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C16 Yin Chilling

Wen Xu, however, did not take this flattery and said lightly: "My disciple didn't hurt anyone."

Yin Lie was so angry that he almost died. He lifted up his sword with one foot and held it in his hand as he complained:

"Your eldest disciple actually trespassed into my Qingzhou Sect and killed demons without seeking help, which is already a violation of the rules of the demonic realm. Not only did he steal my Qingzhou Sect's demonic beast Hua Kun, he even teased this young master! This young master will come today to seek justice! If not, then this young master will announce your unrighteous actions in Bailing Mountain to the world! So what if the fish death net is broken?! "

"A joke?" Yun Chuxiao said, "Tell me, how did our Eldest Martial Brother tease you?"

Yin Lie found it hard to speak. How could he explain such a humiliating matter to him? On that day, he was pointed at by Ling Mochen and carried back to the residence. After two hours, he returned to normal. The next day, he was on the street on patrol when he suddenly felt as if there were thousands of centipedes crawling all over his body. The cold was all over his body and the itch was unbearable.

This was the effect of the 'Thousand Scratch Curse'! As long as there was a piece of cloth on you, it would itch you to overturn the heavens and turn the earth, causing you to be unable to rest in peace. Thus, under broad daylight, Yin Lie performed a show of "A youth taking off his clothes and running naked" with great difficulty. He rushed into the bedroom, only leaving behind a pair of underpants on his body. His face was truly disgraced. In his heart, he scolded Ling Mochen a thousand times, swearing to make Ling Mochen pay. Thus, hundreds of people had been formed to stir up trouble.

"Humph!" How can I tease you! Your hypocrite Eldest Martial Brother knows very well! Stop with the rubbish, call Ling Mochen out! "

Seeing this, Shen Xi, who was squeezed into the crowd, quickly went to Repenting Cliff and informed Ling Mochen. When the two of them arrived at the scene, the Qingzhou Sect and the Bailing Mountain were already at loggerheads. Ling Mochen walked with calm steps and greeted in front of Wen Xu. He then looked at Yin Lie and asked expressionlessly: "May I know what business does Sir have here?"

"Hand over the Hua Kun and take off your clothes and run two rounds around the Spirit Gathering Plaza. Then you and I will settle the grudge here, otherwise, don't blame me for settling it later!"

"What?" Yun Chuxiao scratched his ears and stared at Yin Lie in disbelief, "What did you say!?" Dare I say it again? "

"Humph!" You want me to say it again, I'll say it again? Who are you? " Yin Lie back at Yun Chuxiao, arrogant and proud

Yin Lie had previously accused Ling Mochen of playing tricks on him, and now that he put forward that kind of request, Wen Xu probably guessed the whole thing, but no matter what, he didn't believe that his eldest disciple would do that … Such a disgraceful thing.

After all, the "Thousand Scratch Curse" was created by an elder level Exorcist of the Demon World to exterminate demons. This Exorcist was also famous in the Demon World. However, due to his superior cultivation, he had an extremely refined character. When he came across beautiful monsters, he would play around with them because of his high mantras, and even with the 'Thousand Scratch Curse', he could see that they did not have any outstanding beauty in the world. Because of this evil behavior, people on the same path would usually treat him respectfully, and some of the more beautiful monsters were also afraid of him, so when they heard his name "Yuanqing", they immediately ran away as soon as they heard.

How could Mochen imitate such a rogue. If it wasn't Mochen, who else would it be? Could it be Loujue? Wen Xu shook his head as a respectful and handsome face appeared in his mind.

Seeing that his Master didn't say anything, Ling Mochen stepped forward. His long eyebrows were tightly knitted, and he stared at Yin Lie with a cold gaze, "That day you used the Mirror of Illusion to injure my Junior Brother, Gong Loujue. How does that count?"

Yin Lie was shocked by Ling Mochen's frigid gaze and felt a bit weak in his heart. However, he did not give in and quibbled:

"Who allowed you to trespass into my Qingzhou territory and steal my Qingzhou Hua Kun? I was originally going to deal with you, who told your junior brother to be unlucky and run into himself? Even if he dies, the responsibility will rest with you! "

These words completely infuriated Ling Mochen, especially the last sentence that made him infuriated. Killing intent appeared in his eyes, and before he could even think, his body had already taken a step forward to unsheathe his sword!

"Mochen stop!" Wen Xu snapped, looking at Ling Mochen in horror.

Ling Mochen did not even use his sword when facing the Hua Kun, but he was easily sharpened by Yin Lie. The Dragon-scale Sword was truly worthy of being called the Ling Family's ancestral treasure sword, when it was unsheathed, it shone brightly, the sword aura was abundant, the sword body was adorned with the Soaring Dragon Nine Heavens Diagram, it was vivid and vivid, it was extremely imposing, the blade edge needless to say, it refracted cold light inch by inch, making people not be able to look at it directly, once it was unsheathed it, they retreated a few steps towards Yin Lie.

"Good sword!" Murong Qi who was obsessed with weapons could not help but clap his hands and praise the Dragon-scale Sword when he saw it was unsheathed. Yun Chuxiao then said: "Qian He, Eldest Martial Brother's sword is comparable to my Wind Blade?"

Murong Qi clenched his fist to his lips and coughed, pretending to be deep. He was very clear in his heart that the Wind Chasing Sword was the Life Escape Sword that he had forged for Yun Chuxiao over the past three years.

Why was the Life Escape Sword? Yun Chuxiao's cultivation was still low, and he wasn't hoping for Yun Chuxiao to be able to subdue many monsters and earn a lot of meritorious service. However, he was hoping that Yun Chuxiao would be able to live a carefree life. In terms of lethality, the Wind Chasing Sword was far inferior to the Dragon-scale Sword. It was more than enough to protect one's life in times of danger, but in terms of lethality, the Wind Chasing Sword was far inferior to the Dragon-scale Sword. But to make him admit his inadequacy in front of Yun Chuxiao personally, he had to... Choose silence.

Yun Chuxiao tilted his head and looked at Murong Qi. Seeing that he did not say anything, he assumed that the Wind Chaser Sword was pretty powerful. He hugged the Wind Chaser Sword and smiled as he left in a complacent manner.

He frowned and glared at him. He did not know when his eldest disciple had become so full of hostility, but when Yin Lie saw the situation, he took a step forward and said: "Elder Wen Xu, you have also seen how Ling Mochen treats people from the same sect! He actually wanted to kill me! I only wanted to take back the Hua Kun that he snatched away from my Qingzhou Sect, and he actually killed such a lowly disciple! I wonder how Elder Wen Xu will deal with it? "

Yin Lie's words were overbearing. He glanced at Ling Mochen and raised his chin proudly.

This childish attitude of Yin Lie was reflected in Wen Xu's eyes. He said lightly:

"There is no need for you to worry about the matters within our sect. As for whether I am a disciple or not, how can other people decide?" Since you are here to take back the Hua Kun, I will let my disciple return it to you. "

After experiencing thousands of years of transformation, the Demon World had long since lost its original purpose. It was no longer simply to exterminate demons or protect the common people, but more importantly, it was to hunt monsters for other uses. Whether it was for artifact forging, alchemy, or trading, the monsters that were tamed were not just monsters, they were also a piece of disguised wealth. Since it was the wealth of others, it could not be taken as its own.

Ling Mochen was aware of this, but once the Hua Kun fell into Yin Lie's hands, it would definitely escape. On one hand, it was hard to disobey a master's order. On the other hand, there were serious consequences of handing over the Hua Kun.

Seeing Ling Mochen's hesitation, Wen Xu's expression was cold. He stared at Ling Mochen and said in a deep voice,

"What, you want to disobey even your master's orders?"

Ling Mochen lowered his head and shook his hand, "... "Disciple doesn't dare."

Seeing Ling Mochen's submissive look, Yin Lie laughed unrestrainedly, "Hahahaha, this young master knows how to boast about Great Exorcist Ling, isn't he just a coward when he sees master? Why aren't you handing over the Hua Kun? " As he spoke, he reached out his hand and hooked his finger in front of Ling Mochen.

Ling Mochen's eyes were cold. He took out the Hua Kun from his sleeve and put it into Yin Lie's hands. Yin Lie took the opportunity to get close to Ling Mochen and stopped before Ling Mochen's reflexive counterattack.

"The grudge between us has yet to be resolved. Don't forget how you teased this young master. In the future, you will return it tenfold."

Ling Mochen, who was threatened, had a sullen face. He had a trace of doubt in his heart. Could he be referring to the acupoint that he pressed on Yin Lie that day?

"I'll wait."

"Humph!" We'll see! "

Yin Lie, who had stolen the Hua Kun, led the disciples away.

From beginning to end, Wen Xu had a sullen and stern face. Yun Chuxiao, who was active, didn't dare to make a sound even if he saw it. He quietly hid behind Murong Qi and secretly observed from time to time, afraid that Wen Xu would drag him down to teach him a lesson when he was angry.

All the Bailing Mountain disciples restrained their breathing, holding their breath and performing a respectful pose. Just as they were about to suffocate, Wen Xu finally broke the deadly silence. His calm tone, however, contained a hidden anger as he said to Ling Mochen:

"As the head disciple, not only did you not set an example, you even went out and caused trouble all day. Today is a matter of Qingzhou Sect, who should be the next! "If you continue to meddle in other people's business, I will never be able to protect you one day!"

Ling Mochen still had his head down and didn't dare to retort.

"Ling Mochen will follow me to the Meditation Hall. The rest of you continue with your drills. If anyone dares to be lazy, they will be severely punished! "

The Meditation Hall was located on the west side of the Spirit Gathering Square, surrounded by a lush forest. The early morning light hadn't yet reached it, so it was quiet and lonely. It opened the carved wooden door of the Meditation Hall, revealing a praying mat spread out on the empty ground.

Ling Mochen followed Wen Xu into the room. Wen Xu closed the door tightly and set up a barrier against the wall. He sighed as he looked back at Ling Mochen and said,

"Mochen, now that the demonic world is no longer as prosperous as it was in the past, there are people like Yin Lie who are cunning and willful, there are those who only seek benefits but also those who are in a hurry to gain benefits; in fact, there are only a handful of people who are truly capable of exterminating evil, and there are even some sects like Pangaea that use the name of defeating demons to do business, they can be said to be as wealthy as any other nation and have long used the matter of exterminating demons as a pretense.

On the other hand, although the Demon World seemed calm and tranquil, who could predict when the mysterious Demon King, who did not know his appearance until now, would stir up trouble? In the face of this current situation, you still dared to rashly offend the Qingzhou Sect.

Ling Mochen pursed his lips and said after a moment:

"Master, your disciple has disappointed you again."

"Forget it, from today onwards, I will cultivate in peace within the mountain." There will be no need for you to carry out other tasks in the future to exterminate the Demon. " Wen Xu said flatly.

"Master!" Ling Mochen was stunned and asked anxiously:

"Master, why is that?" As a Exorcist, yet being deprived of the right to exterminate demons and devils, this was like a swordsman losing his weapon, what meaning was there to his existence!

Wen Xu looked at Ling Mochen with a complicated expression. After that, he quickly grabbed Ling Mochen's left hand and took off the protective shield that he had been wearing for a long time.

"Master!" Ling Mochen's face instantly turned pale. He shook off Wen Xu and took a step back. With a panicked expression, he subconsciously held down his left arm with his right hand.

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