How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C15 Demon Slaying Talisman Paper
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How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C15 Demon Slaying Talisman Paper
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C15 Demon Slaying Talisman Paper

Ling Mochen was a member of the Ling Family, so he could draw "Demon Killing Talisman" with his blood. Once a monster was pasted with a "Demon Killing Talisman", in terms of cultivation level, the light ones would turn into their original shapes while the heavy ones would turn into ashes.

The Demon Killing Talisman was naturally one of the unreplaceable divine tools in the Demon World. Logically speaking, Gong Loujue should be surprised to suddenly get such a generous stack of Demon Killing Talisman, and should have even received it personally from Ling Mochen. However, Gong Loujue's smile disappeared, and he asked in a low voice with a tone of reproach, "Why?!" His pained and strict eyes looked straight at Ling Mochen, his eyes seemed to be red, and the hand holding the Demon Killing Talisman was trembling uncontrollably.

People often only saw how the Demon Killing Talisman did not need to fight with blood, reaching the peak of perfection, but no one cared about the numerous wounds the Demon Killing Talisman had. There were ninety-one Demon Killing Talisman lying on his palm, and it was also Ling Mochen's bloody wound and countless drops of hot blood!

"Speak, why did you give me this?" Gong Loujue's face was filled with anger. His eyes reflected the slight fire on the cliff wall, as if it was about to ignite.

Ling Mochen didn't expect Gong Loujue to have such a strong reaction. He didn't know how he had angered him, so he said:

"In the future, when you are travelling together with others, if you meet any monsters that are difficult to deal with, use this talisman."

"So you only use these Demon Killing Talisman to send me away?" Gong Loujue took a step closer with an overbearing tone. There was something hidden in his eyes that was about to explode.

Ling Mochen looked away from the sharp gaze, took a deep breath and said:

"If you run out of talismans, I'll give it to you."

"Ling Mochen!" Gong Loujue gritted his teeth and said, "Do you really think that just because you drew the Demon Killing Talisman for me, I would be grateful for your kindness? Or do you think that you can just give me the Demon Killing Talisman and get rid of me! In order to get rid of me, I would rather be injured myself and bleed! " Gong Loujue's chest heaved up and down as he tried his best to suppress his emotions.

"..." "Loujue," Ling Mochen was born lonely. This was the first time someone had cared about the wound on the Demon Killing Talisman's back, and although he was questioned, he was still a little touched. He slowed down his tone, raised his hand, and caressed Gong Loujue's back soothingly.

"You're being too serious."

Gong Loujue was silent. Relying on his keen sense of smell, he stepped back and held Ling Mochen's blood-stained left hand accurately. Ling Mochen instinctively resisted. What was hidden under the palm of his left hand? That was the shame of his life, the Demon Puppet Seal!

"Loujue!" "Let go!"

Gong Loujue remained silent. Ignoring Ling Mochen's growl, he grabbed Ling Mochen's sleeve. As expected, there was a three inch deep wound on his wrist that was still stained with blood. Ling Mochen had cut it on the Demon Killing Talisman while painting for Wu Tie.

"Loujue!" Ling Mochen called out in a low voice.

Gong Loujue suddenly lowered his head, held Ling Mochen's injured left hand close to his lips, and carefully licked it with his soft and flexible tongue. His eyes were half closed and his long brows were slightly knitted. The bottom of his eyes were moist and filled with a thick sense of pity.

Ling Mochen was stunned and couldn't recover for a long time. The anxiety of his left hand, which was hiding a secret, was also gone without a trace. At this moment, all that was left in his sight was the mesmerizing charm of Gong Loujue.

Spiritual Power s were the most pure and abundant through the mouth. Ling Mochen felt his wounds were cold, and being licked by that soft tongue, he was completely intoxicated, feeling extremely comfortable.

Not long after, the wound had mostly healed. Gong Loujue released Ling Mochen and placed the Demon Killing Talisman back into his hands. His watery eyes looked at Ling Mochen with resentment, like a puppy that had been abandoned, feeling wronged and wronged.

"I'm leaving." Gong Loujue turned around, and a smile appeared on his face. Ling Mochen kept his Demon Killing Talisman, indicating that they could still travel together.

"Loujue..." Gong Loujue was proudly stopped by Ling Mochen, who had an irresistible look in his eyes as he shoved the Demon Killing Talisman into Gong Loujue's arms, "Go."

"..." Give me a reason, a reason to drive me away! " Gong Loujue said in a deep voice.

"Your cultivation base no longer needs to follow me. You should …"

"Hengzhi, I don't want to hear these lies," Gong Loujue looked at Ling Mochen worriedly, "What happened to you? Would you like me to share the burden? "

"..." "I'm fine."

"Then why aren't you coming with me?" Gong Loujue asked.

This Junior Martial Brother's personality was as sticky as butter. Once stuck to him, he couldn't break away, and if he wanted to break away, he had to … Take off a layer of skin. Ling Mochen closed his eyes. When he opened them again, they were filled with coldness. It was the same look he had when he first saw Wu Tie. Wu Liang's heart tightened as he called out:

"Hengzhi?" Why was there such a gaze!

"Since you want to know the answer, I might as well tell you. In the half year that I traveled with you, because of your fault, I released a total of thirty-nine monsters. After a hundred and fifty-three missions, you'll be left behind sixty times. If Master had not personally taken you in, even I would have suspected that you were a spy sent by the Demon Realm. Beside me, there is no need for trash like you. "

While it was normal for monsters to hide and hide, Gong Loujue only held back to help. Ling Mochen, on the other hand, rejected all of his efforts. He only had the word 'trash' in his evaluation, Gong Loujue felt wronged and extremely wronged.

"Trash? So it turns out that I'm just a piece of trash in your eyes! That's why you're not willing to be my partner! "

Ling Mochen silently agreed.

Gong Loujue said angrily, "Do you believe me?! I can catch as many monsters as you want! " When these words left his mouth, even Gong Loujue was stunned. Ling Mochen cast a scrutinizing look at him, but seeing Gong Loujue's pale face, he thought to himself, This Junior Brother would be ashamed even if he were to boast.

The two of them looked at each other, but they lost first. They looked away from Ling Mochen and looked at the lone lamp on the cliff wall. Flames were reflected in Gong Loujue's watery eyes, which left Ling Mochen with an extremely handsome face.

Even Ling Mochen had to admit that his junior's appearance was truly pleasing to the eyes. If it was every day, even if he drank some plain water, he would still feel sweet.

However, such a beautiful person was destined to be unable to be associated with someone who had been branded with a crime. He had a bright future ahead of him. He shouldn't have fallen into depravity with him.

Despite knowing what Gong Loujue was saying, Ling Mochen said seriously: "I believe you, one day, there will be a big success." What was this encouragement and affirmation? Weren't you scolding me just now? Didn't he make up his mind to chase them away with a cold face? Ling Mochen rubbed his forehead dejectedly. Why couldn't he keep a cold heart when facing Younger Martial Brother Gong? Seeing that there was something strange on Younger Martial Brother Gong's face, he couldn't wait to comfort him.

"..." "Hengzhi." Gong Loujue called.


"Can I stay here tonight?" Gong Loujue's eyes were filled with anticipation.

Ling Mochen pondered for a moment and said: "After tonight, you can leave."

This time it was Gong Loujue who was silent. He knew that even if the protest was like a raging tide and landed on Ling Mochen's location, it would not cause a single ripple.

Ling Mochen leaned against the wall and sat down, already sleeping with his eyes closed. In his arms, he was hugging a person who was lying on the waist, breathing heavily, yet he had not slept all night. When he returned to his room, he was stopped by Dia Yi who was waiting outside the door. She didn't believe that the Dragon Yang Pill had truly been destroyed by Gong Loujue. Maybe the Dragon Yang Pill he crushed was just a trick he was good at using.

Gong Loujue was in low spirits. He had a faint green shadow in front of his eyes. He looked haggard as he said, "I was dumped."


Wasn't this what it meant by being dumped? Dia Yi scratched her head in confusion. Gong Loujue pushed her aside with a flick of his sleeve and went out the door for a day without leaving. Dia Yi peeked on him, but it turned out that he had been sleeping all day. Young Master was indeed not that easily depressed. Hmm, his skin was thick enough.

A few days passed quietly, and a calm breeze blew until the clamor below the mountain started. A group of Qing Zhou disciples dressed in green robes and holding long swords, led by their Young Master Yin Lie, came over and made a ruckus. The disciples of Bailing Mountain hurriedly went over to report, but only after receiving their master's orders did they dare to let Yin Lie and the others up the mountain.

The disciples of Qingzhou rushed into the Nine Clouds Spirit Gathering without any hindrances, all of them were panting and waiting to catch their breath. Yin Lie went straight to the point and didn't even say a word of courtesy before shouting out to Elder Wen Xu, who was almost thirty years older than him:

"Elder Wen Xu, your first disciple might be patient. Not only did he snatch something from our Qingzhou Realm, he even made fun of this young master! Today, this young master is here to collect a debt! "

Yin Lie pulled out his sword in anger and stuck it on the ground. The sword stabbed into the ground with a "clang" and then shook. The sword's light flashed with a cold light and was shining brilliantly.

Murong Qi pushed his way through the crowd and stared fixedly at the sword. He pulled Yun Chuxiao over and said:

"Good sword!" The sword beam is pure and the blade edge is hidden within the radiance of the stars. It was created by Daoist Zhenren five hundred years ago. " Murong Qi shook his head as he looked at the arrogant Master Jun Lan, then whispered in Yun Chuxiao's ear, "It's a pity that a good sword is with the wrong person. They're not worthy."

Yun Chuxiao nodded his head in agreement and chuckled:

"Qian He has good eyesight. How does that compare to the Wind Chasing Sword that you've created for me?"

Murong Qi's smile was enigmatic as he borrowed Yun Chuxiao's hand to pull out his sword. He jabbed the tip of his finger into the ground, causing a crack to appear. The crack extended 10 feet deep until it reached Jun Lan Jian, and then with a "clang" sound, Jun Lan Jian fell to the ground.

If he were to fight with these bunch of Bailing Mountain disciples, he would definitely suffer a loss, and the only person who can suppress Ling Mochen is his master, so he had to first win over Liu Tie, and said: "Senior Master, Junior respects you, Elder Wen Xu, whom everyone praises in the Spirit Demon World, but you are allowing your disciples to hurt others like this!"

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