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C14 De Facto Pulls

Shen Xi's face turned red from embarrassment. She had loved Ling Mochen for a long time, so she thought of using this method to fulfill her wish of having a "hair off" with Ling Mochen. This most inhumane side was exposed in front of Gong Loujue, so she had no choice but to raise her voice to restrain him.

"What does it have to do with you? Give me back the headband! Otherwise, I'll make it so you can't eat anymore! This is the Western Courtyard, and male disciples are not allowed to enter! "

"You are not allowed to enter?" "Then I'll take my leave." After saying that, Gong Loujue waved at Shen Xi with his hair ribbon in his hand, turned around and quickly flew away.

"Don't run!" Shen Xi yelled and chased after him. Before she could grab his arm, she took a step back and pulled on the corner of Gong Loujue's robe, dragging him down.

Who would have thought that this little girl would go all out like this! This young master's pants are about to be ripped off! Helpless, Gong Loujue could only retreat. Shen Xi squatted on the ground, gasping for breath and not letting go of Gong Loujue. She gripped the corner of his robe tightly and threatened,

"Give me back my hairband, or I'll …" A mischievous smile appeared on Shen Xi's pretty face as she reached for the sword at her waist, "Otherwise, I will cut open your pants and call all the female disciples over to watch. As far as I know, the western courtyard has quite a number of beautiful female juniors who covet Younger Martial Brother Gong! Hehehe … How about it? You want me to hand it over to you or run naked? "

"We can talk if there's something to talk about. We can talk if there's something to talk about. I'm afraid of you now. Wasn't it just a headband? "I'll return it to you." While Gong Loujue was speaking, he handed over the departure belt and carefully pulled out the corner of the robe from under Shen Xi's sword.

"At least you know your place." Shen Xi no longer paid attention to Gong Loujue and returned to the small pavilion. She stuffed the hair back into the ribbon and started sewing again.

"You really sewed your hair in?" Gong Loujue sat beside Shen Xi as he stared at her dejectedly.

"Humph!" What can you do? "

"Aren't you afraid that I'll tell Hengzhi?"

"If you dare tell Eldest Martial Brother, I'll expose your trespass into the western courtyard."

Gong Loujue smiled coyly.

"If you help me keep my secret, I won't expose you. I'll help each other, or else we'll both be finished!" Shen Xi tried to coerce him, "How is it?"

Gong Loujue pretended to be in a difficult situation and frowned. After thinking for a moment, he replied:


Shen Xi happily patted Gong Loujue on the shoulder, "This is my good junior!" As he spoke, he buried his head and continued moving like flying needles.

Gong Loujue only retracted his gaze after Shen Xi had perfectly sewn the hair ribbon that was covering her hair.

"How come you still haven't left! Hurry up, or I'll be found out later! You're not going to go back on your words again, are you? " Shen Xi hid her hair band vigilantly, pushing Gong Loujue's back and chasing him out the back door, "Let's go!"

"Bam!" As soon as he heard the sound, the back door closed and a gust of wind blew Wu Tie's hair into a mess, but he was not angry at all. Instead, he smiled, raised his hand and spread his fingers, a few strands of Shen Xi's soft black hair quietly lying on the palm of his hand. It was obvious whose hair was hidden in Ling Mochen's headband.

A cyan spirit butterfly flew over from the sky above the western courtyard, turning into a human figure in front of Gong Loujue.

"Your subordinate was wondering why young master was unable to escape from Shen Xi's hands and was even dragged back to be threatened. It turns out that young master wanted to change his hair and have Shen Xi sew it up on the way!" Young Master, you are too polite to Shen Xi. Who knows what we'll need to do next time! "

Gong Loujue was in a good mood. He waved his hand and said:

"Don't touch her. Keep it for now."


After Gong Loujue left, Shen Xi, who had finished sewing her hair ribbon, couldn't wait to rush to the Repenting Cliff.

"Eldest Martial Brother, Eldest Martial Brother, I'm here to see you!"

Ling Mochen, who was sitting in meditation, opened his eyes. The person who had arrived was Shen Xi, and she still had such an impetuous personality.

"Junior Shen, aren't you practicing your swordsmanship today?" Ling Mochen asked with his usual tone.

"Ah, this …" Shen Xi made a face. "I'm practicing, I …" I came to see you and left immediately! "


In the darkness of the room, a man and a woman were alone together. Eldest Martial Brother, whom she adored, was standing right in front of her. Shen Xi's heart was pounding as she nervously wrung her fingers. Eldest Martial Brother seemed to have become even more handsome! It was not as indifferent as usual. When lined with the candle flame, its facial features became much gentler. It was a very gentle appearance.

Feeling a burning gaze on her, Ling Mochen looked up. Shen Xi was so scared that she stood up and spoke incoherently. She quickly took out her hair from her pocket and handed it to Ling Mochen. "Big …" Eldest Martial Brother, actually, that... "I saw that your hairband was broken, so I helped you make it up. Here …"

The purple hair band fell in front of Ling Mochen's eyes, reminding him of the gentlest part of his heart. That was the only memorial his mother had left for him. In that instant, the black starry eyes seemed to ripple. He slowly stood up and took the hairband with both hands and gently stroked it. Shen Xi looked at Ling Mochen's slender fingers and a blushing face appeared.

"Thank you." Ling Mochen thanked him sincerely.

"No …" "No need, um, I have to go!" Shen Xi covered her face and ran.

"?" Ling Mochen didn't understand.

Gong Loujue stood guard outside the Repenting Cliff Stone Door, and only entered when he saw Shen Xi running out with a bashful look on her face.

"Hengzhi." Gong Loujue called out with a smile on his face. He walked up to Ling Mochen and hugged him.

Seeing Gong Loujue, Ling Mochen was not surprised at all. Ever since he had been punished to restrict his Repenting Cliff, Gong Loujue would come visit him a few times a day.

"What are you holding in your hand?" Gong Loujue asked despite knowing the answer.

"A headband." Ling Mochen wanted to put it into his sleeve but was stopped by Gong Loujue.

"Let me put it on for you! If you do not have a hairband, it will lose its original function. The original intention of your mother's embroidery was for you to use it. " Gong Loujue was succinct and persuasive.

"Yes." Ling Mochen raised his hand and caressed his hair. Gong Loujue held his fingers and said, "Let me help you. I'm more comfortable than you are. I can tie you up even tighter so that you won't fall off."

"..." "Thank you."

The hair band hidden in Wu's hair was wrapped tightly around Ling Mochen's hair. Only a layer of silk separated the hair and hair, so it could be considered as a "knot."

Gong Loujue's expression was solemn, as if he had completed a sacred task, and a sense of satisfaction arose in his heart. In that instant, he had an illusion that Ling Mochen already belonged to him, and this illusion made him intoxicated as he closed his eyes and leaned towards Ling Mochen.

"Loujue?" Feeling something behind him, Ling Mochen turned his head and his lips brushed Gong Loujue's face, which felt soft and warm as condensed jade. It was surprisingly beautiful, and he froze, quickly moving to the side, but his cheeks were flushed and slightly hot.

Although this kiss was unintentional, it was Ling Mochen who took the initiative to come closer. Gong Loujue's heart was filled with joy. He wanted to throw himself forward and kiss it back, but he knew that he must not be reckless.

With Ling Mochen's arrogant and inviolable personality, forcing him to attack would only make him move further away. The only way to lure him closer was to lure him closer.

Gong Loujue forcefully restrained his impulse to leap back, pretended to be embarrassed, smiled, and changed the topic, "Hengzhi, recently when you weren't here, I was really bored. Tell me when we can get rid of the ban, don't be so sneaky …"

"Loujue," Ling Mochen interrupted, a little dazed, frowning thoughtfully, unable to get over the fact that he had accidentally hurt Gong Loujue's neck. For some reason, even if it hurt him by a hair, Ling Mochen felt a dull ache in his heart. He remembered how he had been rejected when he had treated Gong Loujue, and that was the first time Gong Loujue had refused him.

"Does your neck still hurt?"

Seeing that Ling Mochen had been worrying for a long time, Gong Loujue thought that something big had happened. He didn't expect that he would only ask such an irrelevant question.

"It doesn't hurt anymore." Gong Loujue smiled and stared into Ling Mochen's eyes.

"Yes." Ling Mochen was silent for a while and then said:

"The reason why I hurt you that day wasn't from my heart. It was just an instinctive counterattack." Seeing that Gong Loujue just smiled and had no intention of responding, Ling Mochen thought for a moment and then said:

"In the past, when I was suddenly attacked, my instinct was to directly draw out my sword and attack, striving to kill with one blow."

The implied meaning was that his subconscious was lenient towards Gong Loujue. Gong Loujue immediately understood the implied meaning. Did that mean that Ling Mochen already had special feelings for him? Looking at Ling Mochen's dazed expression, could it be that he was moved and did not know it?

Realizing this, Gong Loujue seemed to have come back to life. Although he was extremely excited, his expression was abnormally calm. He maintained a decent smile and said:

"It's fine now."

"..." "Mm, that's good." Ling Mochen seemed to have a thousand things to say. Helpless to not speak, he used actual actions to replace words. He took out a stack of "Demon Killing Talisman" from his bosom and put it into Gong Loujue's palm.

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