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C17 Bloody Memory

Wen Xu looked at his once proud and outstanding eldest disciple with lament. If it weren't for that Sin Mark, he would have already been reduced to a demon puppet and fox king's puppet 16 years ago.

"If you ask Master why, the Demon Puppet Seal in your left hand will be the answer. Now, do you think you don't have enough limelight? Are you afraid that you will not be able to attract the Fox King? " Wen Xu reprimanded and added, "Right now, the demon spawn is not only the king of the foxes, the entire demonic world is under his control as he ascended to the throne of the demons. I ask you, if one day he comes to find your chess piece, will you be able to struggle free from the Demon Puppet Seal and fight back? "

"I …" Ling Mochen gradually revealed a pained expression. He felt that the sharp teeth of the fox demon that was almost crushed by his left hand seemed to be in pain again. He was speechless. After a while, he stabilized himself and asked: "Master, since you already knew that I was branded as a Demon Puppet Seal, why didn't you just kill me back then? On the contrary, he even imparted me martial arts to aid me in my cultivation. If I die, the monster will lose a chess piece. If I don't have the slightest bit of cultivation, then it will be useless to the monster. "Why does Master …"

"Silly child …" Wen Xu couldn't help but pat Ling Mochen on the head as he joked:

"Looks like you don't understand me as well as that Demon Fox. Back then, it was the Demon Fox who put you under my sect. He knew that I would not kill you and would even make you into his most obedient weapon."

"Master?" Ling Mochen was confused.

"Indeed, if I kill you, the Demon Fox would not have the chance to use you; or maybe I can't let you learn it, for the Demon Fox you are just a piece of trash. But do you know what the Demon Fox will do with chess? There was only one way, a dead end. And that chess piece would not even have the chance to struggle. Do you understand Master's intentions? "

Ling Mochen stared blankly at Wen Xu. He looked at Wen Xu's hair which was dyed with frost and snow. He looked at Wen Xu's worry which was imprinted at the corner of his eyes over the years. Suddenly, his eyes turned red. His master's hair was white for his father. When his father had been in trouble, when his body's temperature was still warm, his master had desperately transferred Spiritual Power to his father, trying to save him. One must know that in the past when his father was killed, his throat was slashed with a sword, and there was no hope of survival. His master had almost used up all of her cultivation. Her hair was dyed in snow and ink, finally allowing his father to look back at him once more before the two parted ways forever.

Ling Mochen had heard of this matter several times. His master was close to his father, and the debt of gratitude towards him was as heavy as a mountain. Ling Mochen would never be able to repay the debt of gratitude in his lifetime.

"I want you to live. Even if the Demon Fox appears, you may not lose. So, listen to your teacher, and don't try to stand up for yourself in the future. "

"Disciple will listen to Master's teachings."

Wen Xu put on the gauntlet for Ling Mochen to cover the Demon Puppet Seal. "Mochen, do you have someone you like?"

Ling Mochen blushed and said:


"Really?" Wen Xu looked at Ling Mochen's immature appearance and couldn't help but want to tease his boring disciple. He said, "But there are a lot of people who are happy with Ling Mochen, Loujue is one of them. The Ling bloodline needs to be inherited. If you and Loujue were to cultivate a son with a Derivative Flower, wouldn't it be good for Master to get a disciple as soon as possible? "

"This... Master... Disciple, that … "Actually, junior brother Loujue and disciple are not …" Ling Mochen hurriedly explained. His handsome face was completely red, like a cooked shrimp.

Wen Xu saw this and could not help but laugh, "Loujue is not bad. As long as you treat him well, he will be willing."

Would he be willing? What would he like? Not only did the Derivative Flower need two people to donate their blood for it, it also required two people to cooperate. Could it be that Loujue was willing to serve under him?

Ling Mochen shook his head. His face was already so red that it looked like smoke was coming out. He said, "Master, I don't have any ulterior motives towards Junior Loujue."

Wen Xu smiled, "Master understands. Could it be that you are waiting for the Mu Clan's Third Young Master, Mu Cunfeng, without any distractions in your heart?"

"Nope." Ling Mochen said with certainty.

The Ling family and the Mu family had an arranged marriage. Since both sides were of the same sex, the marriage contract continued to be passed on to Ling Mochen's generation since the third generation had not even been married off to Mu Cunfeng. It was said that Mu Cunfeng was already the successor to the Mu Clan, and that Mu Cunfeng's father, Mu Lin, valued fame and fortune, so in the future, the Patriarch's wife would definitely pass through him. It could be imagined that Ling Mochen, whose family had declined, would not even enter Mu Lin's eyes.

"It's good that there's nothing at all." Even if there was, it would all be for naught. Wen Xu sighed and said, "Since that's the case, you can also make other plans." After a pause, Wen Xu patted Ling Mochen on the shoulder and said in a heavy tone, as if he had been mulling over it for a long time, "Mochen, as a Exorcist, you should live with your head in your hands. The world is unpredictable, cherish the present, the heart of desire, only bravely to do, will not be left to regret. Whether or not the Ling bloodline that can seal demons will survive is up to you. "Do your best."

Then, Wen Xu pushed open the door and left.

Ling Mochen held his left arm, how could he not know that he was running out of time. The Demon Fox could come at any time and use his piece to deal with the demonic world.

Meltdown was a forbidden technique. It had to be performed on the night of the full moon. It could be used to break any seal, but there was a risk of one's meridians reversing and going berserk. Therefore, it was classified as a forbidden technique.

Ling Mochen had tried a few times, with the worst case scenario being internal injuries and vomiting blood. The worst case scenario was losing half of his cultivation and losing consciousness for three days before ending in failure.

Ling Mochen's tall and straight body slowly slid down a pillar as if he could not bear the burden. Could it be that he was destined to not be able to break free from the Demon Puppet Seal's restraints? Closing his eyes, he could still see the past.

It was a pitch black night, with no wind or moon.

In the eerie forest, a little boy covered in blood was holding a "Night Spirit Bead" in his bloodstained hand. It was the only light in the dark night.

He ran with all his might, the tears flowing from his eyes washing over his tainted face. Behind him was his mother's hoarse cry.

"Chen'er, don't look back!" Run! Go to Bailing Mountain, run! "

"Mother …" Mother … "Sob, sob …"

The little boy did not dare to turn back, because everything behind him would become hell and a battleground. He was too weak and did not have the ability to fight against the demons.

He could only run and run faster, faster, faster … Until the deafening sound of the battle faded away …

Suddenly, the black shadow shrouded him as a pair of silver eyes stared fixedly at him. The blood-red tongue licked the corner of its lips, revealing its terrifying sharp fangs, reflecting a cold light. It drooled at the little boy, pressing him down step by step.

"Don't... "Don't..." The little boy retreated one step at a time. His immature face was filled with fear. His pupils rapidly widened, reflecting a silver-white demon beast. It was a fox! The original body of a large fox, one claw seemed to be able to knock him out.

The little boy quickly pulled out the sword at his waist, blocking the attack of the Demon Fox, but his small body was not a match for the seven tailed Demon Fox, his weak and weak body had countless scratches on it, his left shoulder was pierced through by the fang, the boy's entire body was in extreme pain, he clenched his teeth and struggled as he stabbed the Demon Fox, but before he could escape, he was bitten on the neck by the Demon Fox and could not move, blood was all over his clothes.

The little boy opened his eyes wide in fear. His consciousness was fading, and a strand of long hair flew past his eyes, dancing in the night wind. The ferocious Demon Fox had turned into a human, wearing a silver fox mask.

The little boy's lips trembled, but he was no longer able to make a sound due to his great fear. At that time, what was even more terrifying than death was that the fox demon had used its sharp claws to cut off the Demon Puppet Seal s on his tender left arm, causing his body to instantly feel as though it was on fire.

"Hengzhi, Hengzhi!" Wake up! "Hengzhi!"

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