars, and a completely opposite situation. Before this, he could not use this trick to get him. Otherwise, this matter of 'drugging' would be treated as a humiliation by him (Ling Mochen), becoming another obstruction between them. Besides, what Gong Loujue wanted wasn't just a body, but a heart.

Gong Loujue used his finger to grind the pill into powder and said:

"It won't work, next."

Dia Yi was flabbergasted. This was the Dragon Yang Pill that she had spent a great deal of effort to obtain from Palace Lord Hua! It vanished into ashes in an instant? It was a pity that such a beautiful scene was ruined by Gong Loujue!

Dia Yi was discouraged. "Please forgive this subordinate's incompetence. I can't think of anything."

Gong Loujue pondered for a moment, "Let's try to lure him in."

"Alright!" Going around and around was still the same thing, but there was no need to come up with any more ideas. Dia Yi clapped her hands in agreement.

This time, he was going to go all out. Gong Loujue did not send out any of his skills, but Ling Mochen remained indifferent.

"I have to see him again." Finished speaking, Gong Loujue tidied himself up and headed straight for the Repenting Cliff. Along the way, he passed by the Dustless Temple and suddenly saw a white figure flash past. Someone had snuck into Wu Tie's room! Gong Loujue followed quietly.

After a few moments, the figure lightly leapt out of the window, and ran happily towards the western courtyard.

The Bailing Mountain's male disciples all stayed in the southern courtyard while the female disciples stayed in the western courtyard.

Gong Loujue followed her all the way to the door of her room. Unaware of anything, Shen Xi took a needle and thread from her room and a clean piece of white cloth. She found a hidden small pavilion and sat down, carefully spread the white cloth on the table, smiled, and took out a broken piece of purple hair from her bosom.

The only exception was Ling Mochen. The purple hair ribbon with the irises and dark lines embroidered with silver threads was said to have been meticulously embroidered for him by Ling Mochen's mother. However, it was damaged during a Demon Subduing Mission, so Ling Mochen kept it carefully.

Gong Loujue was upset. Why did he never discover this detail? Otherwise, he would be the one sewing the hair ribbon for Hengzhi. This time, this little girl beat him to it. Obviously, Gong Loujue didn't realize the fact that he didn't know how to sew at all.

Shen Xi's expression was focused and focused, she was very serious about mending every stitch. Even Gong Loujue, who was squatting on a bush not far away, was not aware of it.

Gong Loujue had never taken Shen Xi's feelings for Ling Mochen seriously. Now, he realized that this girl was actually quite gentle and virtuous when she was serious. Jealousy rose in Gong Loujue's heart. He was just about to snatch the ribbon when he saw Shen Xi thinking about something. She blushed, her eyes rippling as she lifted her hand to tug off a few strands of her black hair.

The hairband was embroidered with two layers of silk. Could it be that Shen Xi wanted to place her own hair inside?

The ribbon is used for the hair, so isn't it like a knot? As Gong Loujue expected, Shen Xi had already put her hair back into the ribbon. A hair strand, a hair knot, and only the spouse could do such a thing! Gong Loujue couldn't stay calm and appeared in front of Shen Xi like a shadow chasing the wind. He snatched the hairband from Shen Xi's hand with one move, and his actions were clean. Shen Xi was caught off guard. When she reacted, the ribbon had already fallen into Gong Loujue's hands. She flew into a rage and extended her leg to kick him. Gong Loujue easily twisted his body to dodge and, seeing Gong Loujue's angry eyes, teased him:

"A girl shouldn't be embarrassed. Do you know that only a married couple can be like this?"

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