How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C18 Early Summer Snow Appreciation
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How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C18 Early Summer Snow Appreciation
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C18 Early Summer Snow Appreciation

Who was calling me? So anxious. Ling Mochen opened his eyes. It was Gong Loujue. He looked worriedly at Ling Mochen and used his sleeve to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead. Ling Mochen then realized that he was already drenched in sweat.

"Hengzhi, what happened to you?" Gong Loujue looked at Ling Mochen's forehead, "Why is it so cold?"

"I'm fine." Ling Mochen stood up, feeling uneasy and asked:

"Loujue, why are you here?"

"Master saw that I have been doing well recently, so I have been released from the restraining order. Master told me to come. "

"Did Master ask you to come?" Ling Mochen asked. He couldn't help but remember what Wen Xu had told him before, "If you treat him well, he will be willing."

The root of his ear suddenly became hot. He couldn't help but take a glance at Gong Loujue, then quickly retracted his gaze.

Gong Loujue pretended to be ignorant, his pair of long and narrow eyes following Ling Mochen's gaze. Smiling, he asked, "Then will Hengzhi still go to the Repenting Cliff?"

"Master hasn't given any instructions yet, let's return to the Dustless Temple." As Ling Mochen spoke, he stepped out of the door. The Dustless Temple was Ling Mochen's residence. As his companion, Gong Loujue naturally lived in the side courtyard and went along with him.

Entering the study at the south side of the Dustless Temple, he saw that there was a thick stack of papers on the sandalwood table. There were many things that needed Ling Mochen to decide.

He sat down and picked up a notebook to read. Gong Loujue immediately began to write. He dipped the brush into the full ink and placed it in Ling Mochen's hand. They didn't speak to each other, but they had a tacit understanding.

Gong Loujue liked Ling Mochen's serious look. He was concentrating with his eyes, holding the pen holder with his slender fingers. His wrist moved slightly and the brush moved like a dragon or a snake. He grinded enough ink and sat down on the side. He took a sip with his hands and stared at Ling Mochen's pen as he indulged in his fantasy. If that hand was not holding the brush shaft, then it was his …

After Ling Mochen finished reading the paper, he saw a certain someone looking at his hand holding the brush with bleary eyes. His face was slightly red and there was a weird smile on his lips. Ling Mochen frowned and looked at his hand along with his gaze.

"Send these papers out."

Gong Loujue did not have much of a reaction, so Ling Mochen did not disturb him any longer. He arranged the paper and prepared to deliver it himself. These papers didn't contain the task that his master had given him. It seemed that his master really didn't want him to go down.

Ling Mochen took out a white jade pendant from his sleeve. This way, he would be able to fulfill his Junior Brother's last wish. He would hand this jade pendant over to an old friend of Lee Che and tell him not to wait for him any longer.

Gong Loujue's mind wandered as the jade pendant pulled him back from his thoughts. He recognized the jade pendant as Lee Che's.

"Hengzhi, this …"

"It's junior apprentice-brother Lee Che's." Ling Mochen slowly stroked the jade pendant with a frown on his forehead. Gong Loujue knew that Lee Che's death dealt a heavy blow to Ling Mochen. Although he didn't know the inside story, he still believed that Ling Mochen did not cause Lee Che's death.

Gong Loujue stood up and gently embraced Ling Mochen. He slowly patted Ling Mochen's back as if he was comforting a child.

"What do you mean 'men cry when they don't cry'? If you want to cry, cry when you want to. Just cry when you want to. It's not like I'm going to laugh at you." "In front of outsiders, you are like a golden mountain, in my eyes, you are just a guy that loves to show off."

Ling Mochen's entire body stiffened. Being treated so tenderly, he didn't know what to do for a moment. There was always someone who could easily see through your stubbornness, causing you to be unable to hide anywhere, yet felt at ease at the same time. Ling Mochen opened his mouth. He didn't know how to respond to this concern. After thinking for a while, he answered with a "yes".

"Hmm?" Just one hmm? Gong Loujue tilted his head and looked at Ling Mochen, as if expecting him to say something.

As expected, Ling Mochen added, "I got it."

Gong Loujue then smiled in satisfaction and asked again:

"Can you tell me what exactly happened between you and Lee Che?" With regards to Lee Che's death, although the people of Bailing Mountain did not dare to speak of it openly, they could still hear some gossip about it. There were those who said that Ling Mochen was afraid that Lee Che would steal their limelight, and there were those who said that Ling Mochen, as the head disciple, could not even protect his junior brother, and there were even those who guessed that Lee Che was scheming against Ling Mochen. In short, there were all kinds of theories, but Ling Mochen never explained them.

Seeing Ling Mochen remain silent, Gong Loujue said dejectedly:

"You can't even tell me?"

Ling Mochen, who had never told anyone about this matter, started to waver upon seeing Gong Loujue's disappointed expression. However, just as he was about to tell Gong Loujue the truth, Gong Loujue took his hand and smiled brightly.

"Alright, I won't make things difficult for you anymore. I'll show you the snow! "

"Snow?" Ling Mochen was puzzled. Where did the snow come from?

"That's right!" Gong Loujue revealed a mysterious smile, "Follow me, you'll know when the time comes."

Gong Loujue was filled with interest as he pulled Wu Tie to the side of the mountain. Along the way, Yun Chuxiao and Murong Qi joked with them for a while and finally got rid of them with great difficulty before successfully arriving at their destination.

"Hengzhi, don't you think it's beautiful!" Gong Loujue was brimming with energy and vitality. His eyes seemed to be brimming with starlight as he looked at Ling Mochen, anticipating Ling Mochen's reaction.

Ling Mochen looked as far as he could see and saw snow-white catkins flying everywhere. It was as beautiful as the snow. The catkins were light and graceful among the leaves. They were soft and agile like feathers. Even his feet were covered with a thin layer of white.

Ling Mochen had been in the sect for nineteen years, but he had never paid attention to such a scene. He couldn't help but exclaim in admiration, "Very beautiful."

Gong Loujue was encouraged and said, "It's even better!" With that said, he took out a blue Wind Controlling Glyph and jumped onto a luxuriant pear tree. Leaning on a tree trunk, he sat down on a branch with his hands shaped like flower buds, closed his eyes and chanted the chant. A little breeze blew Gong Loujue's hair and his clothes, making him look like a man descended from heaven.

The willow catkins were blown by the wind and scattered all over the sky, looking like a dream or illusion.

Gong Loujue slowly opened his eyes and gave a charming smile, "Isn't it better looking?"

Gong Loujue waited where he was, but his smile was still like the spring breeze, tempting Ling Mochen to walk closer. However, before Ling Mochen could "take the bait", he saw Ling Mochen frown as if he was enduring something. His fingers rubbed his nose, and he finally couldn't help but cough.

"Cough, cough …" "Cough …"

"Hengzhi, what happened to you?" Without caring about his image, Gong Loujue jumped down like a monkey, scuttled to Ling Mochen, ate a mouthful of catsup and drilled into his throat. Gong Loujue also started coughing.

Ling Mochen rubbed some catkins out of his nose and felt comfortable. When he saw Gong Loujue coughing red in the face, he quickly patted him on the back and asked, "How is Loujue?"

Gong Loujue's throat felt itchy and he coughed for a while. His eyes turned red as he said with a sad face, "Not good, I've eaten all of it."

At this moment, a small green caterpillar riding on a willow leaf appeared in front of the two of them, holding a silver thread. It wiggled its small body and even looked at Gong Loujue with a pair of sesame-like eyes.

Gong Loujue subconsciously touched his neck and said with tears in his eyes, "I can't have eaten the bugs, right?"

Ling Mochen couldn't help but laugh and said, "That's hard to say."

Hengzhi laughed!

It was all because of him!

This smile was directed only at him!

Even if he ate the worms, it would be worth it!

Gong Loujue forced himself to calm down and said calmly:

"Then, Hengzhi, can you help me take a look?" As he spoke, his lips slightly parted, revealing two rows of white teeth. His tongue quietly lay there, shining with an enticing luster, like the tempting taste of a fruit.

Ling Mochen seemed to be pulled by some invisible force, gradually getting closer to Gong Loujue, getting closer and closer, breathing in and out of each other. Ling Mochen narrowed his eyes, and his hand unconsciously pulled Gong Loujue into his embrace, about to kiss Gong Loujue's lips.

Not good! Something bad was about to happen! Dia Yi searched all over the place and finally found the two of them. However, when she saw this exciting scene, although she wanted to continue watching, she had no choice but to stop it! Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Without time to think, Dia Yi suddenly realized something and shouted, "What are you guys doing!?"

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