How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C19 Drunken Jade Mountain
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How the Top Pursues the Bottom/C19 Drunken Jade Mountain
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C19 Drunken Jade Mountain

Ling Mochen snapped back to reality. He looked at Dia Yi, his face pale, and thought to himself: If Dia Yi hadn't stopped him in time, wouldn't he have made a fool of Loujue? But the other did not seem to resist. It's just that why would I do such a thing … Was his feelings for Loujue no longer purely from being in the same sect as Meng Lang? On the other hand, Wu Tie's face was as cold as ice. How could Dia Yi come at such a critical time to ruin his good fortune!

"Hey, hey, hey," Dia Yi laughed apologetically when she realized that Gong Loujue's expression was unpleasant, and tried to find a way to get rid of Ling Mochen.

"Mistress, I have a new paper clip that I need your approval on."

"Yes." Ling Mochen answered, but then his eyes fell on Gong Loujue, who had a look of displeasure on his face. His heart skipped a beat. It couldn't be that Loujue had almost been... As a fellow man, he had offended himself, which was why his face was so pale. However, it was not good for him to flare up. That's right, someone like Loujue should be favored by all the beautiful women, and not necessarily be Zhexiu. If that was the case, then his actions would definitely make him feel disgusted!

"Loujue, I'm sorry." Ling Mochen apologized and left sadly.

"..." "Huh?" Why apologize? Gong Loujue was still thinking about how to deal with Dia Yi when he suddenly heard Ling Mochen's apology. He didn't react for a moment and Ling Mochen was already far away. Wu Tie was just about to follow up when he was stopped by Dia Yi.

"Don't chase after him! If we continue to chase after them, then something big will happen! "

Seeing Ling Mochen disappear from his sight, Gong Loujue then scolded him angrily:

"Dia Yi!" What exactly are you doing!? " A strong pressure followed right after, causing Dia Yi to shrink back in fright as she warned in a cold voice:

"Have you forgotten about Spirit Hidden Bead?" The Spirit Hidden Bead is an elven treasure that can conceal its own aura.

"Spirit Hidden Bead …" Gong Loujue muttered and was instantly dejected.

Dia Yi only dared to continue when she felt the pressure disappear. "If …" "If you are close to Young Master Ling, with his cultivation, it would not be difficult for you to detect the existence of the Spirit Hidden Bead. If you were to be discovered by him, you would be like how you were back then …"

"Stop it!" Gong Loujue slumped to the side, sitting on a tree stump. He felt a headache and could not help but prop his forehead with his hands. Only now did he realize that things were completely off track. He had sneaked into the Bailing Mountain, impersonated Ling Mochen's junior brother, and successfully became his partner. However, after getting along with each other day and night, he liked the role more and more. He was so engrossed in it that he forgot his original appearance.

The Spirit Hidden Bead was like a mask, he couldn't imagine where he and Ling Mochen would go once the mask was exposed.

Dia Yi saw Gong Loujue's distress and said:

"The matter has come to this point, it is difficult to recover from it. "Since I'm destined to hate you, then I might as well love you enough first!"

Dia Yi's words seemed to have been enlightened, making Gong Loujue feel enlightened instantly.

"Not bad, go back and receive your rewards."

"Hehe, King Xie …" Young Master Xie! " Dia Yi, a rich fan, was so excited that her words almost slipped out of her mouth. Although her companion was like a tiger, she only needed to stroke her along the tiger's fur before she said:

"It's not like you can't get close to Young Master Ling."

"Oh?" Originally, Gong Loujue was prepared to have a celibate relationship with Ling Mochen, but Dia Yi's words made him reborn from the flames of desire. Even his eyes lit up.

"Cough …" Why does it feel like I'm betraying my master? Aiya! Never mind, anyway... In any case, the identity of being accepted into the Bailing Mountain was a fake. As the subordinate of the Young Master, he would be the king and help to relieve his worries! Forget it!

"As long as Young Master Ling is drunk, we can get close to him. Alcohol can paralyze the consciousness, and then we won't be able to sense the existence of Spirit Hidden Bead. It's just right that our Bailing Mountain makes us drunk."

"Very good." Gong Loujue beamed as he walked away.

Dia Yi called out, "Young Master, where are you going?"

"Get some wine."

Ling Mochen returned to the study and continued to read the paper. However, the moment he had some spare time, he couldn't get rid of the ice-cold expression in his mind. For some reason, he felt a bit of pain in his heart.

Fine! The Demon Puppet Seal's shoulder, back, and thigh that was burned with evil still had the marks of the Demon Fox's bite. Why would he bother with Younger Martial Brother Gong's terrible body? It was good to be disgusted by Loujue, so he didn't have to worry about avoiding him.

As expected, Gong Loujue didn't appear in front of Ling Mochen from morning until nightfall. Ling Mochen sighed to himself and blew out the candle flame. Immediately, the study was filled with silver lights — it was moonlight.

When Ling Mochen returned to the Dustless Temple, he suddenly saw a familiar figure in the backyard. It was Gong Loujue. He sat by the stone table, leaving Ling Mochen alone with his straight back, probably having already bathed. His black hair was loose behind his back, his hair was still wet, and his clothes had been changed.

Hearing the slight movement behind him, Gong Loujue turned around. Under the bright moonlight, he smiled at Ling Mochen and said, "Hengzhi, I have been waiting for you for a long time." "Hurry over here."

Ling Mochen obeyed and sat on the stone bench opposite Gong Loujue. He couldn't help but take a glance at Gong Loujue and noticed that he seemed to be different from usual. His face was filled with tenderness.

"Hengzhi, I'm going to help Aunt Gui brew wine today. "Aunty Gui was really stingy. She said that you had to help to make wine first in order to buy wine, which was why you were delayed for one day."

So he went to brew wine. Ling Mochen felt a little more at ease. Seeing Gong Loujue's calm expression, as if nothing had happened and he did not intentionally avoid him, Ling Mochen felt a little more at ease.

While speaking, Gong Loujue opened the lids of the two jars of wine and said:

"Today is the fifteenth moon. If I don't drink a little bit, I will lose this harmonious moonlight …"

Gong Loujue invited them with a smile.

Bailing Mountain could not help but drink, as the sect rules were much looser than those of other sects. In the Bailing Mountain, the first thing to be overcome were all sorts of enticements, which required self-discipline and caution in order to have any cultivation. Therefore, Ling Mochen had always been self-disciplined. He had been focused on his training for almost twenty years.

However, Gong Loujue couldn't reject his invitation.

Just treat it as an apology! Ling Mochen held the jar of wine and raised his head. Soon, he finished it in one gulp. The strong liquor entered his throat and was a little spicy. So this was the taste of the wine.

Gong Loujue was stupefied, his mouth half open. In his hand was a glass cup, ready to pour the wine. Who would have thought that the moment he raised his head, he would see Ling Mochen actually pouring wine into his jar?!

Why is that? Gong Loujue thought for a moment and suddenly realized that Ling Mochen must have been misled by the word "drink". Holding the jar of wine to drink, wasn't that called "drink"?

This was what they called drinking without drinking, drinking with one gulp? Gong Loujue helplessly smiled and asked:

"Hengzhi, are you alright?" Gong Loujue waved his hand in front of Ling Mochen's eyes. Ling Mochen grabbed Ling Mochen's hand and his face reddened. His eyes became blurred and he blinked his eyes. Suddenly, Ling Mochen gave a silly smile and said:

"Loujue, you really …" It's really beautiful! "

Gong Loujue blushed.

"Loujue, I like you the most …"

Like me! Gong Loujue was overjoyed and was so excited that he couldn't express his joy. So Hengzhi actually liked him!

"I... I love the way you're following me, being... Protected by me... Only... Depend on my... Appearance. You... It was me who... The person that he wanted to protect the most! Loujue... "Loujue …"

"I'm here …"

"Get away from me, get away from me …" "Far away..." Before Gong Loujue could react, he was pushed to the ground by him. Ling Mochen stood up shakily and with shaky steps, he walked to the side of Gong Loujue and rubbed his forehead. Suddenly, he looked at Gong Loujue, who was pushed onto the ground, confused, and started laughing maniacally.

Gong Loujue was speechless. He was convinced that Ling Mochen's unusual behavior was not to be taken lightly. Just as he wanted to get up, Ling Mochen suddenly threw him down.

Although Ling Mochen was drunk, his movements didn't slow down at all. He lifted Gong Loujue's hands over his head and then pressed his wine-smelling lips to Gong Loujue's lips. Gong Loujue was surprised that Ling Mochen was so aggressive after getting drunk.

Just as he was about to take back the initiative, Ling Mochen's tongue had already taken advantage of the situation. Very quickly, the two of them kissed intensely, their breath mixing and their hair entangling. Ling Mochen had no experience or technique on this path. He relied solely on his own instincts to get a response. His drunken eyes blurrily kissed on the corner of Gong Loujue's mouth. Gong Loujue, however, seemed oblivious to this and continued to indulge in the process.

Finally, he called Ling Mochen back to his senses. He stopped his actions, used his finger to gently wipe off the blood at the corner of Gong Loujue's lips, and then tightly hugged Gong Loujue under him. His face was deeply buried in Gong Loujue's neck, and his hot breath was like a flame that ignited desire in Wu Tie's ears.

The man below her was drunk and elegant, unlike his usual charming demeanor. His face was like a peach blossom, his eyes were misty, and he had a smile on his lips. He was extremely charming. Hugging him by the waist, Gong Loujue strode into the Dustless Temple. The star fire in his body had already set fire to the prairie. He wished he could turn the sky upside down with the person in his arms to extinguish it.

He put Ling Mochen on the bed and removed his waist seal with his jade-like fingers while his white robe was opened wide in front of him. Then, he gently pulled on the belt on his inner clothes to reveal his clear clavicle, slightly raised chest, and a toughened body in front of him.

"Hengzhi..." "Hengzhi?" Holding Ling Mochen's face, Gong Loujue called out softly. His hazy starry eyes had closed and his breathing was even, as if he was asleep.

"Sigh …" Gong Loujue looked at his own situation and sighed helplessly. He restrained himself and could not take advantage of Ling Mochen's predicament, so he helped Ling Mochen put on his clothes, and his finger inadvertently drew across Ling Mochen's shoulder. Suddenly, he felt something on his shoulder and Gong Loujue was puzzled and took off Ling Mochen's collar to check, and could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

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